ENTP Energy Vampire & Dealing with the Energy Vampire

Being around an energy vampire can be one of the most emotionally and mentally exhausting experiences. They have a way of sucking all the air out of the room, even if they aren’t being obvious about it. Energy vampires have a way of making the situation about them, and playing the victim is their specialty. They are great at getting sympathy from others, and some people are very susceptible to this type of behavior. The more empathetic or caring someone is, the more they become a target to the energy vampire. These people take from those around them without ever giving in return, which is something that becomes very draining after a while, even for the most giving of people.

For the ENTP dealing with people can be draining, more than people often realize as they are extroverts. ENTPs might be outgoing and derive energy from surrounding themselves with ideas and people who inspire them, but that doesn’t mean they want to be around people constantly. For the ENTP it depends on the individual person, as some people can drain them with their type of energy and personality. They do enjoy being around people who inspire and excite them, and will often want to be around these times fairly often. When it comes to energy vampires, the ENTP can be rather exhausted by this type of person just like everyone else. They might even be more likely to express this frustration, especially if they get pushed too far.

ENTPs and Energy Vampires

The energy vampire which constantly seeks attention and tries to suck others into this, is going to be the worst kind for the ENTP. They become easily annoyed by people who crave attention in this way, and who demand that other people give into their whims. ENTPs don’t mind people who are charming and naturally become the center of attention, and they might even be drawn to this. But someone who constantly demands attention and drains others in the process, is definitely exhausting for the ENTP. They are often good at diverting the situation and finding ways to escape being around this type of person if they want to. ENTPs do know how to be more smooth with their exits, and can find ways of distracting the energy vampire so that they can make their escape. They often want to avoid people who make them feel this way, and search for more strategic ways of getting around them. There are times when they would rather just get away and avoid this person, and they are good at finding ways to do so my using their natural problem solving skills.

When the ENTP is forced around this person too often, they might call them out on their behavior. They aren’t always great at biting their tongues or keeping things to themselves and so it can become hard for them to refrain. This is even more likely to happen around the energy vampire types, because the ENTP is emotionally, mentally and even physically exhausted from being around them. They might snap and address their behaviors, even doing so in front of others and making the situation tense and possibly awkward. ENTPs usually don’t care about keeping the peace, especially if they feel like something needs to be called out or expressed. They are more interested in honesty and in making people aware of the situation or the things people are trying to hide.

The ENTP Energy Vampire

Any personality type can be an energy vampire, as this is something connected to the individual and not their personality type. Sometimes this comes from past traumas, or certain struggles that this person is bottling up and not dealing with properly. Their own energy batteries are drained, and so they have to find ways to build this back up again, often exhausting others in the process. The ENTP energy vampire is often good at using their minds and debating skills in order to force people into interactions. They constantly push buttons and search for ways to get what they need from people around them. They are good at dragging people into debates, ones which can last for a long time. ENTPs are good at using their charm to draw people in, but for someone who is an energy vampire this quickly becomes exhausting for everyone around them. It is often because they have certain emotions and issues they aren’t coping with, and so they don’t want to be alone where they have to focus on those feelings. Instead they take to connecting with others, but this can become exhausting as the ENTP likely tries to challenge them and is constantly testing the people in their lives.

How to Handle Them

For the ENTP the natural response is to be honest and express when someone is exhausting them, but this isn’t always the only method of dealing. It is important for them to try and be more sensitive in their approach, instead of making this person feel worse about themselves. Usually the energy vampire is not aware that they are being exhausting, and so the ENTP can benefit from expressing their need for distance in a more tactful manner. They do however, need to find a way to get away from this environment and this person, and to set boundaries so that they don’t become exhausted themselves. While they can certainly be tactful in how they express their need for space, they don’t have to drain themselves and feel weighed down by this type of energy vampire. ENTPs are often capable of setting boundaries with people, but it becomes harder with someone they care about. This can make it difficult for them to set those boundaries and distance themselves, even when that person is draining them. The ENTP will benefit from finding a way to remove the guilty when they need to take a step back, and find some sort of tangible activity to keep them busy and distracted.


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