Here’s What Kind of Night Owl You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

While many people find themselves labeled as night owls, there can be different reasons for this desire to stay up late. Here is what kind of night owl you are, based on your personality type.



INFJs are often night owls because they enjoy the peace and quiet when everyone else is fast asleep. This is when they have a chance to really dive into their own inner minds, and enjoy their imagination without people invading their space. They find themselves feeling free to really enjoy this time to themselves, without feeling guilt over it. They have such active inner worlds that the INFJ often feels themselves diving into their thoughts when they are alone at night, keeping up them much later than most.


The ENFJ night owl is this way because they have so many things running through their minds, that it seems impossible to sleep. They usually have so much to think about when they are on their own at night, making it challenging to really rest their thoughts. The ENFJ already has an active inner mind, but on top of that they have so many things they often have to do the next day. Being that ENFJ take care of their loved ones, this puts them feeling like they have to make sure that everything gets done smoothly. These thoughts about what they need to do the next day can really turn the ENFJ into a night owl.


The INFP night owl often enjoys the peace and calm that the nighttime can offer. Being able to just enjoy being on their own without the constant clutter and noise of the world, is something that can keep the INFP up into the late hours of the night. Simply being free to do whatever they please and dive into their own rich inner minds, is a truly rewarding experience for them. They have such active minds that sometimes it can be hard to really sift through their thoughts during the day, which makes the night the perfect time for this.


The ENFP night owl is often this way simply because they have such active minds that it can seem challenging to rest. They want to keep moving and their ideas become even more vivid late at night. They enjoy being able to spend this time just doing things for themselves and allowing their imaginations to run wild. The ENFP night owl comes alive at night, being able to truly dive into their passions without having to deal with the responsibilities of the day.



INTJs are often night owls because they have such active inner minds that it can be challenging for them to really rest much. They run through so many pieces of information over and over again, that they actually enjoy having this time to do so. INTJs often like the peace and quiet they experience when everyone else is asleep. Without their daily responsibilities they can spend this time researching and diving into their rich inner thoughts.


ENTJs who are night owls often appreciate having this time to take care of things they need to get done, without constant interruptions. Being able to dive into their own thoughts and really use their imaginations to come up with new plans, something the ENTJ enjoys. They are focused on building a great future, and that is why they can sometimes become night owls. Just having this extra time to get things done, is something they will often take advantage of.


INTPs are often night owls simply because they cannot seem to silence their minds. They have such active thoughts that it can be difficult for them to really power down during the night. They often enjoy having this time to really dive into their thoughts and allow themselves to consider the possibilities. INTPs can start researching something and end up spending hours upon hours diving into new subjects. They have such rich imaginations that having this time alone can mean they end up staying up rather late.


The ENTP night owl is often this way because they have so many thoughts rolling around inside of their heads. They have such active inner minds that the ENTP doesn’t like to stay still for too long. Late nights can be the perfect way for them to enjoy their thoughts without having interruptions from everyone around them. When the ENTP has this time to themselves they can enjoy being able to research for hours, or simply get caught up inside of their imaginations.



The ISTJ night owl often stays up late to continue their work, having a hard time slacking off even for a moment. They might use this time to enjoy being by themselves as well, since so many people can invade their space during the day. They night can be a peaceful time where the ISTJ can do their own things, without feeling guilty for it. Spending hours researching or simply enjoying the time to read a good book.


ESTJs can sometimes struggle to really relax their minds, turning them into night owls. They often have so many things keeping them up at night, often considering the things they have to take care of the next day. ESTJs are driven and hardworking people, but they can sometimes struggle to relax at night having so many things they feel the need to prepare for.


The ISFJ night owl often enjoys having this time to themselves, since they rarely get it during the day. ISFJs are introverts but they care so much for others that they don’t often get the alone time they desperately need. Sometimes they need to get this time when the night falls, and so ISFJs can sometimes become night owls because of it.


The ESFJ night owl is often kept up with so many thoughts and worries rattling around inside of their minds. They have so many things they are constantly trying to do to take care of their loved ones, and this can cause them to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Their worries and responsibilities can sometimes keep them up at night, causing them to feel like it is difficult to sleep. ESFJs simply want to take care of everyone so much, and this can be challenging at times.



ISTPs can become night owls simply because there is so much they want to experience. They find it difficult to keep their minds and their desires quiet, causing them to dive into new things. ISTPs don’t like staying still for too long, and sometimes the night can offer them a sense of independence. They feel free to do whatever they please, without other people holding them back.


ESTPs often become night owls simply because they enjoy being able to feel free to experience new things. The night often offers a sense of excitement and freedom, which ESTPs enjoy. They also have active minds which can become overwhelming when they are on their own, making it difficult to really sleep much. ESTPs like having fun and really dislike being stagnant for too long, making it easier to stay up at night and keep moving.


ISFPs often enjoy having time to themselves, and sometimes being a night owl provides this. They can find themselves feeling overwhelmed by so many people, and having time to themselves helps them recharge. Sometimes the night is the only chance they really get to do their own things without feeling overwhelmed by others.


ESFPs often enjoy being night owls since they like having fun, and the night life can be enjoyable for them. They don’t like being held back by restrictions, and enjoy diving into new things in life. ESFPs can be rather active people, with overactive inner minds. They are passionate about their loved ones, and often enjoy taking them on new adventures even if that means picking up late at night.

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