Here’s Why ISTPs Might Just Be The Coolest Personality Type

ISTPs are undeniably one of the coolest (if not THE coolest) of the personality types. They have a laid-back and no-nonsense demeanor that often draws people to them. On television the ISTP is your typical bad-boy or bad-girl character that everyone swoons over. Here are just a few reasons why ISTPs are unbelievably cool.

They Are Laid-Back

ISTPs are often very skilled at avoiding drama at all costs. They dislike wasting their time on something so silly and useless, often becoming annoyed with people who enjoy dramatic situations. The ISTP wants to be able to enjoy their experiences without being bogged down by the issues of others. They don’t take things too seriously, preferring to let go of negative emotions. They don’t find it useful to be constantly emotional, finding little practical need for emotinal expression. This doesn’t mean they don’t feel them, they are just good at pushing through them. ISTPs would much prefer to find a logical solution to things, rather than become upset over the problem.

The ISTP prefers to handle their lives as it comes at them. They are a go-with-the-flow type of personality and this works very well for them. ISTPs don’t become over emotional or worked up over pointless things. They realize that life has stress and that bad things happen, they just don’t become upset over this. The ISTP would rather find a logical way around the problem at hand, rather than emotionally fall apart over it. Being around an ISTP can be very enjoyable and almost a stress reliever. Seeing that way that the ISTP handles their emotions, can make others learn to relax as well. Sometimes being around someone who takes life in stride can be an eye-opener. That’s not to say that ISTP don’t become angry, since they may be prone to rage fits. This anger often comes from a place of frustration towards the obnoxious behavior of others.

They Know How To Have Fun

ISTPs enjoy when life is fun and exciting. They hate staying still for too long, wanting to experience new thrills. ISTPs want to be able to live in the moment and take in all of their surroundings. They love being able to explore new and thrilling adventures, never wanting to become complacent. This helps the ISTP keep their minds whirling with new facts and information that they collect from the world around them. They are very good at enjoying the present moment, not getting caught up on the past or present. This makes the ISTP very good at living life to the absolute fullest. They know just how to have fun without being held back by the annoyance of self-doubt.

They Can Handle Anything

ISTPs often take life as it comes at them, not wanting to make strict plans. They enjoy going with the flow and are very capable of navigating whatever happens. It’s not that ISTPs don’t experience stress, they just handle it differently than most people. They have a way of internalizing what is going on and working to find a way around it. ISTPs have excellent problem solving abilities, often capable of finding their way out of anything. They can often get themselves into problems because of their curiosity and distaste of rules, but they are very good at finding their way out.

They ISTP collects facts and information and logically works these facts out inside their own mind. They are good at putting together everything they have gathered and using that data to come to a logical conclusion. This skill makes the ISTP very good at problem solving and finding new and practical solutions to the issues in front of them. ISTPs are also excellent at working with their hands, often capable of fixing anything that they put their minds to. They enjoy hands on work, it often gives them a better way to connect with the data around them.

They Are Sincere

ISTPs are very honest individuals, who value sincerity above diplomacy. Sometimes the delivery of their words can come across as harsh, but that is not the intention of the ISTP. They are not trying to upset people, but rather value honesty above sensitivity. To the ISTP being entirely honest is a sign of respect and to hold back would be fake. The ISTP is anything but fake, striving to be an honest and often precise individual. They would often rather upset someone than lie to them, realizing that the truth is more important. They want people to be fully educated, disliking when ignorance is allowed to continue. ISTPs work very hard to understand the world around them, collecting information on a constant basis. They are intelligent individuals, who strive to be sincere.

If someone is attempting to tip-toe around the ISTPs feelings, they will become very offended. To them this is insulting, they are not fragile and do not want to be treated as such. They would much prefer that people be honest and sincere with them, rather than avoid hurting their feelings. The ISTP is perfectly capable of handling the truth, wanting to be well-informed at all times. When people treat them like they are fragile the ISTP takes that as a sign of disrespect. They are very capable of handling their own emotions and they want others to understand and respect that about them. Their emotional stability is a large part of who the ISTP is, they favor logic over emotions always. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care, they just find logical to be a more practical means for understanding the world around them.

They Are Low Maintenance

ISTPs don’t require much from the people around them, often preferring to be alone. They know how to take care of themselves, not needing someone to tend to their needs. They enjoy being able to have their space to do their own thing. It is important to give the ISTP their freedom, allowing them to make their own decisions. They enjoy being able to live life by their own rules, often abandoning the rules set by others. ISTPs only follow rules that have logical implications to them, often disregarding information that they find foolish or unsubstantiated.

ISTPs enjoy sensory experiences, but contrary to popular belief these don’t only come from sex. ISTPs enjoy living in the present moment and value anything that thrills them. There are many things that fit into this sensory category and the ISTP often likes to switch things up. They may enjoy the experience of riding a motorcycle, skydiving or simply enjoying a delicious meal. ISTPs often enjoy nature, since there are many exciting things that it can offer them. But of course, like most people ISTPs do enjoy sex, especially since it can be a powerful sensory overload. ISTPs love having their senses overworked, actually enjoying pushing themselves to the limits.

They Actually Like To Know That You Care

ISTPs like their space, wanting to be able to spend vast amounts of time on their own. They enjoy people who give them their freedom and allow them room to breathe. This doesn’t mean that ISTPs don’t want people in their lives who care about them. They just dislike when others push their emotions onto the ISTP, or attempt to force the ISTP to express themselves constantly. They want to know that people care, enjoying simple to the point ways of showing this. If others simply tell the ISTP that they are there for them, it makes them feel valued. They don’t want subtle or overly emotional expressions, often becoming unnerved if people try to push too far. For people who are patient and willing to give the ISTP their space, they can make for a very fun person to be around.

ISTPs have an often “cool” feel to them. Their personalities are in line with some of the most confident and laid-back individuals, maybe even a little bad-ass. ISTPs are comfortable in their own skin and often dance to the beat of their own drum, making them very intriguing people. There is something admirable in the way that the ISTP holds themselves, making them one of the coolest personality types there is.


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