Here’s What Kind of Connection You Crave, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone needs some kind of connection, but we all have our own unique desires. Here is what kind of connection you crave, based on your personality type.



For the INFJ the most important connection is the soul connection, where they feel truly intertwined with someone. When they want to be close with someone they are often looking for a connection that is deep and truly meaningful. They want to feel like their souls are truly bonded with one another on a very deep level. They believe in finding ways to understand one another, and love one another unconditionally. INFJs crave these type of connections, even though it is challenging for them to open up enough to find it.


ENFJs crave a connection that is deep and truly lasting, and one that makes them feel alive. They want to feel bonded and connected to the ones they love. The ENFJ values connections that help them feel like they are understood by others in a way that is truly hard for them to find. They also crave connections that are likely to last forever, with a sense of commitment that can’t just be thrown away. ENFJs crave connections that help them truly learn about others and feel valued by them.


INFPs crave soul connections, where they can feel truly bonded to their loved ones. For the INFP it is important to find people who understand them and make them feel truly alive. They want connections like this more than anything else, and often search for it but might struggle to find it. They don’t want to simply settle for shallow connections, instead they want ones that are sincere and truthfully profound.


ENFPs often crave connections that make them feel alive and give them a spark of passion and excitement. They want to feel inspired by these bonds, and believe in finding someone who understands them on a deeper level. They are often searching for a soul connection, one where they feel like they can open up to and share their life with this other person. ENFPs are often actively searching for someone who understands them on a deeper level, and who they feel meant to be with.



INTJs crave an intellectual and truly deep connection, although this can feel difficult to find. They want to find someone they feel understands them, and can also keep up with them. They are most excited by a bond that involves their inner minds and is shared with someone who is intelligent and inspiring. INTJs enjoy being around people who can spark other sides of them, and who is capable of challenging their mind in a way that is surprising and amazing.


ENTJs crave a committed and intellectual connection with someone who understands them. They don’t want to make shallow connections that are unlikely to last, instead they are searching for something that can withstand the test of time. ENTJs want to make connections that help inspire their minds and their souls. They want to feel challenged by someone and are often searching for a connection that builds them up and helps them reach their goals.


INTPs crave connections of many different kinds, both intellectual and soul connections. They are often searching for someone who inspires them and makes them feel alive. INTPs might not be obvious about what they are searching for, but deep down they want to feel close to and understand by someone. INTPs enjoy connections that inspire them and make them feel truly alive and present. They want someone who can see into their soul and who appreciates who they are.


ENTPs crave a passionate soul connection with someone who challenges and inspires them. They enjoy having someone who can push them and keep them guessing, instead of hold them back. ENTPs crave a connection with someone who is intense and passionate, and often keeps them on their toes. They value the type of bond that helps them feel understood and appreciated for who they are, but also helps them feel charged and ready to take on something new.



ISTJs often crave connections with people who understand them, and appreciate them. They want to be with people who see them for who they are, and who give them room to be themselves. They want a judgement free connection, where they can truly share themselves with one another. ISTJs crave committed connections as well, ones that they know can last forever instead of simply lasting a short time.


ESTJs crave a connection of commitment and complete understanding. They value being with someone who commits to them, and who will be by their side no matter what. These types of connections are important to the ESTJ, and makes them feel like they are truly loved. They don’t want shallow or fleeting connections, and often feel like they are pointless. For the ESTJ the best type of connection is the one that will last forever.


ISFJs often crave a connection of understanding more than anything else. They value being with people who love one another and who have patience. They crave a harmonious connection, where they can give and receive love without it being overwhelming. ISFJs don’t need intensity, they just want to connect with people in a way that builds them up and makes them feel valued and truly loved.


ESFJs often crave a soul connection, where they can feel loved and understood completely. They want to be around people who understand who they are, and appreciate the love they give. ESFJs crave a connection with someone on a deeper level, where they can spend hours just talking and bonding with one another. ESFJs crave a connection that is meaningful and committed, and want to feel like they have something that will last.



ISTPs crave connections based on passion and understanding. They want to be with someone who inspires them but who also knows how to let them be at the same time. ISTPs crave connections of the soul and the mind, wanting to feel truly important to the person they are with. ISTPs might not be the most emotionally open people, but they do crave connections of meaning.


ESTPs crave passionate and inspiring connections, and simply want to be with someone who makes them feel alive. They don’t like feeling stuck in one place, and want to be with people who inspire them to be themselves and enjoy the present moment. ESTPs don’t want to feel bored by the people in their lives, and are happiest finding connections that excite them.


ISFPs crave soul connections, and are searching for someone who makes them feel truly understood. They want to find a bond that helps inspire them, but also that completes them in a way. ISFPs can have a hard time settling down because they are often searching for the right person, and don’t want to simply settle for something less.


ESFPs rave a passionate connection with someone who understands and inspires them. They want excitement and intrigue, but at the same time they want someone who loves them unconditionally. ESFPs often crave a connection with someone who is capable of keeping them on their toes, but who isn’t afraid to take chances with them.


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