ENTP Loneliness: What Makes the ENTP Lonely

Anyone can feel lonely, for some people it can feel like a constant struggle. Loneliness isn’t the same as just being alone, and is a much deeper feeling. Some people experience this loneliness when they are surrounded by people, because they never truly feel like people are listening or connecting with them. Being alone also doesn’t always create this sense of loneliness, and so the feelings is something much more complicated than simply having people around you. For some people it can be an ongoing search to find those connections which will make them feel complete and understood.

ENTPs can often be seen as outgoing and enthusiastic people, and are even viewed as rather popular. Just because they can make friends and connections, doesn’t mean they don’t experience loneliness. ENTPs can actually feel rather lonely throughout their lives, never truly feeling like they can connect with people enough. ENTPs find themselves curious about people but might not feel like they can connect with them on a deeper level. They don’t like feeling lonely, even though they enjoy being alone more than most extroverted personality types.

They Put Up Walls

ENTPs put up walls, and this is often because they struggle to really understand their own feelings or the feelings of those around them. Instead of opening up and risking getting hurt, they hide behind these walls and their sense of humor. It can help the ENTP feel safe when they do this, but it can also make them feel lonely. They care about making connections and finding people who truly care for them, but this isn’t always an easy process. The ENTP needs to be open to the idea of being vulnerable, and not feel so comfortable hiding themselves from people. Instead of hiding behind these walls and pretending like they don’t care, it is important for them to open up to people they can trust. It isn’t easy for them, since ENTPs are more comfortable keeping their feelings inside. They don’t really know how to open up, since they spend so much time trying to keep focused more on logic than emotions. For the ENTP facts are easy to understand, and sometimes they can process much more naturally than their feelings. While they might be unsure of how to dive into their emotions, this can be the very reason why they feel lonely. 

It isn’t easy for the ENTP to find people who they can truly connect with, since they feel different from most they encounter. They need to be able to find people they can bond with, people who see past the surface. ENTPs can sometimes feel hopeless, not sure that they can find people who understand them, even when they open up to them. They have a cynical side to their personality and while this is often based on what they have seen, it can certainly make them feel lonely sometimes.

Isolation Leaves them Restless

ENTPs can sometimes be considered as the more introverted of the extroverted personality types. They do enjoy and require a lot of time to themselves, but the contradiction is that ENTPs also want to be around others. They don’t like feeling lonely or isolated, and really hate being stuck in stagnant positions. They want to feel close to people and enjoy having friends they can interact with. When they are alone too long they start to feel trapped and stuck inside of their own thoughts. While the ENTP does enjoy diving into their minds so that they can analyze information and come to new conclusions, this can cause them to alienate themselves and regret this later on. ENTPs can even appear like they want to be alone, but they enjoy being around others. They just don’t do well with people who are overly emotional or who are needy with them. ENTPs need to find people who don’t demand a lot from them, but simply enjoy being in their company. 

They sometimes feel isolated because of their complex inner minds, never feeling truly understood. ENTPs get so caught up in exploring new ideas that they might lose sight of the close connections which are important to them. This can get them stuck in this isolated mindset, but this is not something the ENTP enjoys or wants. They might appear like they want to avoid people when in reality they are sociable and really prefer to live with friends and loved ones surrounding them. ENTPs just want freedom to make their own choices, which is sometimes why they distance themselves from people who seek to control them.

Tools to Cope

ENTPs need to be willing to open up a bit more, so that they can find people who they connect with. ENTPs need people who share similar interests, people who see beyond the surface and enjoy sharing deep conversations. They thrive on ideas, and so they need people who can share this type of interest and really enjoy going into complex discussions with them. ENTPs enjoy debating and going back and forth, and so sometimes they need to search for the right places where they can meet people like this. Sometimes online can be useful, while other times they need to search out new places and hobbies where they can interact with these types. Understanding their own wants and desires can help the ENTP find the people who will appreciate this in them as well. It isn’t always easy to open up to people, but in order to make a connection goes beyond the surface they need to do this at least in some small degree. It might take time for them, as they need to learn to adjust some behaviors which are more natural. The more the ENTP realizes they trust in these people, the more they can be themselves and feel a sincere connection and bond.

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