What Each Personality Type Should Do When They Are Feeling Lost

Even the most confident individuals experience moments of feeling lost and unsure. Here is what each personality type should do when they are feeling lost and confused in their lives.


INFJs are caring people, who want to make a difference in the world. Sometimes their desire to find their true purpose can cause them to feel pained and dissatisfied with their lives. Oftentimes INFJs will focus too much on the needs of others, ignoring their own sadness and pushing aside their needs. When the INFJ is feeling lost it is important to take time for themselves. They need to be allowed to follow their hearts and do what feels right. The INFJ requires time to invest in themselves and build the things in their life that fuel their passions. It is vital that they are honest with themselves, and are allowed to embrace their true desires. It is also important to connect with the right people- individuals who will allow them to walk down this path without judgment.


ENFJs focus on the needs and emotions of others. They want to do whatever they can to make people happy, which ultimately can drain them. This constant desire to please people is something that can cause the ENFJ to feel like people don’t truly care for them. The important thing when this happens is to take time for themselves, and focus on what they need. ENFJs can often neglect their own needs for so long that they feel lost and disillusioned. They need to learn to accept that people will still love them even if they take care of themselves for a while. If some people only want them for what they can offer, then the ENFJ needs to let those people go.


INFPs can sometimes struggle with feeling lost, since they connect with the world in such a deep way. Their emotions are extremely powerful, and their empathy can sometimes overwhelm them. INFPs care very much about the world around them, and truly want to make a difference in some way. In order for them to find themselves once again when they are feeling lost, the INFP needs to take time to dive into what makes them feel passionate. Whether it is a love for music, or a love for someone close to them. Whatever makes them feel more alive is something that they need to make more time for. INFPs require alone time, but often enjoy spending this “alone” time with someone special. Sitting in silence next to someone they love can be one of the most fulfilling things for an INFP.


ENFPs are warm and open individuals, who always seem to keep a positive attitude. Just like anyone else, they can sometimes feel lost and confused. When an ENFP is feeling lost, they need to allow themselves the opportunity to try something new and exciting. Diving into something that will ignite their passion is going to help them pull out of their slump. ENFPs thrive on ideas and new challenges, and will become unhappy if they are stagnant for too long. When they are feeling lost, it is very important for them to step out of their comfort zone and take chances.


INTJs are very intelligent people, but this can sometimes be a cause for frustration. There are times when an INTJ may feel like they aren’t living up to their full potential, or they simply aren’t making a different in the world around them. INTJs often have a need to do things correctly, and will put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed. This can cause them to become rather disappointed if they feel like they aren’t pushing themselves hard enough. When an INTJ is feeling lost, sometimes all they need is a moment to take a step back and gain some perspective. They can become too wrapped up in the process to truly understand how much they have accomplished. It can be helpful to seek out people who can give them a unique perspective on their skills, and who will show them just how much they affect the world around them. Sometimes it can help for the INTJ to take on a new project, one that they are sincerely passionate about, instead of attempting to perfect an old project.


ENTJs are often extremely focused individuals, with an innate sense of direction. Like anyone though, they can have their moments of feeling lost and confused. They focus so much on accomplishing their goals, that sometimes they can lose sight of what truly matters to them. ENTJs who are feeling lost, will often feel like the people in their lives are not appreciating them and how hard they work. This can be a major cause for frustration, which can lead to the ENTJ lashing out and wanting to be alone. When they are feeling lost like this, it is best to find time to relax and enjoy themselves. Instead of focusing so strongly on work, they need to take time to let loose and have a little fun. ENTJs are actually rather fun people, and need to tap into this part of themselves in order to gain perspective.


INTPs may have times where they feel lost, as if they are drifting along with no real purpose or direction. INTPs are very intelligent people, who are constantly capable of coming up with new ideas. They are often skilled at seeing various potential paths that they can take, which is usually what causes them to feel lost in the first place. They will visualize a sea of potential before them, with many different choices that can be made towards their future. This ability to see potential for success and failure, will often cause the INTP to be afraid of making any real steps forward. They are both dreamers and logical thinkers, making their internal minds very rich. INTPs who are feeling lost need to reconnect with what makes them feel the most alive. They need to find a safe place to be themselves, without feeling the judgments of those around them. Having people they can vent to and feel safe doing this, can really help them move forward.


