Important Things You Should Know About The ISTJ Personality

There are plenty of preconceived ideas about the ISTJ personality, many of which are founded on untruths. ISTJs are more than just their strict schedules and they are certainly not boring. ISTJs are considerate individuals, with a powerful strength of character. Here are just a few important things that you should definitely know about ISTJs.

They Are Dependable

ISTJs are one of the most reliable personalities. They strive to do what is right and have a very strong moral compass. They work hard on a constant basis to make sure they get the job done. The ISTJ is not one to complain about their work, striving to get things done to the best of their ability. They will often dive into the work that no one else wants to do, willing to get their hands dirty. The ISTJ finds it very important to be a valuable member of society, finding ways to integrate themselves into their world. Even though they are introverts and do require time alone, the ISTJ wants to be a part of their surroundings. They find ways to balance their working life, their social life and their personal life very well. The ISTJ finds it important to keep balance in their world and they work very hard to do so. They are very intelligent individuals, who often find ways of getting through whatever is tossed at them.

ISTJs enjoy schedules and keeping things well-organized. This is a way for them to maintain balance and harmony in their environment. They do a lot for everyone and are very hard workers, which requires that they maintain a strict schedule. It is not that the ISTJ is uptight, but rather that they need this schedule to keep their world together. They enjoy being the glue that holds everything in place, making it challenging to deviate from what they are used to. The ISTJ doesn’t want to be the reason that everything falls apart, so they will often work hard to maintain order.

They Are Loyal

ISTJs are intensely loyal individuals, who put a lot of value on their close relationships. When the ISTJ makes a commitment they stick by it no matter what. They believe in staying strong to your word, meaning that to the ISTJ relationships are meant to be forever. They observe others to be sure that they are the people they want in their lives before they make the commitment. Once the ISTJ makes this commitment, there is really no going back for them. They will stand by their loved ones through thick and thin. When things are rough the ISTJ does not fall apart or run away from their problems. They are often the ones to face their struggles head on, searching for rational ways to solve the issues.

If you are lucky enough to have an ISTJ that cares for you, than don’t mess that up. Like anyone the ISTJ is capable of moving on if someone constantly treats them horribly, but this often takes a lot. The ISTJ is loyal and will stand by people even when times are hard.

They Give a Lot To Others

ISTJs may not be the most emotional bunch, but they are very caring. They spend a lot of their time tending to the practical needs of others. Even though the ISTJ is not always comfortable with emotions, they will do whatever it takes to solve your problems. They simply do not understand how to respond to feelings, since they see no practical way to make the situation better. The ISTJ wants to be able to help the people that they care about, searching for ways to make this happen. They will always be sure to provide the necessities for their loved ones, working very hard to make sure they can afford to take care of them. ISTJs are the type that will do whatever it takes to keep a roof over your head, food in your belly and make sure that you are kept healthy. They may not understand how to provide for all of your emotional needs, but they will be sure to provide for your practical needs.

They Have a Fun Side

The common misconception about ISTJs is that they are boring. This is entirely untrue and comes only from people who do not understand them fully. Although the ISTJ does make sure that all of their work is done to a certain level of excellence, they have a fun side to them as well. The ISTJ often has a very sarcastic and dry sense of humor, which many people may miss. The ISTJ often delivers their jokes in such a deadpan way that people believe they are being serious. For the people who understand the ISTJs sense of humor, they realize just how much fun being around them can be. The ISTJ enjoys delivering their jokes in an often subtle way, which is its own art form.

The ISTJ may enjoy sticking to a schedule and prefer to get things done, but they can be a lot of fun for the people who understand them. When the ISTJ is comfortable enough to open up to others, people may experience a whole other side to the ISTJ. They can be silly and fun, even capable of expressing warmth. Even though they seem to have a hard exterior, it can be a very pleasant experience to get down to the core of the ISTJ.

They Are Private

ISTJs enjoy their privacy and often do not express themselves openly to others. They are sociable and courteous people with very well adapted manners, but they still favor their privacy. The ISTJ wants to be able to keep their private lives separate from their work lives. They enjoy being able to have their space and room to do their own thing. When the ISTJ is enjoying their alone time, they want to be able to think in peace. They do not want to share their secret thoughts and feelings with the world, often hating the feeling of being exposed. The ISTJ rarely shares their personal feelings with others, it takes a lot to make them open up completely. They enjoy being able to keep things private and truly dislike when people invade their personal space.

They Actually Feel Very Deeply

Even though ISTJs are not openly comfortable with emotions, they actually feel things very deeply. Emotions are a very private and personal thing for the ISTJ, making it hard for them to express themselves. Their emotions come from a very deep and internal place that most people are not capable of understanding. The ISTJ does not place strong importance on emotional expressing, believing that there is no practical way to express feelings. Being forced to open up or express their feelings is very upsetting for the ISTJ. They want to be given the appropriate space to deal with their emotions, making them frustrated by people who try and push them.

ISTJs are very caring and considerate individuals, who love those around them very deeply. They stand by people and often devote themselves to the needs of those around them. The ISTJ is unbelievably resilient and dependable, often pushing through struggles that would make most people crack. Having an ISTJ by your side is a powerful thing that should be valued. For the people who truly appreciate the ISTJ for who they are, being around them is a wonderful experience.


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