Here’s How Much Holiday Spirit You Have, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Much Holiday Spirit You Have, According to Your Personality Type

While some people possess and abundance of holiday cheer, others become a bit exhausted by the season. Here is how much holidays spirit you have, according to your personality type.


INFJs can sometimes struggle when it comes to possessing the holiday spirit. They can become a bit disillusioned with the consumerism that seems to take over and distract people from the meaning of celebrating. When this happens INFJs can certainly lack the holiday spirit, and feel a bit uninterested in the entire season. When this happens the INFJ simply needs to reconnect with what truly matters to them, like spending time with their loved ones. When they can find themselves remembering the true meaning of the holidays the INFJ will be able to regain that spirit and feel more positive.


ENFJs often have plenty of holiday spirit, since they enjoy being able to celebrate with loved ones. The holidays bring them closer to people and give them a chance to bring everyone together. ENFJs are often great at throwing parties and putting together a huge holiday event. They are always focused on making other people happy, and the giving nature of the season makes ENFJs truly connected to their holiday spirit. Simply being able to give to others and spoil them in many different ways, is certainly something the ENFJ enjoys.


INFPs often find themselves frustrated by the negative things that might be tied to the holiday season. When they become bothered by the consumerism all around them, they might be a bit empty of the spirit. When INFPs can find a way to connect to their loved ones and remember the past holidays that were filled with joy, they can reconnected to that positive feeling. INFPs simply want to believe in things that hold a true and deep meaning for them, and don’t want to become distracted by the shallow purposes.


ENFPs have a unique way of looking at things, which entirely depends on the individual. While some ENFPs might feel themselves lacking the holiday spirit, other ENFPs will be completely caught up in it. This often depends on their past and how previous holidays have treated them. If the ENFP has had many negative holiday experiences they might want to avoid that feeling once again. The ENFP who has enjoy the holidays will want to be surrounded by that joy once again. They will certainly have a surplus of holiday spirit and will want to experience it fully.


INTJs rarely find themselves drawn to the holiday spirit, and might find it a bit silly when people become obsessive over it. They will play along for the sake of their loved ones, but might find some of the traditions a bit foolish. They are aren’t traditional people and would rather focus on things that hold a deeper meaning for them. If there is some reason that the INTJ values the holidays they will certainly enjoy celebrating, but they likely won’t possess an abundance of holiday cheer.


ENTJs aren’t usually drawn to the holiday season, and might find it a bit exhausting. They do enjoy being with their loved ones though, and will try to remain positive for them. ENTJs want the holiday season to be fun and don’t want to get caught up in the draining aspects of it. They might find certain traditions to be a bit foolish though, and don’t want to be forced to participate if they don’t want to. While some ENTJs will certainly celebrate the holidays for the sake of their loved ones, they don’t often find themselves filled with holiday spirit.


INTPs aren’t really the type to be filled with holiday cheer, but their ability to celebrate depends on their experiences. If the INTP grew up enjoying the holidays with loved ones, they might want to reconnect with that feeling. They can become a bit bored of the holidays if it seems like the same shallow thing over and over again. INTPs want things to possess a deeper meaning, and will enjoy the holidays if it helps connect them to their loved ones and spirit of giving. They just aren’t the most traditional people, and dislike anything that forces them to conform.


While ENTPs might not be filled with holiday spirit, they will often find a way to celebrate with loved ones. They aren’t traditional people, so they might want to explore new ways to enjoy the holidays. ENTPs want to experience things to the fullest extent, and don’t feel the need to be constantly negative in front of their loved ones. Even if they dislike the holidays the ENTP will often go along with things, and will try to make the best of it. Some ENTPs might even enjoy the celebrations, and will find ways to make it more exciting for everyone.


ISTJs are often tied to memories of the past, and their current holiday spirit is connected to that. If they have fond memories of the holidays the ISTJ will want to relive those traditions. They enjoy connecting to the past and want to feel close to their loved ones. The ISTJ might not possess an abundance of outward holiday spirit, but it is often kept inside. They just aren’t the most expressive people, and prefer to feel things on a more personal level.


ESTJs often enjoy the holidays even if they don’t express this outwardly. ESTJs can sometimes hide their feelings, and don’t want people to realize how truly sentimental they can be. They are often very traditional people who are connected to positive memories from the past. They enjoy being able to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones, and want to see everyone brought closer together. ESTJs often have plenty of holiday spirit, even if they don’t show it.


ISFJs definitely possess a lot of holiday spirit and enjoy upholding traditions. They want to make the holidays exciting and fun for everyone and will work hard to accomplish this. ISFJs enjoy being able to feel close to their loved ones, and the holidays are a great way to bring everyone together. They will often do everything they can to keep the traditions alive, and will make sure that everyone feels connected to the season. ISFJs definitely have a lot of holiday cheer, especially when they have their loved ones around them for the celebrations.


ESFJs often have a lot of holiday spirit, and love being able to bring everyone closer together for the celebrations. ESFJs love being able to connect with others, and enjoy throwing holiday events and parties. They are traditionalists, and enjoy keeping together all of the past memories and routines that connect them to the holiday season. ESFJs truly want to feel close to their loved ones, and care deeply about making them happy. The giving nature of the holidays is likely the ESFJs favorite thing.


ISTPs aren’t usually the type to be filled with holiday cheer, especially since they keep their emotions inside. ISTPs might often feel like the holidays are an unnecessary obligation, and possible a bit foolish. They will likely celebrate for the sake of their loved ones, but they don’t enjoy feeling forced to participate in certain things. ISTPs simply live their lives in the present moment and don’t want to be caught up on planning for things like the holidays.


ESTPs aren’t the most traditional people, but they often enjoy celebrating the holidays. They might find themselves feeling caught up in the cheer and the positive vibes they get from the holiday celebrations. ESTPs enjoy gift giving as a way to show their affection towards someone, which is a big reason why the holidays are enjoyable for them. They take this time to receive and give gifts in order to feel truly connected to their loved ones.


ISFPs often possess the holiday spirit, even if they don’t outwardly express this. They enjoy being able to connect to that magical feeling of the holidays, and love feeling close to their favorite people. ISFPs enjoy being able to pick out gifts for their loved ones, which show how much they care and truly know them. The holidays are often fun for ISFPs, and they try to focus on the positive side of the season.


ESFPs often enjoy the holidays, and want to make the most out of the experience. They are often very connected to gift giving as a way to show their love for someone, which makes the holidays truly wonderful for them. The ESFP will go out of their way to find the perfect gift for the people they love, and enjoy being able to show how much they care. They also enjoy receiving gifts that show just how much their loved ones know and appreciate them.

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