The Little Ways That Each Myers-Briggs Type Shows Affection

Not everyone is openly verbal about their affections, some people have more subtle ways of showing that they care. Here are some little ways that each personality type shows affection.


INFJs show that they love someone by attempting to understand them fully. The INFJ will listen and observe the people that they care about. They will figure out who they are and attempt to understand them on a deeper level. Studying their mannerisms and figuring out just how to make them happy. INFJs enjoy showing affection by giving gifts, cooking, or whatever little ways that make their loved ones feel appreciated. They give their undivided attention and attempt make sure that their loved ones feel understood. They try to create and open line of communication, and want their loved ones to feel completely free of judgment. INFJs also share parts of themselves with their loved ones that not just anyone gets to see. They feel like by sharing themselves with someone, they are showing them how much they care.


ENFJs show their loved ones affection by tending to their needs. The ENFJ attempts to make sure that the people they care for are as happy as possible. They will clean and cook for them, and attempt to figure out everything that they like. If they are willing to do things like attempting to minimize your stress, than the ENFJ truly cares. They want to take on all of your worries and make them their own. Making sure that their loved ones feel appreciated and special, is how the ENFJ expresses affection. They will do whatever it takes to make others feel loved, and enjoy giving as much as they can. Putting others needs ahead of their own is the best way for an ENFJ to show that they care.


INFPs express their love by making sure the other person feels heard and understood. They attempt to create a deep connection, and will pay complete attention to their loved ones. The INFP enjoys spending quality time, and makes sure there are no distractions around. This is how they show their loved ones that they are important and loved. They may not openly verbalize it, but the fact that they have created a space for you in their lives means that the INFP cares. They do not allow many people into their inner circle, and by doing this is means they care. INFPs believe that showing themselves and sharing their deepest darkest secrets, expresses how much they care. INFPs sometimes show they care in more creative ways. They are better at expressing their feelings in a written way, more than they are verbally.


ENFPs often find playful ways to show their affection. They may be more expressive in a physical way, and find ways to touch or caress to affirm their affections. ENFPs are very caring individuals, and often show affection to most people. This can make it challenging to know when they care very deeply about someone. ENFPs are easily distracted, but will attempt to focus on the people that they care about. They will try very hard to make sure their loved ones receive their full attention (even though they fail sometimes). ENFPs will often verbally express that they care about someone. They tend to miss people greatly when they are not around, and if they express that they miss you it is a way of showing that they care. The ENFP will be just as passionate about their loved ones, as they are other aspects of their life. ENFPs often become excited when talking about those that they care for.


INTJs show their affection by making sure they understand their loved ones fully. They will take the time to understand you, and realize what you want out of life. They may even attempt to find ways to accomplish your goals if they care about. Helping you better yourself is the best way for an INTJ to show that they care. If an INTJ does not care about someone they do not feel the need to waste their energy helping them. If the INTJ goes out of their way to help you, it is a way of showing that they care very deeply. They will learn as much as they can about you, and attempt to help you become a stronger individual. When an INTJ cares for someone they will logically attempt to find solutions to their problems.


ENTJs show that they care by figuring out how to help the people they love. They will find logical solutions to their problems, and go out of their way to solve them. They are willing to take care of the practical needs of others, and will make sure your life is organized and well put together. If an ENTJ cares they will become your strongest advocate, they will defend you at all costs. ENTJs will stand in the way and make sure that others cannot hurt the ones they love. They may push the ones they care for to achieve their best, and will be there making sure that they achieve their goals.


INTPs show that they care by logically attempting to understand someone. When they care they will remember details about you that they would completely disregard with other people. They will pay attention to you when you think they are not. The INTP will figure out just what you need and want out of life, in hopes of helping you get there. INTPs are capable of showing affection but this is not often done with words. They are supportive and will listen to the people they care about even when it is hard for them. INTPs will show they care by giving you their full attention, and by including you in their lives. Sharing their passions and dreams with someone is a way that the INTP expresses caring. They are very private individuals, if they are willing to share themselves that is a big sign of affection.


