Here's How Condescending Each Personality Type Is

Here’s How Condescending You Can Be, According to Your Personality Type

Even the best people can have traits that come across in a condescending way. Here is how condescending you can be, based on your personality type.


INFJs are rarely condescending people, and often dislike that type of behavior. They try to express that they do not feel superior to others, and want to maintain a connection to people. INFJs are compassionate people, who are capable of empathizing with people no matter what mistakes they have made. This often causes INFJs to avoid condescension towards others, since they can often understand where they are coming from. The only times INFJs will feel superior to someone else, is when that person is cruel and continues to harm others. INFJs can have proud aspects to their personalities, but they try not to express that in a condescending way.


ENFJs do not like being condescending towards others, and will try to be warm and compassionate. There are times when their tone can come out as condescending, but that is definitely not their intention. Sometimes ENFJs can become caught up in trying to connect with others, and this can be viewed as odd by those people. They can feel afraid of upsetting someone, so they will speak in tones that are calmer, but to certain types this can feel a bit condescending. ENFJs simply want to make their loved ones happy, and this means a lot to them.


INFPs are not usually condescending people, and try hard to connect with others. They don’t enjoy arrogance, and value being able to understand others. INFPs will be warm and compassionate towards those around them, especially when that person is struggling. They are very moral people though and value their ideals deeply. When INFPs appear condescending it is often because the people around them are being harmful to others and are not behaving in a very moral way. Only during those times will INFPs seem like they are acting a bit superior to others.


ENFPs don’t like to be condescending towards others, and dislike having a superior attitude. They do have a confident personality, and enjoy feeling proud for their achievements. ENFPs don’t want their sense of confidence to make others feel bad, and don’t try to express this in a condescending manner. ENFPs simply want to see other people happy, and enjoy being able to share the spotlight. They aren’t arrogant people, and prefer to have a more relatable attitude towards others. They understand that no one is perfect, and do not judge others for their mistakes.


INTJs are confident people who strive to learn and understand as much as they can. They are always working hard to understand information, and dislike feeling ignorant in any situation. They have active and analytical inner minds, which makes the INTJ very aware people. Sometimes they can be a bit condescending, just because of the knowledge they have amassed. This isn’t something that they do intentionally, but their confidence in the information can come off a bit arrogant to others. INTJs simply want to be accurate and find that it is important to inform others when they can.


ENTJs are confident people, especially when it comes to information they have researched and fully understand. They don’t hold back with their knowledge, and will not dumb themselves down for the sake of others. ENTJs can sometimes appear condescending, especially when they are speaking with seemingly ignorant people. They can sometimes lose patience with individuals who aren’t quite up to their intellectual standards. They will try to communicate with them in a less irritated manner, but sometimes they can seem a bit condescending.


INTPs are analytical people, who value precision and accuracy over emotions. They can sometimes appear condescending if they trying to educate someone, especially if that person doesn’t seem very aware of the information. They do attempt to help others, but sometimes their assistance can seem condescending and even arrogant. INTPs are intelligent people and struggle when it comes to compromising, especially with information they know to be accurate. They don’t want to abandon truth simply for the sake of someone’s feelings, which can appear a bit condescending at times.


ENTPs are intelligent and imaginative people, who enjoy exploring new things in life. They strive to understand as much as they can about the world around them, which can come across a bit arrogant to others. ENTPs don’t intend to appear condescending, but they do amass a large amount of knowledge from their research and experiences. They are aware of what they know, which can make them seem condescending when they are trying to teach some less informed people.


ISTJs certainly do not want to be condescending, and prefer to be down to earth. They are intelligent and focused people, who are more interested in maintaining their own goals and responsibilities. ISTJs are more reserved people, who strive to be respectful towards others. While they aren’t arrogant, there are moments when they can appear a bit condescending. This only happens because ISTJs are very aware of what they know, and will try to inform people in a way that might seem a bit condescending.


ESTJs are hardworking and focused people, who are always trying to accomplish their goals. They are intelligent and driven, but this can sometimes come off as condescending. ESTJs value efficiency which makes them push those around them to get things done to their rather high standards. Their desire to get things done properly makes the ESTJ seem condescending towards those who aren’t quite living up to their standards.


ISFJs are warm and affectionate people, who simply want to provide for their loved ones. They don’t want to come off as condescending, and try hard to avoid anything that might hurt others. While ISFJs try hard not to be condescending, they might have moments where their morals make them seem this way. If the ISFJ feels like someone is not doing what they should be, they may try to coerce them in what they hope is a subtle way. Sometimes this subtlety can seem condescending to others, which is not the ISFJs intention.


ESFJs are giving and compassionate people, who are always trying to take care of their loved ones. They try hard to focus on the needs of others, and do not want to appear condescending in any way. In most cases ESFJs will be capable of understanding where people are coming from, which helps them avoid a condescending attitude. Their ability to empathize causes the ESFJ to be more down to earth and relatable. When ESFJ are trying not to upset someone though, they might seem condescending with their tone in order to keep the other person calm.


ISTPs are analytical and laid back people, who enjoy having their own space. They don’t like to put pressure on other people, since they dislike feeling that pressure in return. ISTPs don’t enjoy being arrogant or condescending towards anyone, and prefer to give people the chance to be themselves. They like having freedom in their lives which is why ISTPs don’t want to condescend to someone else. They do have sarcastic personalities, but they definitely aren’t condescending.


ESTPs are adventurous people who enjoy living in the present moment and making the most out of life. They certainly don’t want seem condescending towards others, but it does happen sometimes. They are intelligent and enjoy researching, which makes them aware of many different things. ESTPs also dislike seeing people who are misinformed, and will attempt to remove some of their ignorance. When ESTPs see someone who isn’t fully aware that they are wrong, they will come across a bit condescending in their attempt to help them understand.


ISFPs are free-spirited and fun people, who prefer to follow their heart. They don’t enjoy condescending behavior, and strive to enjoy their lives. They dislike negativity and do not want to do anything that might hurt or upset someone else. They are caring people, who will rarely be seen as condescending towards others. They might have moments where their strong morals cause them to become upset with someone else, but they will try not to be condescending.


ESFPs are fun-loving and caring people, who don’t enjoy negativity in their lives. They want to see their loved ones happy and enjoy being happy as well. ESFPs don’t want to be condescending, and rarely will they express themselves in a judgmental way. They want to have plenty of freedom to make their own choices and want to give that to their loved ones as well. They aren’t interested in pushing others around or behaving in an arrogant manner.

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