ENTPs are enthusiastic people, who thrive on new ideas. They love to keep moving, always coming up with new events and projects. Sometimes life can put ENTPs in a stagnant place, which can often cause them to feel a bit lost. If they feel stuck for too long it will weigh the ENTP down immensely, and leave them feeling very frustrated. ENTPs often feel the need to keep moving, in many different aspects of their lives. They might bounce from one thing to another, without a strong sense of direction. When an ENTP is feeling very lost, it is important to remember that the fear of failure is greater than the feeling of actually failing. ENTPs can sometimes be afraid that pushing forward could lead to making mistakes that will affect their lives greatly, but once they can move on from this idea they will do much better.


ISFJs are very giving people, who are constantly focusing on their loved ones. ISFJs will often feel lost if they believe they aren’t helping the people they care for. If they no longer feel needed by those around them, it can be very hard for ISFJs to handle. This can leave them feeling very lost and like they like a purpose in life. When the ISFJ is feeling unappreciated, they simply need to take time for themselves. Instead of attempting to cling to their loved ones, they should search for something that they enjoy. Whether they like to read, or maybe take up a new hobby- these things can help the ISFJ take time to energize themselves. They often spend too much time worrying about others, and will forget to tend to their own needs.


ESFJs are very focused on the needs of others, and are constantly searching for ways to please their loved ones. This can become rather draining after a while, which will lead the ESFJ to feeling lost. If they feel like their loved ones do not appreciate their efforts, or aren’t truly there for them in return- they will begin to feel very upset and overwhelmed by this. ESFJs who are feeling like they aren’t being appreciated, need to take time for themselves. It is important for them to focus on the things that help them feel energized, and do the things that they personally enjoy. Instead of focusing on the needs of others, they need to ask the people around them for help once in a while.


ISTJs are organized and focused people, who are constantly striving to accomplish their goals. They are not content to just sit around and wait for things to happen, and will often work hard to get things done. ISTJs can sometimes feel like their efforts at work and at home are not being appreciated. If they have constantly worked hard their entire lives, and feel like they aren’t accomplishing their goals fast enough, the ISTJ will become frustrated and begin to feel rather lost. When they are feeling this way it is important for them to take a step back and observe all of their accomplishments. They often forget to pat themselves on the back for how much they do, but this is very necessary. Taking time to explore something that they personally enjoy, is an important way to regain their energy.


ESTJs are very hard-working people, constantly working to provide for their loved ones. They want to be the best at whatever they do, which can cause them to put a lot of pressure on themselves and others. ESTJs may become hard on themselves if they feel like they aren’t accomplishing their goals as efficiently as possible This can become rather frustrating for them, and will cause them to lash out. When an ESTJ if feeling lost in this way, they need to regain a sense of purpose in their community. Finding people who are similar to them, and who will look up to them, will help the ESTJ feel like themselves once again.


ISTPs are rather independent people, who enjoy spending time inside of their own thoughts. They are often active individuals, and live very much in the present moment. Their need to live in the present can sometimes cause them to neglect the future, which can ultimately leave them feeling a bit lost and confused. When this happens the ISTP needs to trust their own instincts, and follow a path that their problem solving skills devise. Trusting in their ability to understand the world around them, will help the ISTP gain a sense of direction once again.


ESTPs are very focused on enjoying the present moment, but they also desire to be liked by others. ESTPs are often searching for admiration, and want to feel like their loved ones look up to them. This can sometimes cause them to feel lost if they believe people aren’t giving them the respect they deserve. When an ESTP is feeling this way, they might need to focus on paying more attention to their responsibilities. They need to accomplish tasks that they can feel proud of, in order to regain a sense of purpose and direction in their lives.


ISFPs are very warm and whimsical people, who enjoy finding beauty in the world around them. They are very in touch with their inner emotions, and have a strong sense of morals. When they feel like their moral compass is being challenged, ISFPs can sometimes feel lost and frustrated. The world is a dark place, and that can be rather hard for them to handle sometimes. When they are feeling this sense of confusion, the ISFP needs to retreat into the things that bring them joy. They need to find people who are loving and giving, and take refuge in these kinds of people.


ESFPs are fun-loving and caring people, who enjoy living in the present moment. Their desire to enjoy themselves can sometimes lead to them feeling lost about the future. When an ESFP is feeling confused in this way, they would do best to trust in the people around them who can guide them forward. Instead of focusing on enjoyment, they need to accomplish important tasks and get things done. Once they have accomplished these things, the ESFP will feel free once again to be themselves.

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