How Introverts Can Make Their Home a Comfortable Sanctuary 

For some people being at home can be stressful, even if they have to spend time inside of this space. It is important that your home becomes a sanctuary and a safe and comforting place to reside. Even if you spend a lot of time outside of your home, there is still a large chunk of time spent inside your home. It is important that this space becomes somewhere you can be comfortable rather than somewhere which leaves you feeling anxious or on edge. If your home isn’t a safe haven then finding ways to improve the situation can be helpful. It might feel like this is just how your home is and nothing can change it, but there are little ways to reduce the stress you feel when you are cooped up inside.

For introverts being in their homes is something which feels more natural, as they enjoy having time to themselves. While being someone who really requires a lot of alone time can mean that their home is a haven for them, this isn’t always the case. If they haven’t worked on creating a space which is more of a sanctuary, then their home can be somewhere they want to avoid. It might create more stress for the introvert when they are inside, and they don’t fully understand why since they would ordinarily treasure this time to themselves. Creating a space which is comforting and brings them a sense of peace is vital for the introvert, as their homes often become the place where they can recharge and recoup their energy. 

Welcome Natural Light

Welcoming in some natural light can help turn your home from a prison into a sanctuary. It can start to feel a bit gloomy and reclusive if you don’t allow some of the outside light to enter your home. While some introverts might love things like rainy days or the even prefer the moonlight, it is still important to feel connected to the world outside of your home. Allowing nature to be a comfort and something which you can still feel while inside of your home, can certainly make it a place which puts you more at ease. It can even help to have a few plants inside, as a means of keeping you connected and bringing in a sense of life to your home. While this sometimes seems like a small thing 


Clearing out clutter can be an important way to create a space which is more comforting. When you have chaos around you it might feel like it is fine, but certain items can create stress. Things like bills or certain tasks you need to get done just laying about, can make you feel anxious when you walk around those items. Removing the clutter or atleast organizing it somewhat, can make your home a more peaceful place to be. Some people might enjoy a bit of organized chaos in their lives, but that can make it difficult to fully process a sense of calm in your environment. It can be fine for certain areas, but decluttering a few spaces in your home and having some aesthetically pleasing boxes or items to organize with can be beneficial.

Give Each Room a Purpose

Ensuring that each room in your house has some sort of purpose can create a bit of clarity in your surroundings. When things start to bleed into each other it can make your environment confusing and stressful for you. It might seem like a small thing but can really go a long way with creating spaces in your home which are more comfortable for you to be in. While certain environments or purposes in your home can be a bit stressful at times, you don’t want those things to bleed into your entire home. Having a purpose for each area of your house really does give it a clearer sense of understanding and comfort. 

Create a “You” Space

For introverts having a space in their home which is only for them, can really make it more of a haven. They need to create a specific space in their home where they don’t invite others, something which is just their own. They often treasure this type of privacy and personal space, especially when they need time to recharge. This place becomes somewhere they feel at peace, and it will start to remind them of these more positive things in their life. The way to create this type of “you” space is to bring in all of your favorite things and hobbies. If there are things you love to do or bring you a sense of joy, then surround yourself with those items. This can become a reading nook, or a place to knit or even just listen to music. You should pick the things which are more energizing and comforting for you, and ensure that this space becomes all about those experiences. Once this happens you need to allow this to be the place you come when you are feeling most stressed, and your home will become even more of a sanctuary. 

Learn Not to Make Excuses For Being a Homebody

For introverts it can be hard to deal with friends and loved ones constantly struggling to understand why you need so much time alone. The introvert might like being a bit of a homebody at times, especially when they need to recharge. This is something which they require in order to feel like themselves, but not everyone fully understands this. People might try to force them to come out when they really need time to themselves. It is important to learn not to make excuses for your needs, and instead just take this time to yourselves. For some introverts it can be hard to juggle this part of their lives, as they don’t want others to feel bad. Simply expressing that this time alone is personal and important to you, is something you need to do without feeling a sense of guilt over this.


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