Here’s How Savage You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

Let’s face it certain terms have their time to be in the spotlight, and currently the idea of calling someone savage is relatively popular. Basically it represents someone who can be vicious in their wording without even noticing or really caring all that much. So here is how savage you can be, based on your personality type.



INFJs definitely aren’t the savage types, and prefer to avoid hurting people. They often keep some of their darker thoughts to themselves, since the inside of their mind can be a bit harsher with certain things. They have such a strong sense of other people’s emotions and they don’t want their actions to harm anyone. INFJs try to avoid being savage most of the time, although they have moments where this side of them comes out. They can often express some more savage thoughts when they are in the company of someone they trust to keep their words a secret. INFJs aren’t as innocent as they seem, they just don’t like hurting people.


ENFJs aren’t often savage, simply because they care about the feelings of others. They don’t want their actions or their words to negatively impact someone. ENFJs can intuitively sense the emotions of others, and they can feel when someone is in pain. They don’t want to cause any type of sadness or hurt, so they avoid doing or saying things that will harm. While ENFJs try to avoid being savage people, there are times when this side of them does come out. It is often when the ENFJ is in their shadow, and this happens in times of extreme stress. The normally kind ENFJ can be direct and sometimes their sense of humor comes out in a rather savage manner.


INFPs aren’t savage people, and don’t enjoy causing harm to others. INFPs try to keep many of their thoughts to themselves, and in most situations they do want to be sensitive to those around them. INFPs aren’t the types to tear into a situation with guns blazing, nor are they interested in trolling people in a negative way. INFPs are rarely savage, but they do have times when their words can truly cut. When they feel justly angry towards someone, the INFP can unload a mountain of things that are certainly savage.


ENFPs are often seen as bubbly and kind people, but they do have the potential to be savage at times. ENFPs have a rather out there sense of humor, especially when they are around someone they are comfortable with. Sometimes this humor can come across rather savage, especially if the ENFP is being playful and teasing. They also have times when they are sincerely pushed over the edge and angry towards someone, and their words will often be extremely cutting.



INTJs can definitely be savage at times, especially since their words are often so accurate. They can sometimes say things that can really cut deep, but the INTJ isn’t really intending to be hurtful. They simply want to get their point across in a clear and concise manner, and their directness can be rather sharp. INTJs can definitely be very savage when they feel it is necessary, especially when someone is being wildly inaccurate and is using their manipulation as a way to control others. INTJs simply seek to remove ignorance where they can, especially within themselves.


ENTJs can definitely be savage at times, even without meaning to be. They are very direct people who value efficiency above most things in life. ENTJs strive to get things done and progress in their personal and professional lives. There are times when the ENTJ can become frustrated by people who are lazy and inefficient, and sometimes their words can come across as rather savage. ENTJs simply want to motivate people, and sometimes this requires a bit of intensity. They can also be savage towards people who they feel are against them, in an effort to knock them down a peg.


INTPs can certainly be savage at times, although they might regret this later on. Their sense of humor and their way of expressing themselves can come across as a bit sharp and even savage in some ways. INTPs don’t intend to hurt people they simply express themselves in a precise manner, which doesn’t have a lot of sensitivity to it. There are also times when the INTP is simply trying to make their point, and to others this appears as savage and even hurtful towards someone. INTPs are caring people, they just aren’t sensitive to the emotions of others.


ENTPs can be savage at times, especially since their sense of humor is a bit intense for some. The ENTP sometimes makes jokes or is being playful, and their way of expressing it can be a bit hurtful. They don’t intend to upset people they simply have a thicker skin than most do when it comes to joking around. ENTPs do care for their loved ones and they don’t want to say or do anything to upset them. They simply aren’t sensitive to the emotions of others and have a hard time understanding when they have gone a bit too far. ENTPs can also be a bit savage when they are in a debate, and will often shut people down pretty harshly.



ISTJs don’t try to be savage, they intend to be cordial and respectful towards others. ISTJs attempt to keep things civil and don’t like being vicious towards those around them. Where ISTJs can become a bit savage is when they feel completely just in this, and have removed a sense of obligation towards someone. They aren’t very sensitive to the emotions of others, so it can be a bit easier for them to be savage without completely recognizing just how far they’ve gone.


ESTJs can definitely be savage at times, especially when they are trying to make a point. They aren’t great being sensitive to the emotions of others, and oftentimes their words can be a bit cutting. ESTJs don’t like to be hurtful but at the same time they believe it is important to get things done efficiently. ESTJs can be a bit intense when they are trying to get something done and the people around them are being lazy. ESTJs are assertive people and when they are truly frustrated they can definitely be savage.


ISFJs really aren’t savage people, since they really dislike hurting others. ISFJs try to avoid saying things that can be upsetting to those around them, and are often defensive of people. They can sense the emotions of people and this makes it challenging for them to say and do things that could upset them. ISFJs aren’t savage people and can actually become really frustrated with people who are. They simply don’t accept behavior that is harmful to others, and work hard to maintain a sense of harmony.


ESFJs really aren’t savage people, since they dislike hurting others. They intuitively sense the emotions of others and try hard to avoid saying anything that upset those around them. ESFJs become really upset when they see others in pain and are definitely affected by it. ESFJs are focused on taking care of the needs of others and because of this they certainly don’t want to behave in a way that is harmful. They really aren’t savage people, and rarely do or say things that appear this way.



While ISTPs aren’t cruel people, there are times when they can be a bit savage. The younger more immature ISTP isn’t aware of the emotions of others and because of this they can be a bit sharp-tongued. They might simply be joking or just trying to get their point across, but to others they appear very savage. They have a unique sense of humor and their sarcasm can come out as very intense to those who don’t fully understand it.


While ESTPs do care about hurting people, they can be savage at times. They become so caught up in the present moment that sometimes they don’t think before they speak. When this happens the ESTP can become a bit savage, especially when they are trying to make a clear point. They don’t intend to hurt people they simply aren’t naturally sensitive to the emotions of others. ESTPs care but at the same time they struggle to hold themselves back when they are intent on something.


ISFPs definitely aren’t savage people and often have a hard time with those who are. They prefer to be kind and considerate of others, and hope for this in return. When the ISFP is around someone who is very savage it can be rather upsetting for them, since they dislike seeing people who don’t care for others. ISFPs are sensitive people, who follow a strong sense of inner morals with just about everything they do in life.


ESFPs aren’t often savage people, since they dislike being hurtful in this way. While they try to avoid it, there are times when their savage side can come out. ESFPs live so much in the present moment that they can get swept away in their current emotions. If the ESFP is caught up in how everyone is behaving sometimes they can start to be a bit savage, although this is often done in a joking manner. While they aren’t intending to be hurtful it can certainly be upsetting to the people on the receiving end.

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