Here’s How Each Personality Type Handles Being a Business Owner

Here’s How Each Personality Type Handles Being a Business Owner

While being a leader is one thing, being a business owner has many different challenges. Here is how each personality type handles being a business owner.


INFJs don’t often enjoy having too much responsibility on their shoulders, especially if they have to manage a group of people. They can certainly handle being a business owner though, especially if they are able to handle things themselves without having to constantly interface with others. INFJs don’t enjoy bossing people around but they can have people working for them if those individuals take initiate without too much constant instruction. ENFJs often do best running their own small business, something they can manage online or at home which showcases their talents and abilities.


ENFJs are naturals when it comes to leading others, and are great at connecting with people who work for them. They are often great as business owners, because they know how to handle many different tasks at once. ENFJs can take on new challenges and will find ways to rise to the occasion without feeling overwhelmed. They can often figure out how to handle whatever business challenges arise, which makes them capable of running their own business. ENFJs are also compassionate and understanding people, which helps them to connect with their customers or the people they are working with.


INFPs really don’t enjoy taking control of others, which can make them struggle in certain business situations. INFPs can often handle being a business owner when they have a partner who they trust and rely on. INFPs are great at utilizing their creativity and can come up with new ideas to keep their business going strong. They are also great at connecting with customers and can draw from their responses. Where INFPs struggle as business owners is often keeping track of many different things and performing the monotonous tasks that it requires.


ENFPs are strong-willed people who love being able to do research and learn about new things. They often make adventurous and intelligent business owners, but they need the support of someone who is more capable of focusing on the boring tasks. ENFPs become frustrated if they have to perform too many monotonous tasks, and part of being a business owner is dealing with those things. ENFPs do well when they have someone who can assist them in those matters, and allow the ENFP to focus on the creative aspects of their business.


INTJs often make excellent business owners because they are logical and creative. They are capable of handling many different tasks, and will do the proper research in order to learn what they need to know. INTJs can manage people, even though they aren’t fans of having to interface with them constantly. They will likely enjoy being a business owner if they can handle most of their tasks independently without having to deal with others all that much. INTJs make excellent business owners because of their intuition and their ability to remember plenty of information.


ENTJs often do great at business owners because they are intuitive and capable people who are also skilled at delegating. They know how to utilize others to get things done, and are good at giving instructions. ENTJs are hardworking people who use their own intuitive and strategic skills in order to manage a task, which makes them great business owners. They often enjoy being able to handle many different tasks at once, which is why they thrive when they are in control of their own business.


INTPs aren’t people that most people deem capable of being business owners, but they are actually very skilled at this. INTPs do best when they can manage their business on their own without constant interference from others. They aren’t great at handling a large group of people in person, but will do well if they can interact via phone or email. When they have the time to process information they can actually be great bosses, and will be able to handle people who take proper initiative. INTPs are creative and intuitive people, which makes them excellent at planning for the future of their business.


ENTPs often do best owning their own business because they prefer to not have someone to answer to. Running their own business helps the ENTP utilize all of their talents and skills. Their intuition, creativity and thirst for knowledge helps the ENTP become excellent business owners. They are also skilled at communicating with people, and can use their charm to handle their employees rather well. The only thing ENTPs struggle with when owning their own business, is the mundane tasks that come along with it. They sometimes procrastinate on matters that should be handled, and might require someone who can help them.


ISTJs are hardworking people, who often do well running their own small businesses. ISTJs don’t enjoy having to control others or delegate work, so they do best when they don’t need to. With the many options online these days, ISTJs can really benefit from running their own business without having to handle giving other people the reigns. ISTJs are capable of researching and learning from what others have done in the past. Once they discover their best approach the ISTJ can implement what they learned excellently.


ESTJs learn from past methods that have already been proven successful. They do best as business owners when they can approach something that they know will do well. ESTJs will spend time researching and learning from what has been done and will implement these strategies perfectly. ESTJs can handle a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, and often enjoy being in control. They prefer to be the boss, since they aren’t fans of answering to others.


ISFJs aren’t really fans of having to handle a lot of business responsibility, since they are more interested in caring for their loved ones. ISFJs are often capable of handling their own small business, especially something that lets them be creative without jeopardizing their loved ones in any way. They aren’t the types to focus solely on work, but they certainly are hardworking. ISFJs simply want to find a healthy balance between all of the aspects in their lives.


ESFJs are surprisingly good at managing many different tasks, and their compassion makes them likable bosses. They might not enjoy handling too much pressure, since they do want to ensure the happiness of their loved ones. As long as the ESFJ can juggle their business along with taking care of their loved ones, then they will enjoy being a business owner. They are skilled at keeping things organized and connecting with their customers, they just might struggle with the more strategic planning aspects of running a business. Thankfully ESFJs are capable of enlisting the help of people who can assist them in their tasks.


ISTPs aren’t often seen as business owners, because it ties them down far too much. They enjoy being able to experience new things with a sense of freedom. Running a business often leads to being responsible for other people and their actions, which isn’t very appealing for the ISTP. If they can run some sort of business that doesn’t require controlling or managing others, they can succeed. For the most part ISTPs are more interested in having a lifestyle with as little strings attached as possible.


ESTPs aren’t really seen as business owners, simply because they live so much in the moment. ESTPs who own their own business require someone to assist on keeping them in check. ESTPs can take major risks, which sometimes are beneficial but others times receive a lot of collateral damage. As business owners they can be reckless and might need someone who is responsible and can keep control of things. ESTPs are hardworking and focused, they simply don’t play by the rules which can get them into trouble.


ISFPs aren’t really fans of having to operate or own a business, especially if it requires a lot of boring task work. ISFPs can handle a smaller business which only requires creativity and imagination from them. They do well when it comes to online business that they can operate through websites, without having to handle a lot of the leg work. ISFPs just aren’t fans of anything that makes them feel stuck in one place for too long.


ESFPs aren’t always seen as great business owners, because they are led by their emotions. They let their heart tell them where to go in life, and can be a bit reckless at times. They need someone who can direct them, and be their partner when they are running the more serious day to day tasks. ESFPs are capable of handling the creative side of a business, and are often excellent party planners. If they have someone at their side to help them then they can definitely provide a lot for a business.

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