ENFP Growth

For the ENFP to grow, they need to develop their Introverted Feeling function. This function will develop their internal feelings and what they believe is right and wrong. This Fi will allow the ENFP to understand themselves better as well as figure out what drives and motivates them. An ENFP that ignores this function may find that they go through their life experiencing new things but never taking the time to reflect on how they affect them. The ENFP should ask themselves, “How do I feel about this?” which will help them build an internal understanding of their own beliefs and morals.

The ENFP must also develop their tertiary function of Extraverted Thinking. The ENFP uses Te to help them understand the external world logically. An ENFP with developed Te is good at organizing the external world and creating a step-by-step process that allows them to get things done. An ENFP with high Extraverted Thinking can become a good manager of people. Their outstanding people skills, combined with this organization can really inspire others and help them to get things done.

ENFP Careers and Jobs

The ENFP will do best in a career that plays to their strengths of wanting to impact the world and exploring new possibilities.

The ENFP should be in a role that aligns with their core values and allows them to inspire and motivate others. ENFPs enjoy helping others reach their full potential. They would do best in a role that allows them to accomplish this.

ENFPs should not be in a role that is very routine-oriented and demands a lot of attention to personal details. They should also avoid a job which keeps them in isolation of other people. The ENFP will come to resent a job that does not allow them to play to their creative strengths. The ENFP should not choose a career out of fear or when they are stressed. This could lead them to making the wrong career choice. Instead, the ENFP must listen to their own internal beliefs and vision for where they see themselves.

ENFPs have a great deal of passion and energy. This sheer ability to not give up on their dreams will help them to carve out a role for themselves even if one does not seem to exist at the time. The ENFP would be wise to demonstrate their passion to others which will eventually inspire someone to take a chance on them.

ENFPs are also very entrepreneurial. If the ENFP wants to build something new, they should follow their dreams. If they choose this path, its recommended that they employ or partner up with someone who is more adept at dealing with finances and routine tasks. This will allow the ENFP to play to their strengths and grow their business without stressing out about areas that are weaker for them.

Suitable ENFP Careers

Motivational Speaker


Human Resources






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