INTP Feelings & Emotions: How the INTP Handles Inner Feelings

While everyone experiences feelings and emotions in their lives, we all go through this differently. While INTPs are focused strongly on logic, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel and experience emotions just like everyone else. For the INTP these feelings are just processed and expressed much differently. While to some the INTP seems a bit cold and distant, that doesn’t mean they aren’t experience a mountain of emotions inside, ones they just don’t know how to outwardly express, or even feel comfortable doing so.

Their Emotions Are Deeply Personal

For the INTP their own inner emotions are deeply personal, and not something they can readily share with others. Even when the INTP feels something so strongly, expressing it just does not come naturally. When they do attempt to express their feelings, they often deliver them in what seems to be a rather cold and direct manner. Even if the INTP is under the impression they are being rather emotionally expressive, to others it does not seem this way at all. They just aren’t naturals when it comes to being open and expressive, since their own emotions are deeply personal.

The INTP inner emotions are something which they struggle to express in an outward manner, even if they want to. This doesn’t mean the INTP does not feel things or care about their loved ones, quite the opposite. They simply don’t find it natural to express this in more emotional ways, instead the INTP searches for different practical means of showing that they care. They devote a lot of their energy into supporting the people they love, and into solving their problems. When it comes to using feelings to express things the INTP can feel a bit strange about this. For them it can seem too fleeting and not truly show their intentions in a meaningful manner. INTPs have these rich and vivid inner worlds and so for them it is easy to get caught up inside of this sometimes. While they likely think about their loved ones often, it is something which they keep inside and don’t readily show to others.

Their Functions

INTPs use their feeling function at the very bottom of their functions stack, which is why it doesn’t show itself in the most obvious of ways. Instead their Ti (introverted thinking) is what is dominant for the INTP, making them focus more on information and on facts. They enjoy analyzing information and strive to really understand the world around them better. INTPs are also imaginative people who value being able to look at things from so many different angles. This causes them to want to make sense of everything, including feelings and emotions. This can be challenging for the INTP at times, since they cannot naturally do this. Their minds want to find ways of solving problems and of seeing things from a truly logical standpoint.

Their inferior function is their Fe (extraverted feeling), which focuses on the emotions and feelings of those around them. It does make the INTP concerned with the feelings of their loved ones, but since it is their inferior function it presents itself in much different ways. This is what often causes the INTP to try and problem solve for the people they love, finding more logical means of pleasing them. INTPs can also second guess themselves when they care for someone, always questioning their responses and searching for ways to understand them and what they are feeling. This can actually cause more stress for the INTP, since it is a difficult process for them. When they begin trying to utilize this Fe it can become draining, and the INTP might find themselves losing patience at times. They may end up needing space and time away from the people they care for, wanting to process their inner thoughts and feelings and needing this space to do so. Because they care they will often put forth this effort, but dealing with emotions can be draining for the INTP after a while, causing them to feel exhausted with social interaction and even a bit short-tempered because of it.

They Don’t Easily Understand Emotions

They keep most things inside, and don’t really feel at ease with sharing. INTPs do prefer to focus on logic, but only because they can understand it much better. For them it is easier to look at things from a factual perspective, seeing the information and finding logical ways to process it. Instead of simply focusing on the emotions they feel, the INTP often attempts to make sense of them in a logical manner. This can sometimes leave them more frustrated, since many emotions are challenging to find logical answers for. The INTP will try nonetheless, in hopes of finding useful solutions to these feelings, especially when it comes to the ones they love.

For the INTP diving into their own inner emotions and the emotions of others, can be draining and challenging. While they do feel things deeply and often care for their loved ones very much, that doesn’t make it easier for them to understand their own inner emotions. Comprehending where these feelings come from and trying to apply logical answers to them, can be a frustrating process for the INTP. They just aren’t as naturally in tune with these feelings and can become drained if they are forced to process them for too long. For the INTP it is always more natural to find logical answers to things, even if they have to think outside of the box in order to do so.

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