ENTJ Energy Vampire & Dealing with the Energy Vampire

Being around an energy vampire can be one of the most emotionally and mentally exhausting experiences. They have a way of sucking all the air out of the room, even if they aren’t being obvious about it. Energy vampires have a way of making the situation about them, and playing the victim is their specialty. They are great at getting sympathy from others, and some people are very susceptible to this type of behavior. The more empathetic or caring someone is, the more they become a target to the energy vampire. These people take from those around them without ever giving in return, which is something that becomes very draining after a while, even for the most giving of people.

ENTJs definitely become drained by the energy vampire, especially someone who uses emotions to try and get attention. For them needy and overbearing people are exhausting rather quickly, even though ENTJs are extroverts. They might be outgoing and extroverted people who need to be around other people, but for them it depends on the individual. They can become exhausted by people who are naturally very draining or overly emotional. Instead they are energized by those who inspire them and who they can enjoy many different conversations with. ENTJs definitely need interactions in order to feel energized, but they become easily exhausted by energy vampires who are needy and demanding of their attention.

ENTJs and Energy Vampires

Being that ENTJs often have a larger than life presence, it can make them a target for energy vampires who just want to be close to that type of energy and personality. They can become quickly drained by this type of person, especially the energy vampire who is very emotional. Someone who tries to guilt others into feeling sorry for them or giving them attention, is not going to sit well with the ENTJ. They prefer people who can express themselves rationally, and who don’t behavior in such needy or demanding ways. This type of person is not only exhausting for the ENTJ, but can become extremely agitating for them. They can be somewhat stern and direct people, not wanting to have someone waste their time or energy. They don’t like allowing someone to use them or those around them, and so they might be harsh towards this type of person. When the ENTJ can sense that an energy vampire is siphoning the energy from them, they are rarely afraid to be direct with this person. They need to set boundaries in order to accomplish their goals and live the life they want.

Being that ENTJs are naturally direct and forward people, they don’t like beating around the bush. They can be seen as tactless sometimes since they don’t believe in holding back or focusing on inner feelings when they are trying to get something important done. If an energy vampire is making it hard for them to get things done or constantly demanding people’s attention, they won’t be afraid of letting them know. They might not notice this is happening if the energy vampire is more subtle though, and so it can take time for them to figure out how best to avoid this person or remove them from the situation. Someone who is more subtle about it can be hard to navigate since the ENTJ doesn’t want it to seem like their frustration is unfounded. They can be very analytical about the situation, trying to problem solve and figure out how to properly handle it.

The ENTJ Energy Vampire

Energy vampires are not connected to personality type, anyone can exhibit this type of behavior or sucking energy. It can often be something which happens when someone neglects their own needs for a long time and ends up needing to seek out others in order to recharge. It can also come from past trauma or inner turmoil which hasn’t been dealt with. Because of this just about anyone can become an energy vampire at one point in their life, and not everyone is consciously aware they are doing it. The ENTJ energy vampire is often demanding and questioning, constantly trying to figure people out to such a degree that it exhausts them. They ask questions and it can seem like they are always testing the people around them. This becomes quickly exhausted, as the ENTJ can also be a bit demanding with wanting affection and attention from those around them. As an energy vampire ENTJs are good at using their sense of directness and their sometimes bossy nature in order to get what they want from others, and this can become draining rather quickly. While ENTJs are always capable of being rather direct and forward when they want something, it isn’t naturally going to be draining for those around them in the way it becomes for the ENTJ who is an energy vampire.

How to Handle Them

For the ENTJ the best way to deal with the energy vampire is to set clear boundaries and not be afraid of sticking to them. They can benefit from being more tactful though, as energy vampires don’t always realize they are being this way. Simply addressing the problems but trying to be a touch more sensitive, can help ensure that they don’t come off harsh or even cruel when it isn’t necessary. They do need to set those boundaries though, as being around someone like this becomes so exhausting that it can drag people down quickly. ENTJs aren’t always great at dealing with people who drain them or who are overly emotional, as they prefer to be around people who motivate and inspire them. They are very goal-oriented people and so they aren’t afraid of removing people who don’t fit into their lives in the right way. This isn’t done to be heartless, they just don’t want to waste their own time and someone else’s time if things are simply going to fall apart down the line. Instead the ENTJ wants to be realistic and set boundaries with people who don’t properly fit into their lives and their goals.


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