Classic Video Game Characters & Myers Briggs Types

We’ve brought out all the characters from retro video games like Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. We feature a slew of characters from Super Smash Bros and many popular games that you definitely should have played. Hope you enjoy our list!

INFJ- Princess Zelda (The Legend of Zelda Series)


Zelda is a strong, but introverted character. She has a deep caring for others, and does what she has to for her people. She is intuitive and instinctively knows who she can and cannot trust, and wisely puts her faith in the right people. Zelda is deep and very spiritual. She is kind and intense, but always ready for whatever challenges come her way, even if that means delegating responsibility to the right people.

ENFJ- Princess Peach (Mario Bros Series)


Princess Peach is very warm and consciousnesses. She is bubbly and very affectionate. She can sometimes fall into the role of the victim, since she is the perpetual damsel in distress, but somehow she continues to remain positive and trust in Mario to rescue her. She continues in her captive state and where most would probably give up, she does not. She is cute and funny, and when it comes to fighting she can really pack a punch.

INFP- Toad (Mario Bros Series)


Toad is extremely sweet and loyal. He is a dreamer, and lives inside his inner world. He has a positive attitude and always stays in good spirits. Toad is a very lovable and unique character. He is always working to help others, and is a strong support system for them to lean on. Toad always roots for the well being of those he cares for. He is a humble and self aware character.

ENFP- Pikachu (Pokemon Series)


Pikachu is imaginative and outgoing. He is also caring and extremely emotionally driven. Pikachu feels deeply, and desires to make the people around him happy and pleased with him actions. He has an infectious and fun personality, that is hard to ignore. Pikachu never gives up, and always has some fight left in him for the things that truly matter. He is very kind but can potentially be dangerous if provoked.

INTJ- Falco (Star Fox Series)


Falco is driven and task-oriented. He is quick to give commands and wants to get the job done. He is witty and sometimes sarcastic, especially when he feels that others are not accomplishing the goal efficiently enough. He is considered brash and self-confident, but also very loyal to his pilots. He can accurately predict what will happen in the field of battle, and has an intuitive sense about things.

ENTJ- Bowser (Mario Bros Series)


Bowser is a take charge and aggressive character. He knows what he wants and he goes after without apologies. He thinks from a place of logic and finds the holes in his enemies plans. He is resilient and strong-willed and finds joy in taking control of a situation.

INTP- Miles aka Tails (Sonic The Hedgehog Series)


Tails is intelligent and intuitive. He has a way of working problems out inside of his head, and thinks things through internally. He figures out how things work very easily, and can often fix them on his own. Tails is somewhat of a mechanical genius, and has a strong desire to prove himself. He especially wants to prove himself to Sonic, who he looks up to.

ENTP- Midna (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)


Midna is an intensely witty and playful character. She is at ease being a leader, and knows how to take charge of others. She is charismatic and likable, and understands how to connect with others. She is intelligent and can naturally see how to navigate a situation strategically. She does not like being told what to do, and sometimes her inability to hold back can get her into trouble. She always seems to find a way out of whatever tough situation she finds herself in.

ISTJ- Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)


Knuckles is very determined and serious. He is somewhat naive, falling victim to Doctor Eggman’s manipulation. Once he discovers the truth he later teams up with Sonic, wanting to do what is right. He is a very loyal and hard-working character. He has a way of keeping himself cool in times of combat and has a strong sense of focus.

ESTJ- Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Series)


Donkey Kong is very proud of his strength, and enjoys being in control. He can be somewhat aggressive, and wants things done his way. He stands up for those that he grows attachments for, and uses his abilities to rescue them.

ISFJ- Yoshi (Mario Bros Series)


Yoshi is a friendly, but introverted character. He can be shy, but is very sweet and considerate. Yoshi is also a likable and fun character. He is a caretaker, and wants to make others happy. He puts himself in harms way defending others.

ESFJ- Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)


Amy is very cheerful and somewhat competitive. She is giving and conscious of how her actions will effect others. She is infatuated with Sonic and spends most of her energy chasing after him. Amy is smart and an always driven character.

ISTP- Link (The Legend of Zelda Series)


Link is introverted and intelligent. He is in touch with the physical world around him and is a strong warrior. He is dependable and loyal to those he cares for and has a way of getting the job done. He keeps to himself most of the time, until he gets pulled into using his skills for helping others.

ESTP- Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)


Sonic is outgoing and charismatic. He is charming and has a way of making everyone like him. He is extremely fast paced and always on the move. Sonic is in touch with his physical surroundings, able to reach supersonic speeds and curl into a ball to attack his enemies. Sonic makes his own rules, and lives however he pleases. He has a quick wit and is very easygoing, but can have a somewhat short temper.

ISFP- Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Series)


Diddy is very loyal and intelligent. He assists Donkey Kong in many ways, helping him more than he appreciates. Diddy is caring and shy, but he is also very in touch with the physical world. He is fast and agile, able to navigate his surroundings well.

ESFP- Mario (Mario Bros Series)


Mario is outgoing and positive. He always goes after Peach no matter how exhausting it becomes. He has an over the top personality and works very well being the center of attention. He is very fast paced and in tuned with the physical world around him.

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