Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How Vivacious You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people have naturally vivacious personalities and just have an energy that is entirely full of life. Others might be a bit more sarcastic and even dry in how they tend to express themselves to others. Here is how vivacious you are most likely to be, based on your personality type.



INFJs can appear more reserved and internal around most people, but they are far more complex than what can be seen on the surface. When the INFJ is around someone they trust, parts of their personality begin to blossom and reveal themselves. The open INFJ certainly possess a vivacious spirit, filled with joy and passions. They love being able to express the things that excite them, and also enjoy being able to share this with the people they love. INFJs definitely have a side of them that is full of life and eager to show this to others.


ENFJs can certainly be vivacious and bubbly people, who enjoy being able to connect with others. They are rather outgoing and cherish time spend with the ones they love most in the world. ENFJs also like making new friends when they can, and feel a sense of joy by being able to help others even in the smallest way. They have a rather vivacious and eager spirit, always read to take on their challenges and work hard to accomplish their goals in life. ENFJs are passionate people who can certainly appear vivacious and even a bit intense.


INFPs rarely appear vivacious from an outside perspective, since they usually keep to themselves. They have many sides to their personality, ones that they share with people who connect to their soul on a deeper level. When the INFP is around shallow people who they do not feel a truly connection with, then they have no desire to share themselves with that individual. When they do find the right person, the INFP will expose their vivacious and passionate side to them. They aren’t the meek people they might seem to be from an outside perspective, and can be rather lively and playful.


ENFPs are certainly vivacious people, with big and passionate personalities. They aren’t afraid of being themselves and sometimes this means taking chances and being a little sassy. ENFPs are often outgoing people who enjoy being able to make new friends and connections. They certainly are viewed as vivacious to most people who meet them, especially when they are in a social setting which allows them to really express themselves. ENFPs rarely hold back for the sake of others, since they believe in being upfront about who they are.



INTJs might not appear all that vivacious around most people, since they can be a bit dry and even sarcastic with how they present themselves. Internally there is so much going on, and the INTJ can be extremely passionate and intense with the right people. They need to feel comfortable opening up these other sides of their personality, and can certainly surprise those around them. While INTJs might not be the bubbliest people, they are certainly full of life and passions.


ENTJs definitely have a vivacious side to their personality, especially when they are excited about something. They can be a bit larger than life and enjoy being able to express this side to their personalities. ENTJs also have rather active senses of humor, they simply save this for the appropriate moments. When they are focused on working and getting something done the ENTJ can be direct and efficient. When they are socializing and connecting with others they can certainly be vivacious and fun-loving.


INTPs can be rather intense people, but they rarely appear all that vivacious. Inside they can certainly be full of life and passion, but this isn’t something that can be seen outwardly by others. INTPs keep most of their emotions inside and struggle to express them even when they want to. INTPs might try to express themselves and struggle to really appear all that excited or emotional. They simply aren’t the most open people and can appear somewhat internalized most of the time.


ENTPs definitely have a vivacious and sometimes larger than life personality. While they can sometimes be a bit dry and sarcastic, they can also be bubbly and fun-loving. For the ENTP this entirely depends upon who they are around and the mood they are currently in. ENTPs can feel differently depending on their surroundings and what is currently inspiring them to behave a certain way. When they are excited about something and they are around someone who makes them have a good time, they can certainly be vivacious people.



ISTJs don’t usually appear all that vivacious around most people, and can have somewhat sarcastic and even dry personalities. While ISTJs have great sense of humor and can be truly fun around the ones they care for, they still aren’t the bubbliest people. They simply don’t express their emotions in an outward manner, and can have a hard time being peppy. ISTJs are passionate and focused people, but they simply aren’t all that vivacious most of the time.


ESTJs can certainly be outgoing and fun people, but they aren’t usually viewed as that vivacious. They can be a bit direct and focus on efficiency more than emotions and expressions. They don’t really express themselves that easily and most of the time they keep their feelings inside. For ESTJs being bubbly can be a bit annoying, and so most of the time they just don’t appear this way to others. They enjoy having a good time with the ones they love, but being vivacious isn’t usually in their job description.


ISFJs can appear rather reserved to most people, but that is simply because they haven’t seen the other sides of them. ISFJs can certainly be vivacious and even feisty people, it entirely depends on their environment. Their main goal is to provide for their loved ones, but that doesn’t make them boring or drab people by any means. ISFJs can certainly be bubbly and vivacious personalities, especially when they are around someone who inspires this side of them.


ESFJs can certainly have vivacious personalities, especially when they are excited about something. They are social creatures who love being able to connect with other people. They feel especially passionate and bubbly when they are around someone who they care for and who brings this out in them. ESFJs enjoy being able to express this side of their personality, and love when the person close to them appreciate this about them.


ISTPs are often seen as mysterious people, keeping to themselves and not interacting with people all that easily. They prefer to do their own thing and dislike having to constantly socialize and explain themselves. ISTPs are passionate people and can certainly express a more vivacious side, this simply requires being around the right individual who brings it out in them. Most of the time they are more sarcastic and even a bit dry, but they are capable of expressing a more excitable side.


ESTPs can certainly be vivacious people, with vibrant and eager personalities. They aren’t reserved people and certainly aren’t afraid of expressing a more bubbly side to their personality. While ESTPs can certainly be vivacious, they have times where they are a bit more sarcastic and even dry. It entirely depends on the moment and the current mood they are experiencing.


ISFPs might appear timid and reserved around some people, but this is simply because they haven’t quite come out of their shell yet. When they are around people who inspire their passionate side, they can be wildly vivacious people. ISFPs enjoy being able to express themselves and certainly want to make the most out of the present moment. They are full of life and always eager to take on some exciting new adventure at every corner.


ESFPs are very vivacious people, living with passion and excitement towards life. They have larger than life personalities and enjoy being able to express themselves and their desires completely. ESFPs appear to be so full of life, constantly wanting to seek out joy and excitement with the ones they love. They don’t like holding themselves back and will rarely water down their personality for the sake of someone else. Holding back and hiding just does not come naturally to the feisty and vivacious ESFP.





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