Extraversion Burnout: When an Introvert Needs to Recharge

For introverts it is vital that they have time to themselves in order to recharge and feel like themselves. When the introvert is forced into too many social situations, they can find themselves becoming emotionally, mentally and even physically exhausted. Having this time alone is not just something they want, it is something they really need in order to feel energized. For the introvert self-care includes taking this time alone for themselves, even though not everyone understands this. It can be hard for introverts at times, trying to express this need for time to themselves to people who don’t really get why they need this. They need to learn how to take time for themselves and set boundaries for what they need. This is also why it is so important for them to understand themselves better, as this gives them a stronger grasp on why they need this time alone so much. Knowing ourselves and our personal needs is really vital when it comes to proper self-care and boundaries.

Signs of an Extraversion Burnout

When the introvert has been forced to socialize and interact for too long, they can start to appear rather anxious. While this is something which also drains them and causes the introvert to want to withdraw, it isn’t always something they can do easily. When they are around people for too long it can leave them feeling emotionally and mentally drained. The introvert who is experiencing this burnout is likely to appear rather anxious and on edge around people. They feel like they can’t really connect as easily, their minds wandering off when they speak. They might seem like they are giving people an attitude at times, when really they are zoning out and trying to distance themselves. The introvert becomes drained by these types of social interactions, especially when they haven’t been allowed to be alone for long periods of time. This is why certain careers can be so hard for the introvert, especially when they aren’t given enough time to themselves to recharge in between work. They can sometimes become caught up in getting things done and being focused on pleasing others, which can cause them to lose sight of this need to be alone. The introvert who is truly burnt out is going to seem really distant, and like they are anxious or constantly second guessing themselves.

Why This Burnout Occurs

For the introvert the burnout occurs because they haven’t been given a lot of time alone to recharge their internal batteries. Without being able to get this much needed space and alone time, the introvert becomes emotionally, mentally and even physically exhausted. Introverts really need a lot of time alone without constant outside distractions, just to be inside of their own thoughts and work through everything inside of their minds and hearts. The introvert really needs this time in order to recharge and feel like themselves again, or else their behavior around others starts to change. They can start to feel this way because they have spent too much time socializing or having to interact with others. While they might enjoy being around loved ones and really want to be able to please others, they require time to themselves. This can be hard for the introvert who is outgoing and who enjoys making people happy, as they can push themselves when they really shouldn’t. They might forgo their own needs in order to please the people around them, especially if they have an interactive workplace. For the introvert this is something which can often push them into this burnout, since they are neglecting something which is deeply important to them. It can be hard for some introverts who aren’t as self-aware, and don’t realize that they require this time alone. They might feel like there is something wrong with them for feeling so drained around others, and so they can try to push past this or ignore it. They neglect those needs which are so important to them, and this is something which can leave them feeling completely drained. For the introvert who isn’t aware that they are an introvert, it can be easy to go into this burnout since they aren’t capable of setting those important boundaries. It can be hard even for the introvert who is aware of those needs, since they want to make others happy but letting people know they require time to recharge is truly important for their sense of mental health and comfort.

How to Escape the Burnout

Simply put, the only way to really escape this burnout is for the introvert to recharge and distance themselves from social interaction. They need to become more comfortable setting boundaries and not be afraid of how people will react to them. It can be hard at times, especially when the introvert wants to please others and make them happy. Setting these boundaries and not being afraid to stand up for themselves, is the only real way that the introvert can recharge and escape their burnout. Instead of continuing to push themselves in ways which are exhausting and even a bit damaging to them, the introvert needs to take command of their own needs. It can be a challenging process but without a sense of self-awareness the introvert will struggle to make it clear what they need and give themselves time alone. They really need to distance themselves as much as they can, and be alone with the things that give them energy. Sometimes this means reading a book, writing down their thoughts, or even listening to music. Whatever is something which the introvert enjoys and gives them a sense of inner joy, is going to help them recharge when they are struggling.


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