Introversion Burnout: When an Extrovert Needs to Be Social

For extroverts it can be truly challenging to go without social interaction for long periods of time. They gain their energy by being around others and having rewarding interactions. Without this ability to energize themselves and recharge in the presence of friends and loved ones, the extrovert can become emotionally drained. They need to feel connections and need to be able to bounce ideas and inner thoughts off of someone they can connect with. This is something which can create a very real burnout for the extrovert, and leave them feeling a bit stifled and exhausted. For the extrovert who is experiencing this it is important to understand what they need to do in order to regain that energy and get themselves back to normal once again. This is why understanding ourselves and the little things which recharge us are so important in feeling like a more confident and self-assured version of ourselves.

Signs of an Introversion Burnout

For extroverts this burnout can cause them to appear sluggish and unhappy with their lives. They find themselves lacking a sense of motivation and don’t really feel a desire to take on their normal tasks. The things which used to excite the extrovert and make them feel a sense of joy, no longer bring that same feeling. They become drained by even the smallest of chores and find themselves just wanting to be by themselves. This seems like the opposite of what should happen, but the extrovert has likely gone into their shell. Their minds are trying to process their seclusion, and so they find themselves attempting to adjust to things. Instead this can actually make the burnout worse, but the extrovert might find it hard to go out and interact with others. They struggle to feel a sense of motivation and don’t really see the joy in being able to go out and be around their friends and loved ones anymore. This is simply because of the burnout, and isn’t what the extrovert really needs in order to feel better. The burnout can really sap the motivation from the extrovert, and make them appear rather depressed to those around them. It might seem like there is something else wrong, something deeper. This is why it is so important for extroverts to maintain a healthy social life, at least with people who energize them.

Why This Burnout Occurs

The burnout occurs when the extrovert has not been able to socialize or interact with other people. They need to be around others in order to feel like themselves, or else they become drained and emotionally exhausted after a while. For the extrovert being able to connect with other people face to face is really important and helps them to process everything going on inside of their thoughts and their emotions as well. When they have been secluded from others and cannot socialize, it creates this burnout feeling which can be deeply exhausting. It might be hard for people to understand, especially since extroverts don’t constantly need to interact with others. They can sometimes enjoy their alone time just as much as the next person, but they require a certain amount of socializing in order to feel like themselves again.

The burnout can also occur if the extrovert has only been spending time with people who are emotionally draining and have a way of sapping their energy even though they are getting a chance to socialize. Extroverts aren’t rewarded by every kind of social interaction, and each extrovert is unique. For some it is important to seek interaction from only certain kinds of people, those who actually energize them rather than drain them. This is why it is so important to dig a little deeper in understanding others and yourself, as things aren’t just as simple as a quick description. While some extroverts are energized by just about any type of social gathering, for others it can be a bit trickier. They need to be around people who make them feel heard and like they are experiencing a deeper connection. Without this type of exchange the extrovert can actually become more emotionally exhausted than they were before. This is why the burnout can sometimes be difficult to recognize, as it might be a bit confusing for those who don’t understand the specific needs of each person. For the extrovert who really needs a certain kind of interaction, being around draining people can actually send them into this burnout faster.

How to Escape the Burnout

The only way to truly escape the burnout is for the extrovert to find a way to interact with other people. It is important that they search for someone who actually energizes them, rather than people who leave them feeling more exhausted. It isn’t always easy to spot the difference, but it is important to take your time to figure this out. The people who energize you are likely to be more open and capable of actually listening when you speak. The extrovert needs a judgment free zone in order to express their thoughts and feelings, so that they don’t feel stifled. Finding the person who can provide this for you is truly important, and taking time to really connect with them is a must. When the extrovert is facing this burnout the most important step is recognizing what is happening, and pushing themselves to take that first step towards making plans with others. It can be easy to slip into being reclusive when this happens, but that is the worst possible thing to do. The extrovert needs to be aware that those first steps towards breaking free of this burnout are not going to be easy, and finding the motivation can be truly challenging. Once you do recognize what is going on, then the only answer is to find people you can interact with who truly energize you. It isn’t easy to step outside of this shell once it has been created, but once the extrovert does this they will start to really feel like themselves once again.


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