INFP Girlfriend: How to Understand Your INFP Partner

For INFPs being in a relationship is something they take seriously. It isn’t always easy to understand such a rare and unique type, but it is important to always keep trying and learning about them. For someone in a relationship with an INFP there are so many wonderful things they can bring to the people they love, but it is also important to understand their needs as well. INFPs are dreamers and so they can have their own set of expectations which take time to understand and appreciate. The INFP girlfriend is passionate and affectionate, but there is much more to her than just that.

They Want to Know You Like No One Else

As a girlfriend INFPs want to do whatever they can to understand their partner. INFPs don’t just want to feel close to the person they are with, they want to understand their soul like no one else. They want to feel a bond which goes beyond the surface, instead they want to feel like they can read the heart and soul of the person they love. It is about being able to be their partners confidant and the person they trust with everything. INFPs want to dive deeper into understanding the hopes and dreams of the person they are with, not just the things they share with everyone. This is truly important for the INFP girlfriend, especially when they want to get closer with the person they are with. This is part of what makes INFPs such amazing listeners, as they really want to hear about what their significant other is thinking and feeling. When they want to discuss their day or the things which are bothering them, the INFP girlfriend is often eager to hear about these things.

INFPs don’t always want to jump into problem solving, which makes them better listeners. Instead of trying to fix whatever is wrong, they understand that sometimes their partner just needs to vent and express their feelings. Someone who wants to always find an answer can actually make it harder to share why you are upset, and the INFP is highly aware of this. They can sit there and listen and even join in with understanding and appreciation for what their partner is going through.

They Love So Deeply

INFPs experience emotions on a deep level, but this means they love deeply as well. They care about their partner and think about them often. The INFP girlfriend wants to be there for their partner and really become wrapped up in their connections and emotions. The fact that they feel things so deeply actually makes them better partners, since they are sensitive to the needs and feelings of their partner. They do however have high hopes for the relationship, which comes from their dreamy nature. Being dreamers can make the INFP have certain expectations when it comes to romance, as they have spent so much time imagining what they want from their true love. This can be challenging at times but INFPs are willing to make compromises where they can. They just want someone who is willing to work for the relationship and who appreciates their INFP girlfriend for who they are. Having someone who doesn’t seek to change them is truly important for the INFP, as they want to be loved for who they are inside and not their accomplishments.

Criticism Is Hard

While INFPs want honesty, they struggle when it comes to criticism. The fact that they feel things so deeply makes it difficult for the INFP girlfriend to process criticism at times. They find it especially difficult when the person they are in a relationship with is criticising them. They will likely try to pretend they are fine at first, but it is difficult for them to ignore their feelings. INFPs can’t just pretend they aren’t hurt by words, although this is something which bothers them sometimes. They don’t want to be someone who is so sensitive, but it is important to realize that this does not make them weak. INFPs might feel things on a deep level, but this is what makes them amazing and caring partners. This sensitivity makes the INFPs heart big, and is part of why they are such generous people. It is also what makes them aware of who they are and helps them stand by their morals and choices. While their complex and powerful emotions are certainly a valuable part of the INFP, it also makes it hard for them to cope with criticism from their partner. It is important that the person who is with the INFP tries to deliver things in a much less critical manner, and strives to be sensitive to their feelings with the process.

Be Genuine

INFPs value honesty and sincerity in a partner, and this is one of the most important things you can give to them. Being genuine and not pretending to be something other than yourself, is truly important when it comes to pleasing your INFP girlfriend. They want to be with someone who is completely themselves and who doesn’t try to deceive them. They want someone who is completely real, and who doesn’t try and hide their deepest darkest secrets. They want to know about those inner thoughts and feelings, no matter how afraid their partner might be of them. The INFP girlfriend is someone who will always show support and love to their partner and who wants someone who is willing to stick it out even through the struggles. While the INFP girlfriend might not enjoy discord or criticism, they want someone who is capable of being sincere with them but also being sensitive with how they express things. People who are fake and always trying to appear impressive, really aren’t appealing to the INFP at all. Just being yourself and showing appreciation for your INFP girlfriend, is going to go a long way.

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