Myers Briggs Marvel Superhero Characters

Anyone who enjoyed comic books as a kid (or as an adult) has thought about which superhero they would most like to be. Here we have narrowed it down for you, and organized each Marvel Superhero into Myers Briggs Personality Types. Enjoy!

INFJ- Professor Charles Xavier (X-Men Series)

Professor X has a dream of harmony between the humans and mutants, and does what he can to coexist.  He is a powerful telepath and a scientific genius. He believes in fighting for others, even when they turn against him. He is intuitive and intelligent, and desires to have a world where everyone can be at peace with one another. He is very caring and supportive and always there to help others.

ENFJ- Jean Grey aka Phoenix (X-Men Series)

Jean Grey is intuitive and possesses powerful telekinetic powers. She has the ability to speak outwardly about issues, and is very outgoing and strong-willed. She fights for mutants rights, and is somewhat of an activist. She is well spoken and intelligent, and wants to do what is right for the good of others.

INFP- Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff (X-Men, Avengers Series)

Scarlet Witch is extremely powerful and can tap into mystical energy to alter reality in many ways. She has a rich inner mind, and is very in touch with her own emotions. She is very independent and is comfortable spending vast amounts of time in solitude. She has an internal and intuitive way about her, and doesn’t like to be stuck in one place for too long. She has a desire to improve upon herself, and understand herself better.

ENFP- Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde (X-Men Series)

Kitty is outgoing and enthusiastic. She is caring, but also has a very witty sense of humor. She is bubbly and has a sometimes infectious personality. She is a very powerful mutant, with the ability to become intangible and phase herself through other objects. She is one of the most likable characters of the series.

INTJ- Doctor Octopus (Spider-man Series)

Doc Ock is a physicist and atomic researcher. He is constantly on a mission to prove his superior intelligence, especially after one of his experiments went terribly wrong. He is intuitive and highly intelligent, living inside his own mind most of the time. He has a way of figuring things out and finding a scientific solution to most anything. His intelligence is his greatest strength but also his greatest weakness.

ENTJ- Magneto aka Erik Leshner (X-Men Series)

Magneto is aggressive and ambitious, wanting to create the life that he desires. He is unbelievably intelligent, with a near genius level IQ. He is constantly seeking new knowledge and information on mutants and various other subjects. He is very powerful and is driven towards controlling his environment.

INTP- Spider-Man aka Peter Parker (Spider-Man Series)

Peter Parker is extremely intelligent and logic-driven. He has an intuitive way of figuring out how things work, and constantly strives to improve upon things. He is capable of thinking outside of the box and seeing new potential outcomes. He is introverted and internal, often living inside of his own mind. He is likable, and has a very witty and off-beat sense of humor.

ENTP- Iron Man aka Tony Stark (Avengers Series)

Tony Stark is gregarious and outgoing. He has an over the top and hard to miss personality, and is constantly moving. He is very sure of himself and confident in his abilities. Tony Stark is a genius, capable of creating new technologies that have made him who he is. He is a natural problem solver and is good at seeing different potential outcomes. Tony is charismatic and likable, although his unbelievable self-confidence can rub people the wrong way sometimes.

ISTJ- Cyclops aka Scott Summers (X-Men Series)


Cyclops is extremely loyal and disciplined. He is a strong leader and is always capable of getting the job done. He fulfills his duties and sticks it out until the very end. He prefers routine and for things to remain the way that they always have been. He is an always reliable character, and is there to support the ones around him.

ESTJ- Nick Fury (Avengers Series)

Nick Fury is a natural leader, he assumes the role of being in command with ease. He has a fantastic strategic mind and knows very well how to get the job done. He is grounded and honest, with a very no-nonsense personality. He believes in being loyal and steadfast. He has no problem telling others that they are wrong, no matter the consequences.

ISFJ- Captain America aka Steven Rogers (Avengers Series)

Steve Rogers is a reliable and introverted character. He is honest and strives to provide others with what they need. He values tradition, and does not like change much at all. He enjoys when things remain the same, and is happiest in a harmonious environment. He does not understand indifference and is put off by cold or selfish people.

ESFJ- Thing aka Ben Grimm (Fantastic Four Series)

Ben is extremely hard-working and driven towards the future. Even though he becomes trapped in a monstrous form and finds himself very unhappy, he continues to be a reliable member of the team. He is caring and considerate of others, and always does what he can to make others happy.

ISTP- Wolverine aka Logan (X-Men Series)

Logan is very fast-paced and in touch with the physical world around him. He enjoys being alone and often keeps to himself. He is introverted and lives in his internal thoughts most of the time. He is a skilled and capable fighter, and is able to maneuver very well. Logan has a quick-wit and dry sense of humor, that sometimes comes across as cold to others.

ESTP- Gambit aka Remy LeBeau (X-Men Series)

Gambit has the ability to manipulate and control pure kinetic energy however he wants. He is very in touch with the physical world, with skills in hand to hand combat and card throwing. He is witty and fast-paced, developing skills in a wide variety of subjects. He is also a master thief and a wanderer.

ISFP- Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner (X-Men Series)

Nightcrawler is very agile and an important member of the X-Men team. He is intelligent but also reserved, with a gentle spirit. He is caring and happy-go-lucky, with a teasing personality.

ESFP- Thor (Avengers Series)

Thor is outgoing and expressive. He is very charismatic and in touch with the physical world around him. He is a grounded and strong-willed but also very humorous. He has a positive and likable personality. Thor is a natural warrior.

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