ENTP Humor: Self-Deprecating, Dark & Absurd Humor

When it comes to humor not everyone appreciates the same style, and so this can make for a lot of misunderstandings. While some people might prefer a more traditional humor style, others might enjoy something a bit darker or even absurd. There are so many different things that people can find humorous, and this can sometimes be tied to personality type. Certain types might be more likely to connect with a specific humor style, because of their natural personality and the functions they use. At times this can be challenging for the types with a darker sense of humor, as they don’t always feel free expressing this without receiving judgement.

ENTPs definitely have a natural draw to dark humor, and enjoy being able to push the envelope. ENFPs don’t like the idea of taking everything so seriously, as this becomes exasperating for them. They believe in pushing themselves to grow and experience new things, and sometimes this means crossing certain boundaries and seeing just how far they can go. ENTPs enjoy using humor to express certain things, or even as a way of coping with certain feelings. For them it is often a big part of their personality, and they enjoy being able to express different styles of humor and entertainment. ENTPs are not afraid of taking certain comedic risks, even if it shocks or bothers people around them.

ENFP Dark Humor

For the ENTP dark humor is definitely something which comes very naturally. They aren’t all that focused on the emotional aspect of it, and don’t intentionally want to offend but they also don’t worry much about it. When the ENTP sees an opportunity for a truly black humor joke, they will take it so long as it is sincerely funny to them. They don’t appreciate people who use this type of humor just to be cool or edgy, but they want it to be well thought out and amusing. ENTPs like to push people’s boundaries and enjoy crossing certain lines that others are afraid to approach. For them it is both exciting and rewarding, as they feel like they learn more about themselves and others when they push those boundaries. Sticking inside of their comfort zone can make the ENTP feel trapped and complacent, and this isn’t something they want. When they push the limits and cross certain lines they often feel like they can gain so much more from those experiences. Occasionally it gets them into trouble but they are good at finding ways out of such things. For the ENTP dark humor can be a great way to test people’s boundaries, and to figure out what their own limits are. This can also be a good way to ease tension about certain truly dismal or morbid things in life. ENTPs are usually rather aware of the state of the world around them, and so those dark jokes aren’t because they don’t care but rather because it feels like the best way to express things and cope.

ENTPs can also use their humor as a bit of a crutch at times, instead of sincerely expressing their feelings they mask it with jokes. ENTPs aren’t great at expressing their inner emotions or finding ways to fully process and understand them. They feel things deeply, they just prefer not to focus on those emotions and can struggle to know how to really deal with them. This is why they can become focused on humor as a means of coping or expressing themselves. When things get a bit too serious or tense, the ENTP is likely to crack a joke in order to change the mood. Sometimes this means using dark humor, since it makes light of something which might actually bother the ENTP deep down. Instead of dwelling on it in a negative way, the ENTP turns it into something funny in hopes of making it easier to process. They can also express their feelings about a person or situation this way, using their dark or sarcastic humor in order to give themselves the chance to play with those thoughts and words.

ENTP Self-Deprecation

ENTPs are not afraid of being self-deprecating, especially when they know it will be funny. They don’t do this in a way which comes off depressing or makes people feel sorry for them, quite the opposite. They have a way of being self-deprecating and somehow making it rather charming to those around them. Since ENTPs often express a certain level of confidence in the way they do things, they can get away with these jokes which poke fun at themselves. They aren’t afraid of playing a joke at their own expense, so long as it is well thought out or actually entertaining. Sometimes this is another means of expressing themselves and processing their own feelings, but other times it really is just to be funny. ENTPs appreciate comedy, and they appreciate being able to explore different means of entertaining people. They are great at reading their audience, and knowing which approach is actually going to go over well with their surroundings. They can sense the type of humor which is going to really translate to the people around them, and are capable of adapting to that. Sometimes they do adapt in hopes of really making people laugh, other times they enjoy using darker humor to poke at people and push them a little bit.

ENTPs are often capable of finding humor in many different ways and places. They aren’t afraid of trying out something new, and this includes their style of comedy. They can range from being dry and sarcastic, to being absurd or even silly. ENTPs enjoy being able to explore different parts of themselves, and being playful is definitely common for them around the right people. They might hold this side back since not everyone inspires the type of trust which allows them to behave this way. Overall ENTPs enjoy using humor in a lot of different ways, sometimes it is dark and other times it is quite the opposite.