What Does Inner Beauty Mean to You, Based on Your Personality Type

For some the idea of inner beauty is something to value and is far more important than outer beauty. While everyone can see the value in inner beauty, each person appreciates it for different reasons and on different levels. Here is what inner beauty means to you, based on your personality type.


INFJs definitely appreciate inner beauty, and hold this as far more valuable than physical appearance. While they do also notice things like outer beauty and can be drawn to unique types of beauty, this doesn’t mean they find it more valuable than what is inside a person’s soul. For the INFJ inner beauty is something to treasure and when they find someone who possess this they want to draw closer to them. Inner beauty to the INFJ means being good-hearted and having a special kind of soul which is not selfish and malicious.


ENFJs often value a sense of inner beauty much more than physical beauty and have a strong sense of this when they are around people. Their sense of empathy often helps the ENFJ get an idea of what someone has going on inside of them, not just the things you can see outwardly. They see inner beauty as being a person’s internal kindness and compassion towards others. People who are beautiful on the inside have souls which the ENFJ can connect with, and they often feel a need to protect these types of people.


To the INFP inner beauty is something they uncover as they start to see into someone’s heart and soul. They definitely care about finding people they can connect with who possess goodness and honesty inside of them. They see inner beauty in different ways, not just in people who are kind but also in their creativity and the unique ways they see the world around them. INFPs can see inner beauty as many different things, sometimes in the people who are complex and confusing to others.


ENFPs are often drawn to all kinds of beauty, both inner and outer beauty are of interest to them. They might find themselves drawn in by the outer beauty of someone, but they stick around for what they uncover underneath the surface. ENFPs appreciate inner beauty far more, but they can sometimes see it in places where it isn’t all that abundant. Wanting to draw out the beauty within someone can occasionally get the ENFP hurt.


INTJs find inner beauty within someone’s soul and mind. They find beauty in people who are intellectually focused and in those people who respect this about the INTJ. They find inner beauty in someone’s sense of morals and in their courage to follow what they know to be right without being afraid of what others will say. INTJs might not measure inner beauty the way others do, but to them this is certainly more valuable and important than physical beauty.


ENTJs do sometimes find themselves drawn to the outer beauty of someone, but they stick around based on what they uncover later on. ENTJs value inner beauty as people who are loyal and willing to stand by their loved ones. Someone who is kind and giving to those they love, will be seen as truly beautiful in the eyes of the ENTJ. They do sometimes value physical beauty, but not nearly as much as inner beauty. They will often be the ones to stand by a person as their beauty fades, maintaining that commitment and connection.


INTPs can sometimes struggle to uncover what they value and categorize as inner beauty. If someone is beautiful on the outside they might be hesitant to trust that they also possess a sense of inner beauty. Their skepticism can sometimes cause the INTP to have doubts, struggling to balance these two things and uncover what someone possesses inside. They care deeply about inner beauty, which to them is someone who is loving and selfless. Someone who will do anything to see others happy is someone who the INTP often sees as possessing great inner beauty.


ENTPs often try to be more factual about these things, seeing inner beauty based on someone’s actions and choices. They want to pay attention to the details and see how someone responds to others when no one is watching them. ENTPs do care about inner beauty, but they can be skeptical and doubtful people until they have evidence to support something. They want to witness someone’s true intentions before trusting them or believing that they possess inner beauty.


ISTJs are often practical people, and so to them inner beauty is shown based on someone’s choices. When a person actively tries to help and care for others, the ISTJs often sees this as a sign of inner beauty. A person who is loyal and always there to support their loved ones, is often someone they see as being beautiful on the inside. For the ISTJ these are signs of value and honestly and are often important to them.


ESTJs do care about inner beauty, and want to find someone who possesses a great deal of this to share their lives with. They are often drawn to the outer beauty in others, but find themselves sticking around based on what is inside. They see inner beauty as someone who is giving and who can do kindnesses for those around them. Someone who does not have malicious intent and who will be loyal to those they care for.


ISFJs definitely hold value to inner beauty, much more than what is on the outside. Their sense of empathy means they can often feel the intentions of others and can see deeper into who they are. ISFJs care about helping others and often want to protect the people they see who have deep inner beauty. When they witness kindness and compassion they often want to protect and preserve this in others.


ESFJs are certainly more interested in inner beauty than they are outer beauty. They find themselves more interested in people based on who they are inside and how they treat those around them. Someone who is kind and gracious is often far more appealing to the ESFJ than someone who is physically beautiful. They see what is on the inside because they can often feel the emotions of those around them so naturally.


ISTPs can often be drawn to the outer beauty they see around them, simply because they are so connected to the physical world. This doesn’t mean they don’t value inner beauty or find it more important than the physical, it just isn’t want draws them in immediately. ISTPs live in the present and want to soak up what is going on around them, and so they witness inner beauty in someone is they begin to expose these parts of themselves. They often base inner beauty on someone’s choices and actions and how they treat those around them.


ESTPs can often be drawn to the physical presence of a person, initially appealed by the outer beauty they see. ESTPs are physical people who are connected to what they can see, at least at first glance. Over time they certainly begin to value the inner beauty of someone, often noticing how this person treats others and how they respond to the world around them. ESTPs see inner beauty as a willingness to care for others and be considerate of their practical and emotional needs.


ISFPs are often drawn to physical beauty, but this doesn’t mean they value it more than inner beauty. Over time the ISFP wants to get to know someone’s deeper feelings and thoughts, seeing beauty in many different ways. ISFPs don’t necessarily see beauty the way everyone else does, often having their own idea of what is truly beautiful. They can see beauty in so many different behaviors and feelings, which can certainly cause them to see potential in others more than actual behaviors proving their inner beauty.


ESFPs definitely care more about inner beauty, even though they do value physical beauty as well. ESFPs enjoy living in the present and want to get a sense of who someone is based on how they respond to those around them. ESFPs often find themselves connected to someone based on a feeling they get when they are around them, and based on this they can often uncover inner beauty in this person. ESFPs care about how people treat the ones they love, and to them this often is a way to calculate how much inner beauty they truly possess.


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