ESFJ Fe-Ne Loop: What It Means and How to Break Free

For the extroverted personality types, going into their loop means they turn to their extraverted functions. This isn’t immediately a bad or negative thing, and sometimes it occurs under stress as a means of helping the person navigate whatever challenges they are facing. At first it can cause them to turn towards parts of themselves they normally would not, applying pressure to a function which isn’t as natural or strong for them. It can help the individual figure some things out they are struggling with, but if this goes on for too long it can certainly become unhealthy for them. When they get in this loop for long periods of time, they definitely need a means of breaking free before it applies too much stress to their weaker functions and leaves them feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted.

The Fe-Ne loop causes the ESFJ to rely only on their extraverted functions, neglecting their introverted ones entirely. Ordinarily the ESFJ also relies quite a bit on their auxiliary function, which is their introverted sensing. This helps them to compare the information they absorb to things which have happened in the past, and helps the ESFJ make more practical choices based on this. When they are in their loop they neglect this function entirely and become hyper focused on pleasing everyone in ways which are no longer realistic or practical. The ESFJ loses sight of the things which normally ground them and helps them to focus on what they are capable of getting done in a reasonable manner.

ESFJ Typically Rely On Introverted Sensing

When the ESFJ is not in their loop they rely heavily on their extraverted feeling and introverted sensing functions. They utilize their dominant extraverted feeling as their go-to when it comes to processing the world, but their auxiliary function is also very important for them. They need to utilize this function to help the ESFJ manage things in a practical way. This is what grounds them and helps them be rather realistic people who are capable of setting goals and accomplishing them. They use this introverted sensing to focus on past situations, and compare this information with the present as well. When they do this they can see patterns and things which have helped them achieve their goals in the past. ESFJs become rather focused on habits and patterns, but when used correctly this is very useful for them. They combine this Si with their dominant function and it helps them to figure out what they can reasonably manage. ESFJs care about helping people, and will want to do whatever they can to please those around them. Without the use of their introverted sensing function they can struggle to really find ways to manage this need to please. This helps the ESFJ see where they can expend energy, and where they might be trying to take on too many things at once.

The Fe-Ne Loop in ESFJs

When the ESFJ is in their loop they become focused on their extraverted functions. The ESFJ relies only on their extraverted feeling and extraverted intuition, and this makes them behave differently than normal. Instead of knowing where they can afford to help, the ESFJ starts to stretch themselves way too thin. They see all of the possibilities and ways they can serve and please others, and find themselves wanting to take on everything at once. The ESFJ no longer sees things in a fully rational manner, instead they just see ways in which they want to make their loved ones happy. They will go above and beyond in order to please everyone around them, causing themselves to feel overwhelmed. The ESFJ can start to see how they need to push themselves in order to please everyone, or else things might go wrong and they might disappoint these people. They become hyper-aware of what everyone wants and will even try to see into future ways to make them happy. They can see these possibilities in both positive and negative ways, and this causes the ESFJ to stretch themselves way too thin. They will take on large projects and struggle to turn anyone down when they are asking for help. The ESFJ becomes overwhelmed after a while, taking on so many things and struggling to manage them properly. They will definitely push themselves and be capable of maintaining this for a while, as ESFJ don’t like feeling as if they have failed anyone around them. They want to be able to make others happy, and in this loop they find themselves imagining so many different possible ways they can do this and become the perfect friend, partner, and family member.

How to Escape the ESFJ Loop

The best way for the ESFJ to escape their Fe-Ne loop is to focus on their auxiliary function. The introverted functions are what the ESFJ needs in order to get back to normal, but their auxiliary function is the best one to turn to. The ESFJ needs to start focusing on old habits and things which would normally bring them a sense of comfort and understanding. Instead of taking on too many things, they can remember the things which they were most efficient at and turn to those actions instead. The ESFJ needs to become practical once again, instead of focusing so much on possibilities and pleasing everyone around them in over the top ways. The more they turn to this function and focus on past methods and things they are comfortable with, the more they can turn back to what is natural for them. While the loops can sometimes serve a purpose and often comes out under times of stress, the ESFJ cannot rely on this for too long a period of time. If they are stuck in this loop for too long it can cause them to become overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted.