The INTJ in 2016

2016 means many new options and changes for everyone, especially the INTJ. We have compiled some nosy advice that we think will help the INTJ achieve their best year possible.

Allow Time For Creativity

INTJs are often seen as intellectual and driven individuals, but they also have a creative side to them. Many INTJs have a rather creative spirit, which may become repressed by their focus towards knowledge. For those INTJs who thirst for knowledge but also enjoy the more creative or artistic aspects of life, it is important to take time to express that part of yourself. Find whatever form you can fully enjoy expressing yourself in and allow yourself time to dive in. Many INTJs have a wonderfully vibrant way of expressing themselves artistically and this can be truly beneficial for them. It will often surprise people just how creative INTJs can be, because they may not always allow themselves time to express this talent. We advise that INTJs allow themselves the freedom to enjoy their creative side, we promise it will be very rewarding.

Appreciate The Present Moment

Living in the present moment is often something that INTJs struggle with in life. INTJs are rather future focused and desire being able to find control in their lives. The fact is that sometimes things go wrong and you cannot always be prepared for that. INTJs must learn how to appreciate the present moment, so that they can better know how to cope when things don’t go as planned. When you allow yourself to freedom to enjoy the moment, you allow yourself the opportunity to forgive yourself when things do go wrong. Accept things for what they are, instead of trying hard to change them. Even though INTJs are often excellent at navigating and foreseeing future outcomes, it is important to accept that not everything is within their control.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

INTJs may appear hard on others, but it is nothing compared to how much pressure they place on themselves. It is important for INTJs to give themselves room to breathe and to stop putting so much pressure on themselves. There are times when that pressure it normal and they are simply being themselves, but there are times when some letting go is required to move forward in life. INTJs often expect to be prepared for almost any situation and put pressure on themselves to reach a deeper level of understanding when it comes to pretty much everything. They dislike ignorance and want to be able to understand things, almost feeling like it is their responsibility. Although this is a wonderful and vital part of who they are, it is also perfectly acceptable for INTJs to cut themselves some slack sometimes. Accept that you are doing more than your best and give yourself the credit that you are due.

Make Significant Connections

Although INTJs are introverted and enjoy spending vast amounts of time alone, the connections that they make in life are very important. The best advice we can give to INTJs is to take notice of the people around you and make sure that you are nurturing your connections with them. It is important for the INTJ to find like-minded people who will understand them and who they can learn from. It is also very important for INTJs to find relationships with people who are more in touch with their emotions, so that they can help the INTJ feel comfortable diving into their own feelings. Although it may not come naturally, spending time with people and learning to connect with others is very important for the INTJ. INTJs want to have lasting relationships with people that they can connect with, so it is key that they find the time to develop those friendships.

Stick To Your Ideals

It is vital for INTJs to take time to dive into their own beliefs and morals without feeling guilty for it. Learning to love and appreciate yourself does not mean you are being weak or foolish. For INTJs to truly take a path that they can be proud of, it is important for them to find time to fully understand themselves. Morals are very important to an INTJ and it is important for them to stick to their ideals instead of pushing them aside for what appears logical. Discovering what is important to them and allowing themselves to stand up for it fully, is one of the best pieces of advice we can give to INTJs this year.