How Extroverts Can Make Their Home a Comfortable Sanctuary 

For some people being at home can be stressful, even if they have to spend time inside of this space. It is important that your home becomes a sanctuary and a safe and comforting place to reside. Even if you spend a lot of time outside of your home, there is still a large chunk of time spent inside your home. It is important that this space becomes somewhere you can be comfortable rather than somewhere which leaves you feeling anxious or on edge. If your home isn’t a safe haven then finding ways to improve the situation can be helpful. It might feel like this is just how your home is and nothing can change it, but there are little ways to reduce the stress you feel when you are cooped up inside.

For extroverts making their home more of a sanctuary might be more of a challenge than it would be for introverts. They are social people who need ways to feel connected to the outside world, or else they can feel drained. While they might enjoy being around others and need to feel a sense of outside connection, that doesn’t mean that their home shouldn’t also be a safe place for them. Even if you are someone who spends a lot of time outside of the house, it is important to feel comfortable and at ease inside of your home. For extroverts this can be a bit different than it is for introverts, since they need to find tools which make them also feel connected to the outside world.

Welcome Natural Light

For the extrovert enough natural light can be an important way to give their home a positive atmosphere. They need to feel like they are connected to the outside world, rather than blocked off from it. When their home doesn’t have spaces which allow for the natural light to enter, it can feel a bit claustrophobic. Allowing light into your home is just something which boosts your mental health and keeps you feeling alert. If you are spending your day in the darkness when you are home it is going to make you feel a bit more lethargic and this can cause your home to feel less like a sanctuary and more like a prison. It is important to recognize where you aren’t allowing enough light in, and give yourself the space to do so.


Decluttering your home is something which can really help to open the space up and make it more comfortable. You can set up organizational compartments in order to keep certain things away from tables and give yourself some sort space. Many of us leave things scattered about and might struggle with putting them in specific places. Creating more organization and giving yourself a chance to declutter can really make your space more comforting. Having to look at constant clutter or things like bills out in the open, can just create a sense of stress around them. Finding ways to remove this and instead use more pleasant decorative bins or compartments, can make things feel more positive around you. Clutter can be a serious source of stress, but we don’t always realize that this is the case. Finding a way to create clear paths and make your home easy to maneuver through can be really important when it comes to creating a comfortable space to live in. 

Give Each Room a Purpose

Giving some sort of specific purpose to each room can give more of a clear direction for your home. Having designated spaces for what you need can seem obvious but not something everyone does. You might end up turning your office room in storage, and this combination becomes something which actually creates more stress than it does harmony. This is why designated a purpose to each room can make your environment more comforting, as you know what to expect in each room. It sets a certain mood and really makes it easier to feel at ease in your own home.

Create a Stress Free Space

Creating a space in your home which is just for you can really make it a more pleasant place to be. You can set up a little reading nook, or a place where you can focus on one of your favorite hobbies. Surround this space with all of your favorite things, and anything which brings you a sense of personal comfort. Decorate it with colors and things which make you feel at ease and peaceful. If you set up this area just for yourself and make it your own, then it becomes more of a safe haven when you are feeling overwhelmed. Instead of trying to make your entire home a place for these comforting hobbies, if you focus them one one specific space it can make that the place you go when you are feeling stressed. Don’t allow anything in this space which can create stress and anxiety for you, you might even benefit from removing phones and social media when in this area.

Make a Space for Entertaining

For extroverts having a space for entertaining can be a rewarding way to bring comfort to your home. If you enjoy having friends over for things like game or movie nights, then work on setting your home up for this type of entertainment. Purchasing things like a popcorn machine, or even just setting up a nice grilling area. Putting forth the effort to make your home a place where you can have friends over can really give it a more positive emotional response for extroverts. While you might enjoy having some time to yourself, your home can become a bit draining if you are feeling constantly cooped up and distanced from others when you are here. Turning some rooms into places where you enjoy having friends over can make it an exciting and fun place to be for the extrovert.


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