How Dirty The Mind of Each Personality Type Is

How Dirty the Mind of Each Personality Type Actually Is

Not everyone is open about their thoughts, some people prefer to keep things internalized. There are plenty of individuals who have rather dirty or perverted minds, but do not feel like sharing this part of themselves with others. Here is how dirty minded each personality type is most likely to be.


INFJs have many sides to their personality, and while they are mature and often reserved on the outside- internally their minds are filled with wonder and imagination. The inner workings of an INFJs mind is a rather complex place, filled to the brim with intriguing thoughts and ideas. Everyone is unique, and even personality types cannot determine certain factors of our personalities- but in general, the INFJ has a rather dirty inner mind. They are often a fantastic combination of mature, and a bit silly and immature when it is appropriate. INFJs may not always express their dirty thoughts or humor, but with those closest to them it is likely to sprout wings and fly. If the INFJ feels truly comfortable with someone, they can often come out of their shell enough to express this side of themselves. Their wit and somewhat dark thoughts, often mesh together to make an incredibly hilarious individual.


ENFJs are very outgoing and driven individuals, and they are certainly aware of what is socially appropriate. ENFJs do not want people to misjudge them, so they might keep their sense of humor to themselves. They do however, have a dirty side to their thoughts- which can be truly amusing for people close to them to witness. If the ENFJ realizes that their loved ones will not judge them, then they will often be comfortable expressing their dirty sense of humor. They are skilled at observing their surroundings, and recognizing how others will respond to their behavior. ENFJs dirty minds can either be tied to humor, or their own imaginations. They do have a rich inner mind, which can sometimes be filled with rather interested thoughts. 😉


INFPs have incredibly rich inner minds, filled with imagination and new ideas. The fact that the INFP has a rather intense imagination, also means that they often have very dirty minds. INFPs fit the idea of someone who has a sweet and mushy exterior, with a dark and sometimes perverted inner world. INFPs can have a dirty sense of humor, but they also have vivid thoughts that can be rather sensual. They may not appear this way on the outside, but INFPs are very introverted people and prefer keeping most things to themselves. If they find people who they can truly trust, the INFP will be able to let loose and share the inner workings of their twisted little minds. The fact that INFPs are generally such good hearted and sweet people, makes their naughty side all the more intriguing.


ENFPs often have some of the dirtiest minds out there, especially since they are imaginative and passionate people. ENFPs have fantastic senses of humor, and truly love to laugh. They often incorporate their dirty minds into their humor, and can have a rather perverted and witty response to just about everything. Most people truly enjoy this side of the ENFP, especially since they are charismatic people. They are rather observant people, which often means they can find the dirty joke, where others cannot. They also enjoy teasing and being playful, which certainly adds to this side of their personality. ENFPs passionate personalities, makes them often enjoy letting their dirty minds loose.


INTJs can often be split down the middle when it comes to how perverted or dirty minded they are. Some INTJs find themselves being rather asexual, and might not have reoccurring sexual thoughts. This type of INTJ may find these sort of thoughts juvenile and pointless. While on the flipside, there are some INTJs who have rather active sex drives. They especially feel this way if they have developed their weaker functions, and found themselves getting in touch with their physical body. Even if this kind of INTJ doesn’t find themselves with a powerful sex drive, they might prefer their own imaginations. Their inner minds are rather rich places, and not all INTJs feel like outwardly expressing this side of themselves.


ENTJs often have extremely dirty sense of humor, and might go rather far just to get a rise out of people. They can find the funniest, yet dirtiest response to just about anything. ENTJs are hardworking people, but they also like to play just as hard. They know how to balance business and working hard, with spending time having fun and enjoying themselves. ENTJs actually enjoy making people laugh, and their often dirty minded jokes are a great way to entertain a crowd. ENTJs are a little more in touch with their physical bodies than their introverted counterparts. This causes the ENTJ to allow themselves to explore their sometimes dirty thoughts, a bit more freely.


INTPs are extremely open-minded people, who enjoy exploring new ideas and possibilities. They have extremely vivid imaginations, and a rich inner world. This can cause the INTP to explore some very dirty thoughts, and might even entertain the idea of trying new things in their sex life. INTPs however, are rarely expressive about this side of themselves, and very rarely will they make an outwardly dirty joke. They will show this side of themselves to someone they trust very deeply, and this will likely be a romantic partner. An INTP might hold in their dirty jokes, but less one loose at the perfect moment- just for the effect and reaction that it will cause. They enjoy testing the waters and pushing people’s buttons, but they also enjoy silently observing.


