HSP ENTJ: The Highly Sensitive ENTJ

Someone who is an HSP or highly sensitive person, experiences life in a much different way. They are naturally sensitive to the world around them, whether this be through emotions or even physical stimulus. They find themselves rather sensitive to things in ways that make them feel different from the majority of the people around them. Some HSPs will hide these traits, wanting to fit int and avoid standing out too much. Experiencing ridicule for being “too sensitive” is something which can only make those feelings harder to process. Being an HSP does not make someone an emotional mess, it does not make them weak, in a lot of ways it can be used as a strength or tool to connect with people and the world on a much deeper level. Being an HSP is not something which is naturally correlated with personality type, although some might be more commonly seen with these types of behaviors.

Most people definitely would not view the ENTJ personality as being an HSP, but these things can happen regardless of type. For them it just shows itself in different ways, and ENTJs are excellent at keeping their composure even when they are feeling overwhelmed. The HSP ENTJ might have times when they just need to distance themselves from the outside world, but they don’t necessarily show or tell others why. They can be guarded people who don’t want others to see these sensitivities as weaknesses, and so the HSP ENTJ can be difficult to spot from an outside perspective. It is always important to understand that people are unique, and that personality types are simply a tool to understanding someone a little bit better.

Emotional Sensitivity

For the HSP ENTJ their sensitivity to their own emotions and the emotions of others, often comes into play in more subtle ways. ENTJs are naturally bothered by betrayal or anyone breaking their sense of loyalty and trust, but being an HSP can make them even more sensitive to this. Even the smallest of things could set them off and make them feel hurt by someone who they believed they could trust. This comes from their sense of someone’s behavior and changes, and so the ENTJ might be able to tell even better when someone is being dishonest because they can read small changes in their expressions. It isn’t something which makes people think the ENTJ is emotionally sensitive, since they still keep most of those feelings inside. ENTJs feel things very deeply regardless of being an HSP, but this only makes it a bit more challenging to process at times.

Physical Sensitivity

The HSP ENTJ is very sensitive to their surroundings, the slightest touch or change in environment is something they are going to notice. They also find themselves feeling very sensitive to loud noises, smells or even certain tastes can be overpowering for them. ENTJs are good at keeping their composure, and so even the HSP ENTJ might not express these sensitivities in ways that most people notice. They might have times when large crowds or overwhelming smells just make them want to retreat and be away from people, but people often just peg them as being overworked or even introverted (when they are not introverts at all). The HSP ENTJ needs more time to themselves because of this, needing to recharge after being around overwhelming stimuli. They are often good at setting boundaries which can be a helpful tool for anyone who is an HSP.

One thing which is often noticable about the HSP ENTJ, is that they are hyper aware of the smallest of changes. People might think that they can deceive the ENTJ, only to find that they notice when someone is lying to them. They recognize the smallest changes in their expression or tone of voice, and realize when something is off. This can help the ENTJ in many situations, especially when there is something wrong in their environment which needs to be fixed. Their natural problem solving skills will jump into action, and the ENTJ will work to figure out what is wrong and how to fix this. Being someone who is so acutely aware of changes around them or the smallest of environmental shifts, can be a great tool for the ENTJ. The downside is that there are certain things which just make the ENTJ feel exhausted, not necessarily make them overwhelmed in a way people recognize. They can do their best to deal with crowds or situations which drain them, they just find that they want to be alone and retreat for a while after this happens.

How to Cope

ENTJs are strategic thinkers who want to always search for ways to grow and improve themselves. A big step for them is to learn about what being an HSP means, and how they can better respond to this part of themselves. Finding ways to set boundaries and ensure that they don’t become exhausted from too much stimuli, is useful for the ENTJ. Little things like wearing headphones when they are in noisy crowds, or finding clothing which doesn’t scratch and make them uncomfortable- will help the HSP ENTJ feel more at ease with themselves. These types of practical tools really benefit the ENTJ and help them to feel more strengthened in themselves and knowing that they are an HSP. Being someone who is so aware of their surroundings really can be beneficial, so long as they learn how to process this and respond to it in the right ways. ENTJs have a tendency to push themselves hard, and sometimes they need to learn to take a step back and relax when the time is right. Being so sensitive to their surroundings can be exhausting at times, and so it is best if they learn those limits and give themselves a break once in a while.


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