Why You Have Trust Issues According To Your Personality Type

Many people have issues with trust, they might be afraid because they have been hurt before. Here is why you probably have trust issues according to your personality type.


An INFJ will likely have trust issues because they have seen the darkness in the world around them. They are acutely aware that the world is not always a beautiful place, and are often pained by this fact. They intuitively see the good and the bad in everyone around them. INFJs have often been hurt by others, because of their warm and caring hearts. It takes them a lot to open up to people, because they are afraid that they will not accept them for who they are. They are both strong and tender individuals, who feel very deeply. INFJs do not trust easily, because they are such caring people and they know that the pain of heartbreak is sometimes overwhelming.


ENFJs are often very caring people, who will give openly to others. They are warm-hearted and do whatever they can to help the people around them. They will often have trust issues because they have opened themselves up to people and been misused. ENFJs give so much to people, and oftentimes this can go completely unnoticed. When people do not appreciate the ENFJs efforts, they will eventually build up walls to prevent themselves from getting hurt in the future. They might even shut certain people out who have hurt them, but will not stop being the caring person that they are.


INTPs have very tender hearts and care about the people around them. The fact that they feel things very deeply is what will cause them to have trust issues. INFPs may be afraid to trust people, before they have even experienced being hurt by someone. They are smart people and are aware that there is plenty of darkness in the world. They will often guard themselves for a while, before deciding if they can trust someone. Ultimately they are open individuals, and will end up exposing their true selves to the people they believe are worthy. It is easy for them to get taken advantage of because they are such caring people, but they will only take this for so long before walking away from the situation.


ENFPs are extremely open individuals, who give themselves completely to the people they care for. This openness can often get them hurt easily by others, which will be the main reason why they have trust issues. They have openly trusted people that they thought were worthy, simply because they saw the potential in that person. ENFPs who have been hurt multiple times because of their warm hearts- this will often cause them to have trust issues. It often will not change their adventurous and open nature, but might make them a bit more hesitant the next time. They cannot stop themselves from caring, or from falling in love, but it will cause them to be more afraid the next time.


INTPs often have trust issues because they are extremely logical people. Statistically they realize that it is likely that someone is going to hurt them, or attempt to go against them. INTPs will often analyze a situation before moving forward, which is exactly what they do with people. They will take the time to assess whether or not that person appears trustworthy. They learn from the past, and have often been hurt or taken advantage by someone before. This causes the INTP to attempt to protect themselves from this in the future. They will analyze a person before allowing themselves to trust them, and hope to figure out if they are worthy.


ENTPs are intelligent people, who analyze others before trusting them completely. They have often encountered plenty of shady individuals, and do not want to let people like that into their lives. ENTPs have trust issues because they have witnessed plenty of people around them getting used and hurt by others. They will often go by their intuition when it comes to giving in and trusting someone. ENTPs naturally know who is worth trusting and relying on, and because of this they only let in the most reliable individuals.


INTJs are naturally guarded individuals, simply because they do not believe most people deserve to know things about them. Their trust issues often come from an awareness of others and a realization that people will take advantage if you let them. INTJs refuse to walk into something unprepared, and will always do their proper research beforehand. They know that people can be shady, so the INTJ will often take time to understand their intentions before trusting them. When an INTJ lets someone into their life, it means a lot since they do not trust easily.


ENTJs often have trust issues because they are rather guarded individuals. They do not want someone to get in the way of their goals, especially since they work very hard to accomplish them. ENTJs are focused individuals, they push themselves to get things done and keep moving forward in life. They know that trusting the wrong people could hold them back, and are very intelligent individuals. They will often take the time to analyze someone before letting them into their lives. ENTJs are often more focused on building their careers than they are their relationships- unless they find someone worth trusting.


ISTJs are very guarded people, who are also very hard-working. There will often be situations where people take advantage of their hard work and do not appreciate them. This lack of appreciation will cause the ISTJ to have issues trusting others. Their constant desire to provide for their loved ones is something that they want people to notice. If this goes unappreciated for too long it will definitely cause the ISTJ to have future trust issues.


ESTJs have often been hurt by those around them, simply because they give a lot to the people they love. ESTJs will often work very hard to provide for people, and are always trying to do their best in the workplace and at home. This need to provide is often taken advantage of, which causes the ESTJ to have trouble trusting people in the future. They are good at learning from their mistakes though, and will usually adjust in order to find people worthy of their trust.


ISFJs are very caring people and because of this they can be taken advantage of. Oftentimes they will give so much to others, since they truly just want to make people happy. This can cause the ISFJ to become hurt by people who do not appreciate their efforts. When they feel like they have been hurt one too many times, the ISFJ will become hesitant to trust. This will cause them to be afraid that more people will abuse them and their warm hearts.


ESFJs are very giving people and will spend a lot of their energy helping others. They want to make their loved ones happy, but sometimes they end up trusting the wrong people. The fact that ESFJs are so caring and giving, will often draw in people who want to take advantage of that warmth. After being hurt too many times this will cause an ESFJ to become afraid and have trust issues. Being taken advantage of is definitely the main reason that an ESFJ will have trouble trusting again.


ISTPs are very guarded individuals, who enjoy living their lives in solitude most of the time. They don’t trust most people simply because they are naturally skeptical. They have an understanding that people can often make rash decisions that hurt those around them. ISTPs simply do not let people into their lives unless they believe they are completely worth it. They are consciously aware that even the best people can hurt you, which makes them hesitant to trust anyone.


ESTPs have often been taken advantage of by the people in their lives, which causes them to have trust issues. They are afraid that people will abandon them because of their constant need to live in the moment and make life exciting. ESTPs won’t let this fear hold them back though, even if they are concerned that people might hurt them again. They are strong people, who live their life by their own rules.


ISFPs are very warm and caring people, who enjoy spending plenty of time alone. They often are hesitant to let people in, since they have experienced being hurt before. ISFPs are unique and different from most individuals, this causes them to become judged from time to time. The fact that they have felt this judgment in the past is what causes them to be afraid in the future.


ESFPs are very fun and caring people, who enjoy living life in the moment. They usually do not have trouble trusting people, since they do not dwell on the past. It would take an ESFP being extremely hurt for them to struggle with trusting in the future. They take everything on a case by case basis, and understand that not everyone is the same. They prefer to enjoy life and have fun, instead of holding onto the past.

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