ENTPs often show that they care in a teasing way. If they playfully tease someone it is a way of showing that they care about them. Making sure that they are careful not to be too offensive, because you matter to them. ENTPs are not often openly affectionate, but will be willing to express how they feel to the people they are close to. As long as no one else can see or hear it, ENTPs are willing to verbalize their feelings towards others. They may attempt to solve the problems of the people that they care for, and make sure that they are on a good path to accomplishing their goals. Giving others space to be themselves and accepting them for who they are, is a big way that ENTPs show they care.


ISTJs often show that they care by making sure that their loved ones lives are organized. They will make sure that their lives are on a solid track and will attempt to solve their problems. Making sure the practical needs of their loved are met, is a big way that ISTJs show they care. ISTJs are not the most emotionally expressive people, but they will attempt to figure out what their loved ones like. By making sure that others are cared for and appreciated, the ISTJ is expressing that they care.


ESTJs show affection by making sure that the practical needs of their loved ones are met. They will do their best to provide a safe environment for the people that they care about. ESTJs are willing to be affectionate, and can often be physically affectionate people. They are not always verbally emotional, but aren’t averse to hugs and warm behavior. ESTJs are outgoing and by making sure that you are include in their social circle they are expressing that they care.


ISFJs are very warm and openly affectionate individuals. They will find many different ways to express that they care for others. They often enjoying cooking or tending to the needs of others. When the ISFJ attempts to make sure that the people around them are well fed and taken care of, it means that they truly care. They are willing to find out what the people they love enjoy, and will go out of their way to get them the things that they need. ISFJs are willing to be verbal about their affections, but mostly enjoy finding practical ways to make sure that their loved ones feel happy and at ease.


ESFJs are very affectionate and giving individuals. They enjoy making sure that their loved ones are happy and have many ways of showing this. They often enjoy cooking for their loved ones and cleaning up after them. Finding ways to alleviate stress from others, is a way that ESFJs express that they care. They want to do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy, this is their main goal. ESFJs attempt to find little ways to do things for their loved ones. Making sure they make your favorite foods, or making sure you are comfortable and at ease. They want to make sure that the people they care about feel loved and understood. They will do their best to provide whatever their loved ones need, and will go above and beyond to do so.


ISTPs are not the most openly affectionate people, but they do have their ways of showing they care. ISTPs are extremely private, so if they share personal information with others it means that they care deeply. When an ISTP cares about someone they make time for them in their lives, and will make sure to pay attention to them. ISTPs may attempt to solve others problems, and find practical ways to get things done for them. If an ISTP takes notice of your personal life and attempts to figure out ways to make things better for you, it means they truly care. They do not waste their time and energy on people that do not matter to them.


ESTPs are very physical people, and may use touch as a sign of affection. They also enjoy gift giving as a way to express that they care. They will find out what the people in their lives like, and will take the time to get those things for them. One-on-one time is something that the ESTP reserves for only the most special people in their lives. If the ESTP shares private parts of themselves with you, it means that they truly care. They are fun individuals, and enjoy taking their loved ones on new adventures with them.


ISFPs are very introverted individuals and often enjoy spending time alone. When they take time to spend specifically with someone, it shows that they care. Spending time and allowing the other person to express themselves, means that the ISFP cares very deeply for them. They are very choosy with who they let in, and when they share secrets with someone it is a strong sign of affection. ISFPs may buy or make things for the people they care about, and often enjoy physical signs of affection.


ESFPs often use gifts as a way to express they care. Physical objects are something real and tangible to show to the person that they love. When they buy things for them, it is a way of saying that they value them and took the time to get something just for them. ESFPs can be very caring individuals, and are willing to openly verbalize their affections. They will often express that they love someone, and are not afraid of doing so. ESFPs enjoy having fun and may even take the time to throw lavish parties for their loved ones. They are often a go big or go home type of person, and are willing to go over the top to express their love.


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