Here’s a brief description of what each Enneagram type can be like as a mother. Please keep in mind that individuals may vary, and these descriptions are general tendencies:

  1. Type 1 – The Perfectionist Mother: A Type 1 mother is often highly conscientious and dedicated to providing structure and discipline for her children. She may have high expectations and seek to instill strong values. She aims to raise responsible and morally upright children.
  2. Type 2 – The Helper Mother: A Type 2 mother is nurturing, caring, and highly attentive to her children’s needs. She often puts her children’s well-being above her own and readily offers support and affection. She may find fulfillment in being a selfless and loving caregiver.
  3. Type 3 – The Achiever Mother: A Type 3 mother is often ambitious and focused on achieving success in various aspects of her life, including motherhood. She may emphasize her children’s accomplishments and achievements. She strives to raise confident, competent children who are seen as successful by society.
  4. Type 4 – The Individualist Mother: A Type 4 mother values and encourages individuality and emotional expression in her children. She may foster their creativity and uniqueness while providing a safe space for their emotional ups and downs. She strives to help her children find and express their authentic selves.
  5. Type 5 – The Investigator Mother: A Type 5 mother values knowledge and intellectual growth. She encourages her children’s curiosity and independence of thought. She may provide a stimulating environment and offer guidance based on her understanding of the world. She may be more reserved emotionally but will be loving and supportive in her own way.
  6. Type 6 – The Loyalist Mother: A Type 6 mother values stability and security for her children. She may be highly protective and cautious, ensuring their safety and well-being. She fosters a strong sense of loyalty and reliability, always being there for her children. She teaches them how to navigate the world with a sense of caution.
  7. Type 7 – The Enthusiast Mother: A Type 7 mother is energetic, fun-loving, and adventurous. She seeks to provide her children with a joyful and exciting upbringing. She loves planning activities, creating memorable experiences, and encourages her children to explore and embrace life’s opportunities.
  8. Type 8 – The Challenger Mother: A Type 8 mother is strong-willed, confident, and protective of her children. She encourages independence and self-reliance while teaching them to stand up for themselves. She fosters resilience and empowers her children to overcome challenges.
  9. Type 9 – The Peacemaker Mother: A Type 9 mother values harmony and peace in her family. She creates a calm and loving environment, avoiding conflict whenever possible. She aims to cultivate a sense of acceptance, empathy, and emotional well-being for her children.

Remember, these descriptions are general and may not capture the full spectrum of experiences that each type of mother can have. Every mother is unique and may exhibit different traits and qualities. It’s important to appreciate and celebrate the diversity in parenting approaches and individual personalities.


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