ENTJ Soulmate & Best Match: How to Find Your Ideal Match

ENTJs are very direct people who go after the things they want. For them setting goals and working towards them is very important, but in order to accomplish these tasks they have to be focused on proven methods and efficiency. When it comes to believe in more romantic ideas such as the existence of soulmates, it can be a different kind of struggle for the ENTJ. That doesn’t mean they are incapable of romance or falling in love, and so it is often more complex than it appears on the surface.

What a Soulmate Means to the ENTJ

Some ENTJs might reject the idea of a soulmate in the typical definition of the word, since they believe in things such as compatibility and commitment. They might not be as drawn to romanticised ideals, especially if it can cause them to lose sight of what really matters to them. This doesn’t mean ENTJs don’t care about finding love and someone to share their lives with, quite the opposite actually. Many ENTJs sincerely want to find the right partner they can be happy with and truly make a commitment to forever. They take their commitments seriously and ENTJs are actually surprisingly capable of having a romantic side to them.

Just because many ENTJs don’t believe in soulmates, doesn’t mean this is the case for all of them. There are plenty of ENTJs who believe in soulmates, they just won’t hold the same idea about what this means. Their definition of a soulmate is likely someone who they can share themselves with, someone who understands them and won’t betray them. A person who makes them feel complete in a lot of ways, and who sees the absolute best in them no matter what. ENTJs might not necessarily believe in the idea of only having one soulmate or potential match, but that doesn’t mean they completely reject soulmates and their existence.

Reason Over Romance

ENTJs are logical people who believe in looking at the facts of a situation, more than romanticising some sort of preconceived idea. ENTJs prefer to focus on doing things the right way and being as efficient as possible. When it comes to achieving their goals they often try to be more logical about their choices, even when it comes to love. When the ENTJ develops an interest in someone they often start to focus on researching and learning about that individual. They even strive to uncover how compatible they might be and if they will have a solid future together. Even when it comes to matters of the heart, the ENTJ can be a bit logical and practical about these choices. This can make them seem to be unromantic people, but that isn’t entirely the truth. ENTJs do favor reason over romance, but that does not make them incapable of feeling things just as deeply as everyone else. When the ENTJ does fall for someone this touches them deeply and they often want to find whatever means possible of making this relationship work.

ENTJs are also capable of grand romantic gestures, more than most people realize or get to see. They know how to go above and beyond to make someone happy and make them feel truly special. This is because the ENTJ spends time listening and researching this person, which helps give them a more specific understanding of what they might want or be drawn to.

ENTJs Do Best When They Trust Their Instincts

ENTJs can be so focused on facts that sometimes they forget to trust in their own instincts. ENTJs are capable of getting a sense about things with their intuition, but sometimes they favor facts and details over this. When it comes to finding their ideal match sometimes they need to let go of the details and try to trust in these feelings that they get. They also need to allow themselves to be more vulnerable, and not always strive for perfection.

ENTJs can certainly be perfectionists and this makes it difficult for them to let their guard down. They don’t always feel comfortable exposing their inner feelings to people, and might be hesitant when it comes to love because of it. The ENTJ might struggle with really sharing their feelings towards someone in an expressive manner, and might even try to replace those emotions with more logical thoughts. This can make it challenging for them to open up to someone who might just be their ideal match.

What They Need

ENTJs really need someone who has a strong sense of independence and self-confidence. They thrive with a partner who inspires them to grow in ways they normally wouldn’t. ENTJs are very focused on pushing forward and achieving their goals and so they do well with someone who shares similar ideals but who also has their own goals and desires. Having a partner who enjoy being together but who also has their own things which matter to them, is something which actually makes the ENTJ truly inspired. 

ENTJs need someone who is strong and confident, but also someone who has a soft side. A partner who can bring out the warmth inside of them, and who is understanding of whatever they are feeling. ENTJs don’t do well when they experience judgement from their partner, which is why they might have a tendency to keep things inside. When they open up they need a partner who is capable of being compassionate and of not judging whatever weaknesses they might be exposing. The ENTJ needs to feel like this person believes in them no matter what, even when they show parts of themselves that most people don’t get to see. While they need someone who helps them grow, the ENTJ also needs a partner who makes them feel safe and at home in their presence.

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