ENTP Growth

For an ENTP to growth, they must develop their Introverted Thinking (Ti). The ENTP is always coming up with new possibilities and figuring out what could be, however, they also need some self reflection. Without analyzing what they are doing, they can fall into a trap of repeating the same experiences without ever learning from them. Introverted Thinking will help the ENTP understand and interpret their environment. The ENTP should ask themselves, “what is happening here?” and try to come to a conclusion about what they have experienced. This will form a framework in their mind which will help them spot future trends.

The ENTP should also develop their Extraverted Feeling (Fe) function. The ENTPs desire for analysis may come off as too impersonal at times. Their tertiary function of Fe really helps them to understand others emotions and how their actions and behavior may affect others. They should take some time to observe others and how they react in social situations. Take notice of how their peers words and actions affect others emotionally. This will help the ENTP to become more empathetic, as well as discover new ways to influence and inspire others.

ENTP Careers and Jobs

The ENTP tends to have a desire to be the best or most accomplished. They want to be recognized for their achievements and creativity. They usually choose an area where they can stand out and excel.

The ENTP will perform best in a role that allows them to think outside the box and be innovative. ENTPs will feel stifled in a desk job or a hierarchy where routine and consistency are demanded. ENTPs do not deal well with micromanagement either.

ENTPs should find a role where their boss or superior respects their competency, critical thinking, and leadership skills and gives them some leeway to make their own decisions.

If the ENTP is not able to find this, they may also be suitable to work for themselves. The ENTPs are natural entrepreneurs and salesmen. They enjoy being able to tackle the challenges that running a business brings them every day. If the ENTP chooses this route, they should seriously consider hiring or partnering with a more organized type to help keep them on track or deal with the daily routines that do not play to the ENTPs strengths.

Suitable ENTP Careers




Computer Programmer




Motivational Speaker


Financial Planner


Management Consultant