ENTPs are often extremely dirty minded people and are rarely afraid to show this. They know how to make the right jokes, and are charismatic enough that people actually enjoy their dirty sense of humor. ENTPs are also extremely passionate and imaginative individuals, which can make them very sexually driven. They enjoy being able to explore new possibilities, and this often translates into their sex life. Their minds are filled with imagination and rich thoughts, ones that can be rather dirty at times.


ISTJs are often very reserved people, and prefer to focus on getting things done. They will rarely express any dirty thoughts outwardly, unless they are in a comfortable environment where it will be accepted. They prefer to keep their thoughts private, and do not want people knowing inappropriate things about them. ISTJs enjoy being by themselves most of the time, but on occasion they do have dirty thoughts. They are often wittier than people realize, and can come up with a great dirty reaction to something.


ESTJs enjoy making people laugh, and they often use the occasional dirty comment to do this. ESTJs are great at commanding a room, and sometimes their outgoing personalities help them to do this. They can be a bit abrasive to some people, and so can their dirty comments. ESTJS are appropriate people though, and will refrain from saying anything inappropriate in front of people who would become extremely uncomfortable in this situation. ESTJs prefer to focus on the practical needs of their loved ones, and because of this they can put their sometimes dirty or sexual thoughts aside.


ISFJs are the type of people who can go either way as far as having a dirty mind. Some ISFJs are exactly as they appear on the outside. They are reserved and appropriate, and enjoy focusing more on family matters and caring for the needs of others. They might have healthy sexual thoughts, but shove those aside for things they deem more important. There is a flip side to the ISFJ personality, and is often found in ISFJs who have allowed themselves to develop their lesser functions. This type of ISFJ, appears sweet and timid on the outside, but can be a bit of a freak on the inside. This is likely something they will only share with someone extremely special though.


ESFJs can often be products of their environments, and because of this they might keep themselves more reserved. Some ESFJs however, reach a point in their lives where they are not afraid to express their true selves. This is most likely to happen if they have people in their lives who accept them for who they are. That being said, ESFJs can have rather dirty minds- and might even find themselves making rather perverted or sexual comments just to gain a laugh from others. They also have rather healthy sexual appetites, especially as a way to connect with their romantic partners. If the ESFJ is with someone who they care for deeply, they will likely allow their dirty minds to run wild.


ISTPs are often comfortable being themselves, and do not really care what people think of them. They are their own independent individuals, and they know what they want. ISTPs are often focused on the physical world, which can make them rather sexual beings. They are not always openly expressive about this, since they keep to themselves most of the time. When it comes to being in a relationship with someone though, ISTPs are comfortable expressing this side of themselves.


ESTPs are often some of the dirtiest minded people, and enjoy making a good perverted joke. ESTPs are rather connected to their physical bodies, and are more than capable of letting their dirty minds run wild. They often have a healthy sexual appetite, and find themselves wanting to explore new things. The ESTPs sense of adventure, is often something that is connected strongly to their thoughts- causing their minds to fill with rather dirty ideas. They aren’t afraid to express this openly though, which makes them more outwardly “dirty” than internally so.


ISFPs can often surprise people with just how dirty their minds can actually be. They have a somewhat timid and gentle exterior, but their inner minds can be filled with surprising and exciting thoughts. ISFPs can have extremely dirty minds, especially since they are visually focused people. They enjoy soaking in the beauty in the world around them, and this can also be tied to their sexual nature. The fact that ISFPs are visual, can cause their thoughts to veer towards a more sexual or dirty place. They often won’t allow themselves to make perverted comments or jokes, unless they are around someone they can trust completely.


ESFPs are not always as dirty minded as they might appear to others. They enjoy making people laugh and might make a perverted joke here and there. ESFPs ultimately want to focus on having fun and enjoying the present moment. ESFPs are outward people, and will often express their thoughts and feelings rather openly. If the ESFP has a dirty mind, it won’t stay internalized for long. They enjoy being open and upfront with people, and prefer to be honest about who they are.

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