Little Holiday Things That Remind Us of Each Personality Type

Little Holiday Things That Remind Us of Each Personality Type

The Holidays are upon us, and there are many things that remind us of this season. Little things from candy canes to the smell of fresh free trees. While we know that not everyone loves this time of year- it’s time to put the Grinch feelings aside and enjoy little holiday things that reminds us of each personality type.

INFJ- Poinsettias

There is a common misconception that Poinsettias are highly toxic, but in truth they are not and are actually somewhat fragile. Much like the INFJ who shows am aloof and tough exterior, but who possesses a soft and sensitive soul in need of love. Both the INFJ and Poinsettia are unique and somewhat unusual, but at the same time completely awe-inspiring and even breathtaking. The Poinsettia requires plenty of light to survive, similar to the INFJ who finds themselves drawn to darkness but requires the light in others to balance them out.

ENFJ- Christmas Carols

ENFJs are warm and loving people, who enjoy being around their loved ones. Christmas caroling brings people together in a festive and generous way. Both the ENFJ and Christmas carols have a way of warming the hearts of others and bringing a group of people together for some positive cheer. ENFJs enjoy being around others, and simply want to find ways to warm the hearts of those they love and care for most in the world. They strive to bring a sense of joy to those around them, even if it is in the smallest of ways.

INFP- Hot Chocolate (with extra Marshmallows)

INFPs are warm and sweet people, much like hot chocolate. They are a great comfort to their loved ones, and enjoy being there for the people close to them. INFPs are lovable people, much like the widely adored and delicious hot chocolate. INFPs also aren’t ordinary people, so we had to compare them to hot chocolate with those extra delicious marshmallows piled on top. INFPs are both comforting and a bit silly at the same time, with a fun sense of humor and playfulness. Most of us remember hot chocolate as a childhood comfort, one that keeps us smiling.

ENFP- Eggnog (Spiked of course!)

ENFPs couldn’t possibly remind us of anything boring, so spike eggnog makes the most sense. While not everyone is a fan of eggnog (people with flawed taste buds basically), it is a holiday treat that is both rich and unique. ENFPs have a lot of flair to their personalities, which makes them similar to a spiked holiday drink. Eggnog isn’t something that can be compared to anything else, which is much like the unique and whimsical ENFP. They are not the type to stay behind the scenes, and enjoy being able to stand out and make their presence known.

INTJ- Fir Tree Scent

INTJs are strong and independent people, so we had to compare them to something sturdy and even a bit comforting. The INTJ comforts us with their intellect and their natural ability to make things happen. They are willing to teach and inform others, in a world where most people turn away from the truth. They possess a strength and a presence which speaks for itself, much like the traditional and powerful scent of a fir tree. There is also something whimsical and unique about this scent, and while INTJs might not consider themselves whimsical people, there is something otherworldly about them.

ENTJ- Rudolph

ENTJs are incredible leaders, who have a way of guiding others in the right direction. Their sense of leadership is what reminds us of the story of Rudolph and his unique nose. While Rudolph wasn’t always admired for his strengths, this is something that can be similar to ENTJs growing up. They aren’t always appreciated for the ingenuity at first, but they continue to persevere in order to accomplish their goals. Rudolph perseveres and ends up becoming the leader of Santa’s sleigh (cheesy yes, but just go with it), ENTJs are similar in their ability to withstand challenges and come out on top!

INTP- Snowman

While INTPs are logical and introspective people, they also have a unique spirit to them. Much like the whimsical and even slightly quirky snowman, the INTP is found by themselves most of the time. While everyone enjoys making snowmen, they are often left to their own devices after the building process is over. INTPs share this in common with snowmen, and it is something they truly enjoy. INTPs want to spend most of their time alone, just observing others and learning what they can from their surroundings.

ENTP- Candy Canes

ENTPs are both fun and adventurous people, who know how to charm others. Their intense spirit and somewhat whacky personalities remind us of the flavorful and sweet style of candy canes. Both ENTPs and candy canes are fun, sweet (don’t try to hide it) and not at all boring. Candy canes are colorful and a bit unusual, much like ENTPs and their adventurous and bright personalities.

ISTJ- Turkey Gravy

ISTJs are sturdy and traditional people, who can be depended on by others. They are always there to comfort their loved ones and provide for them in any way they can. ISTJs remind us of the delicious dinner gravy, which completes the meal entirely. Gravy holds the entire meal together, and is often the glue that makes everything perfect. ISTJs are this glue for their loved ones, always ready to provide assistance and find a way to make things work.

ESTJ- Gingerbread House

ESTJs are sturdy and traditional, much like the traditional of the Gingerbread house. A house represents strength and protection, and ESTJs strive to provide for and protect their loved ones. They are also traditional people, who believe in upholding the rules and doing what is right. Gingerbread houses are also beloved by children, and most ESTJs seek to protect and care for the weak.

ISFJ- Fresh Baked Cookies

ISFJs are warm and traditional people, much like delicious Christmas cookies. ISFJs are also sweet and lovable, which is very much like fresh baked cookies. They believe in upholding traditions and care deeply for the people they love. ISFJs remind us of things that are both warm, lovable and completely comforting. They are always there to put your mind and ease and make you feel better when you are struggling.

ESFJ- Presents

ESFJs couldn’t remind us of anything other than gifts, since they absolutely love giving to others. They are always there to help someone they love, and want to put a smile on their face. ESFJs enjoy being able to give presents to their loved ones, and do whatever they can to make them happy. Gifts are something given out of the kindness of your heart, in order to make someone else happy. ESFJs will go above and beyond to please others, no matter what it takes.

ISTP- Sledding

ISTPs are adventurous and fun people, who enjoy living in the present moment. They remind us of the fun and exciting holiday activities, which get us outside and make us soak up the present. ISTPs simply want to feel free to make their own choices and dislike feeling stuck in one place. They are the type of people who want to seek out new and exciting things in life, which is why they remind us of the thrilling winter activities like sledding or even skating.

ESTP- Mistletoe

ESTPs are adventurous people, who enjoy living very much in the physical world. While they are ones for tradition, they do know how to make things fun and playful. They remind us of mistletoe, because it brings people together and has an undeniable charm. ESTPs are certainly affectionate and charismatic people, who appreciate a good smooch here and there *wink wink*.

ISFP- Ornaments

ISFPs remind us of the gorgeous tree ornaments that make Christmas so mesmerizing. Without these beautiful accents the tree would be completely bare and much less fascinating. ISFPs are unique people, who know how to make the most out of any situation. Ornaments are delicate and also very unique, just like the sensitive soul of the ISFP. You can have sparkling and beautiful ornaments, but you can also have silly and fun ones- which reminds us of the unpredictable ISFP personality.

ESFP- Christmas Lights

ESFPs are fun and joyful people, who try to make the most out of any situation. They simply want life to be fun and exciting, which is why they remind us of Christmas lights. Nothing brings out the holiday spirit like proper lights, they are beautiful and mesmerizing. ESFPs are fun people, who simply want to see others smile and want to find a way to entertain them. They are perfectly represented by the twinkling and bright holiday lights, which are whimsical and fun.

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