Here’s What the Work Ethic of Each Personality Type is Actually Like

Here’s What the Work Ethic of Each Personality Type is Actually Like

Some people have a very strong work ethic, while others simply do not believe it is important. Here is how the work ethic of each personality type is.


INFJs definitely have a strong work ethic, and often put a lot of pressure on themselves. There may come a time when the INFJ loses their strong desire to work hard for their company, when they start to feel like they aren’t doing valuable work. If they believe that the place they are working is not run by moral or good people, they might lose faith and not want to continue working for them. INFJs are definitely not lazy people, they simply want to believe in the work they are doing. They might continue to push through, especially if they need to provide financially for their loved ones. INFJs might find themselves feeling disillusioned if they aren’t able to work somewhere honest and good.


ENFJs have a very strong work ethic, and truly believe in doing their best. They will often find themselves going above and beyond in order to impress their boss and coworkers. ENFJs definitely want to be doing something that is honest and valuable, but they also want to provide for their loved ones. ENFJs will work themselves to the bone in order to ensure that the people they care for are provided for. They are often competitive people and will push to be the best at whatever they do.


INFPs work ethic entirely depends upon their career and what they are doing. If the INFP feels passionate about what they are doing and feels like they are truly making a difference, then they will push themselves to work very hard. The INFP will take their job seriously and will go above and beyond when they truly believe in their work. If the INFP feels negatively about their job, their work ethic definitely goes downhill. They will often feel like they are wasting their time, and will find themselves slacking in the workplace.


ENFPs have a very strong work ethic when it comes to things they are passionate about. The ENFP does best in a career that excites and challenges them, but may struggle with boring jobs. If the ENFP feels like they are doing something that challenges and pushes them to improve, then they will likely enjoy this and work very hard. If the ENFP is in a career that does not inspire them, they will have a hard time to pushing themselves. They will be good at getting by doing just the bare minimum, and will likely get out of trouble by using their charming personalities.


INTJs definitely have a good work ethic, especially in a career that challenges them to move forward. If the INTJ has room for growth then they will push themselves very hard to be successful in their field. Having opportunities to grow truly helps to inspire the INTJ and causes them to have an excellent work ethic. The INTJ who enjoys their job will be the very best at what they do, and will continue to learn and research in order to be even better. If the INTJ feels stagnant in a workplace they will likely just resign instead of wasting anymore energy there.


ENTJs have a very strong work ethic and will likely push themselves to be impressive in their position. ENTJs want to be the very best at whatever they do, and will always strive to improve. In the workplace ENTJs are often focused and driven people, which certainly shows in the results of their work. If the ENTJ feels stagnant in their career they will likely feel the need to resign and find somewhere else. They want to be able to push themselves and dislike feeling like there is no room for growth in what they are doing. ENTJs are rarely afraid of new challenges, and prefer opportunities to be impressive.


INTPs work ethic depends entirely on how they feel about the work they are doing. INTPs are imaginative and pensive people, which causes them to feel overwhelmed by someone else’s pointless demands. INTPs often know how to plan something out excellently, and can become frustrated by the rules and procedures that other people put on them. They have a decent work ethic when it comes to the things they are passionate about, but can have a hard time in jobs they don’t feel inspired by. INTPs often do best when they are allowed to work on their own terms, which can be difficult.


ENTPs are definitely hard working people, but they can struggle to have a strong work ethic with a job they do not believe in. ENTPs simply want to be able to grow and push themselves to improve. They understand that they have to do well in order to maintain a certain lifestyle, but the ENTP is also skilled at getting themselves out of trouble. If the ENTP finds themselves slacking at work, they can often find a way to get around this without angering their bosses. They do have times where they want to slack off a little bit, since the ENTP often has so many other thoughts running through their minds.


Work ethic is something that ISTJs possess in abundance, they are constantly striving to be better at what they do. The ISTJ will push themselves to be the very best in their job position, and wants to be impressive to their boss. They simply believe that it is important to work hard and be a valuable member of the team. ISTJs do not want to be viewed as lazy, and truly want to be helpful in their careers. The ISTJ rarely will be seen slacking off at work, and likely take their jobs very seriously.


ESTJs definitely have a strong work ethic, and believe in doing what they can to improve. The ESTJ wants to be viewed as the very best at whatever they do, no matter what their job title is. They often push themselves very hard and put a lot of pressure on themselves to be successful. ESTJs do not want to be viewed as lazy, and sincerely want to be considered a valuable member of their community and their work team. ESTJs definitely enjoy their relaxation time, but when they are working they give it their all.


ISFJs believe in working hard, especially since they want to provide for their loved ones. They will likely continue to work hard at their job, even if they don’t receive enough appreciation for it. The ISFJ is usually the person taking on extra tasks in order to ensure that everything gets done. They aren’t aggressive people, so they might not push to make their efforts known to others. The ISFJ will do best in a job position where their bosses take notice of their hard work, since the ISFJ is constantly doing more than they really need to. They have a strong work ethic and believe in being a valuable member of the community.


ESFJs have a decent work ethic, and often believe in doing their best. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to be good at what they do and be a valuable member of their team. The ESFJ does not believe in slacking off at work, and will often push themselves very hard. They can have a hard time if they do not feel appreciated for a long period of time though, and might end up extending themselves far too much. ESFJs are hardworking people, but they do have their limits when it comes to lacking appreciation.


ISTPs are not lazy people, but they don’t value work ethic as much as they do freedom. The ISTP wants to be able to do their own thing, and are extremely independent people. They can have a hard time in a job where other people are pushing them to do something that does not make sense. ISTPs will have a positive work ethic in a career that inspires them and allows them plenty of space to do their own thing. Being micromanaged definitely destroys the ISTPs work ethic and ability to persevere.


ESTPs definitely believe in working hard, but at the same time they do like to take shortcuts. The ESTP simply wants to get ahead in their career, and do not mind finding ways to improve upon someone else’s ideas. They are not opposed to taking shortcuts in order to propel themselves forward and get to where they want to be. ESTPs are certainly not lazy people, but they have their own unique moral code and a very personal idea of what a good work ethic is. They will find a way to be the best at their job, whatever it takes.


ISFPs might struggle to find a positive work ethic, since they have a stronger desire to feel free. ISFPs want to be able to do their own things, and hate being forced into a career they do not believe in. They want to feel like what they are doing truly means something, and dislike being in a job that does not feel morally right to them. If the ISFP believes that the company or place they work for is not morally sound, they will definitely struggle with their work ethic.


ESFPs work ethic entirely depends upon their career and just how much they enjoy it. If the ESFP is in a position that does not make them happy, they will become very frustrated. They dislike being forced to do something that does not inspire them, and they will likely be very lazy in that position. If the ESFP feels passionate about their job then they will likely work harder than anyone else around them. The ESFP simply wants to feel happy each day at work, and this entirely affects their work ethic.

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