INTP Growth

The INTP can grow by developing their Extraverted Intuition function. The INTP likes to primarily analyze the world and come to its own personal understandings. However, the INTP is not able to come to useful conclusions without enough external experiences. An INTP with developed Ne will take in the world and multiple possibilities before coming to any conclusion. This will give them an objective outlook of the world. The more experiences and uncomfortable situations the INTP puts themselves in, the wiser and more experienced they will become in the long run.

The INTP should also look to develop their Introverted Sensing or Si. This function is very useful for remembering facts and past events. An INTP with developed Si can recall all the experiences and conclusions they have observed in their life. They can take this data and use it to form new theories and ideas about the world and their observations. An INTP that has been in a role or position for multiple years tends to develop an be recognized as an “expert” in their field. One of the main reasons for this is that Si is able to recall everything that they have learned. Combining this with Introverted Thinking and Extraverted Intuition allows them to analyze situations and solve problems very quickly. They may be seen as the “go-to” person in their field when a problem needs fixed.

INTP Careers and Jobs

The INTP strives in a field that allows them to do independent analysis and come to their own original conclusions. The INTP would benefit by working hard on selling their competency and critical thinking skills to their boss. Introverted Thinking is not easily explained to others, but the INTP must find a way to prove this to their superior (either through accomplishments, past success, or stepping up when needed).

The INTP should not be shy to speak up and make sure their work gets noticed. Their life will be much easier when their boss respects and understand the INTPs unique abilities to improve the workplace and make things run more smoothly.

INTPs should also be aware of office politics. Just because something can be improved, it might not be in their best interest to point it out. Most people do not like change in a job setting because it can threaten their role in the office. The INTP would be wise to notice this and use tact when suggesting changes.

Suitable INTP Careers







Management Consultant

Financial Adviser