The Advantages and Disadvantages of an Extravert Dating an Extravert

The Advantages and Disadvantages of an Extravert Dating an Extravert

While each relationship has its own unique challenges, they also have their own advantages. Extraverts in a relationship will struggle with certain things, but will lift each other up in some ways. Here are a few of the pros and cons of an extravert dating another extravert.


They Struggle For Attention

Extraverts can often struggle when dating other extraverts because they struggle for attention. When one extravert feels the need to take charge, the other might feel a bit left out. Their desire to seek attention from others can sometimes alienate them from their relationship. Extraverts require socialization from people in order to feel recharged and fully energized. This can become difficult when extraverts date other extraverts, because they might feel a bit jealous if their partner is seeking too much attention from others. It can be a struggle for these couples even when they try to be understanding and compassionate.

This can be challenging especially if one person wants to feel more connection to their partner. It might feel like the person they are with would rather spend time with friends, and can cause them to become confused and upset. This can be an issue since some extraverts are a bit lower on the scale of extraversion and actually enjoy one on one time more than group socialization.

There is Less Self-Reflection

When two extraverts get something sometimes they can become too focused on socializing. They will often find themselves wanting to go out together and enjoy doing fun activities. This is a good thing for the couple, but also has some negative aspects to it. The thing that an introvert can provide is self-reflection, and will often push their extravert to take a step back and dive into their own feelings. When two extraverts are together they can become distracted by external things, and might avoid self-reflection sometimes. This can become difficult for the couple, especially if they don’t take time to stay home and relax.

Time alone in the quiet is important for everyone, even extraverts. While they gain their energy from socializing, they still need time alone to think through things and look inward. This is something extraverts don’t always want to do, and might become antsy if they are alone for too long. When two extraverts are together they can sometimes aid one another’s desires to avoid internal conflict. This is not always the case, since some extraverted type actually do focus inward often. While they might focus on their own internal desires, they might not be good at inspiring their partner to do so.

Sometimes It Feels Competitive

Since extraverts enjoy socializing they can become a bit competitive when it comes to certain social settings. They might vie for attention from the group and enjoy impressing one another as well. Wanting to impress each other with proper social responses, can sometimes turn into a competitive situation. Each extravert wants to be liked by the people around them, and often sees this as a way to make their partner proud of them. It is important for them to be capable of holding their own, and enjoy being able to work a room with their charm. This does not become a competition intentionally, and is done subconsciously more than anything else.



They Have Fun

Extraverts in a relationship will certainly make the most out of things, and often have a lot of fun together. They are always excited to take on a new activity and enjoy the moment together. Extraverts will truly thrive when they are in a social setting, and will enjoy pushing one another to go out and have a great time. When one person is excited to enjoy a new activity, the other will be ready to join them on their adventure. This is something that makes the extravert/extravert relationship truly fun and entertaining.

They are often enthusiastic and this is something that makes the relationship work. Both extraverts will be willing come up with fun things to do, and often are not afraid to take charge. They are often seen laughing and soaking up the moment together, especially when they are out partaking in some new activity. They are always willing to go out even when they might be feeling a little tired. One extravert can often convince the other that there is something fun to be done.

They Enjoy Similar Levels of Stimulation

Extraverts often require more stimulation in order to actually feel a response internally. This means extraverts often like having noise and activity around them, while introverts require silence. This can be an advantage for extraverts in a relationship together, because they don’t feel like they need to make things quiet. While certain stimulation can rub them the wrong way, most extraverts enjoy a certain level of noise. Their desire to have some sort of background sound is something that often works for both extraverts in the relationship. When one person is making a lot of the noise, the other can often zone that out if they need to.

When an introvert dates an extravert that noise stimulation can become a real issue. One person wants silence, while the other feels uncomfortable without the noise to stimulate them. With two extraverts a small amount of noise can be a nice background sound, and often makes them feel more comfortable. It can be a nice similarity for the couple, and makes things a bit easier. One person will most likely not try and calm the other down, and will be supportive of their excitement and noise level.

They Understand One Another

Extraverts have similarities which makes it helpful for them to connect and communicate with one another. They can appreciate each other’s need for socialization, and will not put each other down for needing to express themselves. Extraverts can be a bit noisy sometimes, which can make introverts uncomfortable. They won’t insult each other and make their partner feel ashamed for being loud or needing to seek out attention. They will give each other the attention they need in most situations, which is a nice comfort. The extravert/extravert relationship will result in motivation and understanding in many ways.

Extraverts will often lift each other up and will try and be the other person’s cheerleader. They will strive to inspire one another and will enjoy motivating their partner. When extraverts love someone they truly enjoy being around them as much as they possibly can. This can be a great companionship, and will especially work if they try hard to work on self-reflection as well.

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