What Kind of Projects Are You Drawn To, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people are a bit more inclined towards projects with their hands, while others want to take on work related projects to keep themselves busy. Projects can be an important way to keep our minds focused on progression and working on things which are more rewarding. Here are some projects which each personality type might be more interested in.


INFJs are often drawn to projects which are very specific to their personal interests and obsessions. They might enjoy taking on some sort of new project alongside a person they care for and feel connected to. INFJs do enjoy creative projects more than they enjoy work related ones, probably feeling drained and bored with the projects they are obligated to. If the INFJ can take on some sort of creative project with someone they love, it can be really exciting and rewarding for them. They are often more drawn to the “nerdy” types of projects, or things relating to their deep personal interests.


ENFJs often enjoy taking on many different projects in order to keep things around them balanced. They might take on work projects in hopes of progressing and proving themselves. ENFJs might also be drawn to personal projects, things that they can to in order to keep themselves busy and constantly improving their skills. ENFJs often feel best when they are working towards something and so they might even be interested in certain craft projects. Things which can help improve their home or make their loved ones happy, are often the most appealing for the ENFJ.


INFPs don’t mind certain projects, especially ones which are tied to their own interests. INFPs can become drained when they are forced into projects which aren’t all that fulfilling for them. They want to feel like they are participating in these projects by choice, and want to have the ability to bounce around a bit and switch to different things. INFPs have a tendency to become bored of the projects they begin and want to be able to change to something else without much notice at all.


ENFPs do enjoy taking on projects, but they might become bored of them after a short time. They need to feel free to explore different projects and different options without feeling obligated. ENFPs might like a wide array of projects, some creative and some others more physical. Whether these are craft projects or something connected to their daily jobs, ENFPs do enjoy doing something they can take pride in. While they like taking on many different projects, finishing them can be the issue for the ENFP.


INTJs do often enjoy taking on projects, often intellectual ones which can help them grow and learn more. They might even enjoy work projects which help them ot advance and move forward in their position. INTJs enjoy focusing on growth and want to always be finding new ways to propel themselves ahead. Projects can help to keep the INTJ busy, especially since they have such active inner minds. For them it is rewarding to be able to find ways to expand their minds and certain projects can help them with this.


ENTJs do enjoy taking on projects, especially ones which can be useful to them in the long run. They are often more focused on work projects, or things which can help them to move forward somehow. ENTJs have many goals they want to achieve in their lives and so they often find themselves wanting to take on projects which can help them to do this. ENTJs want to continue growing so that they can become a stronger and more capable person, and so their projects often focus on these things.


INTPs love projects and being able to take on many new things and dive into new ideas. For them there are so many projects which can be interesting and so they don’t like sticking to a narrow idea of what they can explore. INTPs often enjoy taking on projects which can help them grow their minds and possible more towards some new goals. They also enjoy projects which are a bit more creative and personal, even if they don’t always share these types of projects with everyone else.


ENTPs do enjoy taking on many new projects but they aren’t always great at completing them all. They want to take on different projects so that they can bounce around when they become bored of one. ENTPs can become bored rather easily and don’t like feeling trapped into one idea or experience. For them there are so many types of projects with can be rewarding, whether they are related to work or something more creative. ENTPs want to be able to experience new things and explore different projects which might be rewarding in some ways.


ISTJs often enjoy taking on different projects, both work and personal. When it comes to work they often focus on whichever projects will help them to advance and move forward in their careers. ISTJs care about growth and want to be able to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and become more in control of their own futures. When it comes to projects at home ISTJs often enjoy things which are simple and give them time to themselves to just think and process everything on their minds.


ESTJs don’t mind taking on projects but they often focus on ones which will help them be more efficient and accomplish their goals. They don’t like wasting their time on things which won’t help them advance or progress towards the future they want. ESTJs often take on work projects to help them advance in their careers and continue to grow. As far as home projects go, ESTJs often focus on things which are more practical and need to be done.


ISFJs do sometimes take on projects which aren’t solely focused on practical needs and gettings things done. They often enjoy projects which help them focus on their creative side and even give them some times to themselves. Sometimes craft projects can be rather rewarding for the ISFJ, and gives them a sense of personal joy and achievement. ISFJs take on these projects for themselves to help them recharge, since they often focus so much on taking care of others.


ESFJs do take on projects, often with the mindset of advancing and achieving something impressive. They often take on projects which might help them move forward and build a future they can be proud of. ESFJs do also enjoy the occasional creative projects, and enjoy having this time to themselves to really recharge and enjoy something more personal. ESFJs do sometimes search for ways to make these projects lucrative though, wanting to always be thinking about ways to help their loved ones have better lives.


ISTPs do enjoy projects but they often prefer to focus on ones which are more personal. ISTPs are usually drawn to intellectual and physical projects, things which challenge their minds but allow them to work with their hands. ISTPs are often the type of people who enjoy fixing things and working on ways to problems solve to improve the way something is working.


ESTPs often enjoy taking on projects which are exciting and a bit more adventurous. They don’t like remaining stagnant and so they want to find ways to step outside of their comfort zones. ESTPs aren’t often project people, since they don’t like taking on something which obligates them to finish it. They prefer to bounce around and experience whatever excites them in the present moment, rather than focus on working towards something which will be fulfilling in the long-term.


ISFPs are often drawn to artistic and creative projects more than practical or business related ones. They don’t usually like work projects and can be drained by these types of tasks which they are obligated to deal with. ISFPs enjoy projects which help them expand their creativity and really just focus on their own inner worlds and imaginations.


ESFPs enjoy projects which can be fun and creative, often wanting to take part in them with someone they love. ESFPs don’t enjoy spending too much time on their own and often prefer taking on these projects with a person they care for. Having someone who can enjoy these creative and artistic projects with the ESFP, makes the experience far more exciting and enjoyable for them.


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