Here’s How Good You Are at Problem Solving, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Good You Are at Problem Solving, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are natural problem solvers, others might struggle with analytical thoughts. Here is how good each personality type actually is at problem solving.


INFJs are very intuitive people, which helps them understand how to properly solve problems. They have a skill for picking up on everything around them, which helps them predict future outcomes. Their ability to foretell what is going to happen, helps the INFJ find ways to solve problems. They are actually much more analytical than people realize, and enjoy being able to process and understand information. INFJs can sometimes struggle when it comes to solving their own emotionally charged problems, since they have a hard time tending to their own feelings. When it comes to the emotional needs of others though, INFJs are naturally very skill at helping people out of their struggles.


ENFJs are very intuitive people, who are strongly connected to the emotions of others. They have a natural sense of their surroundings, and will subconsciously process information over time. This helps the ENFJ come up with conclusions about what will likely occur in the future, and helps them to better navigate things. They are actually great problem solvers, and can find ways around many different struggles. They can think rather quickly on their feet, especially with their main goal being the care of other people. ENFJs are more in touch with other people’s emotions though, and might struggle to solve their own emotional dilemmas because of this.


INFPs are intuitive and moral people, who have extremely intricate and imaginative inner minds. They enjoy spending hours just running through different thoughts and emotions. INFPs do work to be good problem solvers, and will spend hours thinking things over. They are more emotionally charged people though, so they often solve problems in different ways than some people. They aren’t as likely to approach something with logic, since INFPs value their morals much more. They are capable of logical reasoning, they just don’t believe it is as important as following their hearts and doing what is right.


ENFPs do have excellent problem solving skills, especially for things they understand really well. ENFPs often have a lot of surprising talents, and will be able to use their creativity as a way to solve problems. When the ENFP puts their mind to something, they can come up with imaginative ideas. They possess an incredible sense of ingenuity, especially when it comes to things they are passionate about.  ENFPs prefer to make a lot of decisions based on their emotions and their desire for exploration, but they are capable of problem solving.


INTJs are incredible problem solvers, and have a natural ability for figuring things out. INTJs actually enjoy looking at the information in front of them and finding the best possible plan to approach a problem. They love being able to use their incredible minds as a way of concocting the perfect plan. INTJs are great problem solvers because they will gather as much information as possible, and use their inner minds to process the best and most logical solution. They are also rather intuitive people, and have a knack for processing a lot of information, where other people will miss things.


ENTJs are logical people, who enjoy analyzing and coming up with efficient plans for the future. They are naturally skilled at problem solving, and know how to concoct incredible solutions to their problems. ENTJs will utilize every possible skill and piece of information in order to piece things together. They actually enjoy analyzing and strategic planning as a means of figuring out how to solve problems. ENTJs are capable of solving their own problems, as well as the problems that other people are facing. This makes them excellent business leaders, since they know which direction to head in. ENTJs only struggle when it comes to solving emotional problems, since they feel little importance in them.


INTPs are truly amazing problem solvers, since they have such rich and intuitive minds. They have an ability to process loads of information at once, and will sort it through their internal thinking process. They can utilize their own logical thought processes, as a way to figure out which information is useful and which information is a bit shifty. INTPs are amazing at discovering the truth, and will be very capable of putting together an excellent plan for the future. They are skilled at helping people find the best path to take in order to achieve their goals. INTPs can do this for themselves, but they sometimes overthink things until they come up with reasons to step back. This can cause stagnancy in their lives, and force them into inaction.


ENTPs are excellent problem solvers, and actually enjoy having things to figure out and analyze. They will search out new ideas and problems to solve, since they enjoy being able to push themselves. ENTPs love growth and will constantly be seeking out new challenges in order to learn more about their own abilities. They also love to debate, since it helps them discover new things and better ways to problem solve. Their logical and creative minds help the ENTP sift through information and figure out the best possible course of action.


ISTJs are logical and practical people, who prefer to be efficient and work hard in life. Their desire to get things done properly, makes them skilled at problem solving. They prefer to gather information beforehand and have plenty of time to analyze and understand it. They are researchers, who are capable of learning a large amount of facts at once. ISTJs simply don’t like being thrown into new situations without having time to do proper research. They like to problem solve, but they prefer to have time and space to do this.


ESTJs are practical people, who push themselves very hard in order to get things done. They value efficiency above everything else, and utilize their logical minds to problem solve. ESTJs are researchers who spend their energy trying to understand things as best they can. They are hardworking people, who don’t stop until the job is done to their rather high standards. They are skilled problem solvers, especially when they have plenty of time to research and understand a subject. Where ESTJs struggle is when they are thrown into something new without the ability to research and learn about it beforehand.


ISFJs are loving and warm people, who strive to care for their loved ones. They often have a hard time with problem solving, since they prefer to focus on the emotional and practical needs of others. ISFJs can definitely problem solve when it comes to their day to day lives, but struggle with more intense analytical ideas. They simply prioritize the needs of their loved ones, and want to do what they can to tend to them. ISFJs don’t want to spend their energy thinking about how to solve larger scale problems, and simply want to focus on what they can do for those around them.


ESFJs are caring and giving people, who focus mostly on the needs of others. They are actually decent problem solvers, since they are constantly trying to take care of the needs of everyone else. ESFJs can solve the emotional problems of their loved ones, and will try hard to ensure that they are taken care of. They also need to think on their feet oftentimes, in order to make sure that the people they love are happy and protected. ESFJs can sometimes struggle when it comes to solving their own problems though, and will neglect their personal needs.


ISTPs are very analytical people, which makes them skilled problem solvers. They enjoy being able to look at different puzzles in front of them, and are skilled at working with their hands and minds to do so. ISTPs love solving problems, and enjoy taking on new challenges. They have minds that can run through different ideas and process them in order to find perfect solutions. They can often think on their feet, and just need their own space to figure things out.


ESTPs are logical people, who can process many facts and pieces of information all at once. They enjoy spending hours researching and learning new things, and can retain many facts for a long time. This helps ESTPs become skilled problem solvers, which helps them get out of negative situations. They are reckless people, which sometimes gets them into trouble. Thankfully ESTPs are great at finding ways out of their struggles, since they are talented problem solvers.


ISFPs are caring and emotionally charged people, who believe in following their hearts. They have very strong inner morals, and because of this they strive to do what is right. They can struggle when it comes to problem solving, since they prefer to live in the present moment. They simply want to live their lives in the present moment, and want to experience the beauty in the world around them. ISFPs also want to connect with their loved ones more than they desire to solve practical problems.


ESFPs are fun and adventurous people, who strive to live in the moment and enjoy their lives. They don’t have much desire for problem solving, since they prefer to focus on more positive things. ESFPs can sometimes neglect their responsibilities, since they dislike being stressed. They often need to enlist the help of their loved ones in order to get things done that they might have trouble with. ESFPs simply don’t enjoy dealing with stressful problems, and prefer to focus on things that make them happy.

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