What the College Experience is Like for Each Personality Type

For some the typical college experience is something rewarding and necessarily, for others there is more of a drawing towards knowledge and getting valuable degree. Everyone has different experiences and hopes for something different out of college. Here is what the college experience is like for each personality type.


INFJs might stress about entering into the college life at first, constantly analyzing what might happen or the mistakes they might make. They often get themselves worked up about what the college experience will be like for them, but ultimately it can be enjoyable. INFJs enjoy learning and researching and so being able to really grow their minds will be deeply rewarding for the INFJ. The college experience for the INFJ should be a well-rounded one, where they experience interacting when they can but also maintain focus on their schoolwork which is truly important for the INFJ. Being able to socialize and get to know new people can help pull them out of their comfort zone, even if it feels unnerving at times.


ENFJs take their college experience very seriously, and often want to experience the different layers of it. They want to be able to enjoy the social aspects as well as the absorption of knowledge. ENFJs want to be able to take it all in and really live the full college experience. They want to be liked by their peers and find a place where they can connect and fit in perfectly. They also care about learning and being able to acquire a degree which will better their futures. The ENFJs college experience is often something they value but they do take it very seriously.


For INFPs the college experience depends on what they are going to school for and why they decide to attend in the first place. If the INFP does not feel passionate or inspired by their choice of degree, then it can be difficult for them to maintain this. They struggle when they are trying to do something simply to fulfil certain expectations or to be like everyone else, and they might even have a hard time finishing college in this situation. If they do figure out something they are passionate about then the INFP will be able to fulfil their college experience happily.


When the ENFP is younger they might struggle to really fulfil their college experience, feeling as if it is an obligation. If they are pushing into attending without a strong idea of what they really want to do with their lives, the ENFP might feel a bit lost. The college experience can be a rewarded one for ENFPs, but they might not always be inclined to really dive into it. They do enjoy learning and being able to get to know people, so college is a place which can be really exciting for the ENFP, but it has to be on their terms not because someone is forcing it upon them.


For INTJs the college experience is an important one, since they crave being able to learn and absorb knowledge. For them college definitely is about learning and being able uncover as much information as possible. They also believe in gaining a useful degree so that they can better their future. INTJs might want to experience other aspects of college just to see what it is like, but ultimately they are there to learn and to gain the degree which will help them advance.


For ENTJs the college experience is often about advancing towards the career and life they want, but they also enjoy diving into other aspects of college. ENTJs are competitive people but they are also outgoing and social, and so they enjoy finding a place where they can fit in. They will take the time to fit in and be a valued member of their college group, wanting to be someone who is liked and respected. They certainly believe that their schoolwork and being efficient is most important, but ENTJs know how to balance what matters.


INTPs might want to fulfill the college experience completely, but at the same time it can be difficult for them. They might want to force themselves to socialize and really get into the typical college atmosphere, even if this feels a bit draining and overwhelming for them. INTPs enjoy being able to learn and move forward, but college might feel lackluster to them at times. They will lose interest if they are not in a school which challenges them and gives them a chance to really utilize their talents.


For the ENTP college can be an enjoyable experience, and they can often do this with ease. They are naturals when it comes to adjusting to a new environment, and they often like being able to challenge themselves. ENTPs are likely to bounce from diving into the knowledge and learning, to expanding their social horizons. They enjoy being able to keep their options open, and so they often savor this aspect of college and enjoy being able to change their minds without much judgement.


For ISTJs the college experience is often something rewarding and also practical. They focus on working towards a career they want and believe in being responsible and focused. This doesn’t mean ISTJs won’t search for a more typical side of the college experience, and might enjoy making friends and joining on on blowing off a bit of steam. ISTJs just want to be sure they get things done before they take time to relax and have fun.


ESTJs often value college and being able to fit in and work towards their future. For them college is an important stepping stone towards the life they want and the goals they desire to achieve. ESTJs often search for the academic aspect of college, but they also believe in fitting into the social aspects as well. ESTJs can often have a great time in college, making friends and workings towards what they want.


ISFJs do often fit nicely into college, knowing how to make friends and also get good grades. For them it is important part of their lives and working towards the future they want. ISFJs are driven people who are good at getting things done and strive to be responsible. For them college is definitely important, especially if the people around them imply that it is important.


ESFJs definitely care about fitting into college and can often find the experience to be natural for them. They enjoy being able to dive into it and really figure out how to best navigate it. For ESFJs it is about balancing their grades and making friends, and they are often good at doing this. They care about doing well in school, especially if their family has pressured them to succeed and earn a useful degree.


ISTPs often dive into the college experience and want to really immerse themselves in it. For them it can become boring to attend classes within a schedule though, even though ISTPs are often rather intelligent people. For them the monotony can be draining and they prefer to experience things which challenge and excite them. They will enjoy the college experience more if they can do something which helps them grow.


ESTPs enjoy being able to experience new things and so college can be rewarding for them. ESTPs might become bored with college when they are younger though, since they might not be sure what they want to do with their lives. They might be more successful as they get older, and are often great at handling their classes very well. When they are younger they might become more focused the social side of college, keeping them from really caring much about school itself.


ISFPs might enjoy college but it can be a bit unnerving for them at first. It can feel overwhelming to dive into this new experience without really feeling inspired by the situation. If they aren’t sure what they want to do in life and which career they want to pursue, then it might be difficult for them to really enjoy the experience itself. ISFPs can become bored when they aren’t doing something they are passionate about, and so college can be a bit draining if this is the case.


ESFPs are outgoing people who might be truly excited to attend college and experience something new. Being able to dive into this new experience and get to know people around them, is often fun for the ESFP. They are social people and are great at connecting with those around them and this is often a big part of their college experience.


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