Here’s How Important Finding Meaning is to You, Based on Your Personality Type

For some people it seems that the meaning behind most things is rather simple, while others constantly search for something a bit deeper. They want to find meaning in life, in themselves, and in the world around them. Here is how important finding meaning is to you, based on your personality type.



INFJs constantly search for meaning in life, and want to understand what the point of everything truly is. Even when it comes to the smaller actions, INFJs want to really grasp onto an underlying meaning. This is why it can be challenging for them to really dive into shallow things most of the time, since this can feel so wasteful to them. They want to be pursuing a career and lifestyle that is filled with meaning, and they value a lifestyle filled with significance. For the INFJ to be working a job that doesn’t seem to fulfill a greater purpose of some sort, is honestly rather stifling for them. They really need to do something that is making a difference, and holds a personal meaning to them.


ENFJs definitely believe that finding and uncovering meaning in their actions is truly important in life. They don’t like the feeling of living a shallow life that is devoid of true meaning, and this will certainly leave a bit of a whole in the ENFJs heart. They are always searching to understand things better and gain meaning from the world around them. ENFJs don’t enjoy shallow things and can become drained by them rather quickly. They need their lives to hold some sort of value and want their path to be capable of obtaining true meaning.


INFPs certainly believe that finding meaning in their lives is truly important, and that is why they are always searching for it. They want to find a deeper meaning to just about everything, since they don’t find themselves readily swimming in the shallow end of the water. INFPs want to be able derive some sort of valuable meaning in their own lives as well, wanting their actions to really count for something. This is why they live with such strong morals, and don’t like taking actions that go against what they believe is right and good.


ENFPs definitely want to find meaning in the world around them, but can sometimes be a bit cynical. They often desire some sort of deeper meaning to their own lives, and want to accomplish something that is truly valuable. ENFPs don’t like things that are shallow and often become bored of them rather quickly. They want their lives to count for something, and if they cannot find this meaning they can become truly unhappy with their own lives. ENFPs believe in following their hearts, and often have big dreams that should really be carried out or else they will feel stagnant.



INTJs definitely believe that finding meaning in their lives and actions is truly important. For them uncovering this meaning is often rather natural, and is something they can do simply be ensuring that their actions are the ones that feel right to them. They want to accomplish a lot in their lives, and work hard to do this. For the INTJ meaning is found in logic and reason, which is why they are constantly working to uncover the truth around them. Instead of remaining stagnant and failing to follow the truth, INTJs constantly search out information and knowledge.


For the ENTJ the greatest meaning in life is searching out knowledge and accomplishing their goals. They want to be able to work towards their aspirations in life, and will do whatever it takes to get this done. ENTJs do believe that finding meaning is very important, but in a lot of ways they find their own meaning in life. They often feel that as long as they are working hard and accomplishing their personal goals, they are doing something of value and importance. They also work to provide for their family, and to them this is a very important part of life.


INTPs often search for meaning in everything they do, and are constantly on the hunt to understand the world around them. INTPs want to uncover a deeper meaning to just about everything, but they are rarely satisfied with their discoveries. Even when the INTP has come to believe they have found meaning in something, they might quickly change their minds and feel a need to reevaluate. INTPs are certainly on a quest to find meaning, but this seems to be a never-ending search for them. They might think they have pegged something down, but then want to continue searching for more information that proves their theories.


ENTPs definitely believe that it is important to search for meaning from the world around them, and so they are always working towards this. For the ENTP finding out the truth is often a valuable part of finding true meaning in their lives. ENTPs are curious people, always hunting down information and working to understand the world around them. Their search for underlying meaning is often never complete, and they might find themselves tirelessly trying to find something more substantial.



For the ISTJ meaning is important, but they often find it by working to achieve their own goals. Being someone who provides value to the world around them, is often substantial enough for the ISTJ. This is why they often push themselves to work so hard and to provide for their families. To them being someone who can create a valuable lifestyle and provide something for their community, is truly meaning enough and is actually rather important.


ESTJs definitely believe that having a life filled with meaning is important, but they rarely need to search for it. To ESTJs being someone who provides value to their workplace, family and community, is often substantial enough. The meaning they seek lies in their ability to care for their loved ones and provide a home and comfortable lifestyle for them. For the ESTJ finding meaning is simple, and is something they don’t need to continuously search for.


ISFJs often have a firm belief in what is truly meaningful, and that lies in their work ethic and compassion for others. Being someone who is there for their family and can provide a happy lifestyle for them, that is often meaning enough. ISFJs don’t often find themselves constantly needing to find meaning, since they already have a belief in what is meaningful. For them the most valuable thing is to take care of others and do what they can to make them happy. They work hard in their lives and do their best to provide value, and to them this is the most meaningful thing they can do.


ESFJs often find meaning by providing for the people they love, and usually this is what brings them the most reward in life. While they might consider a deeper meaning in life, it is not often something that they struggle with. ESFJs often have firm beliefs which they carry through life, and these beliefs often bring them a sense of comfort in their actions. ESFJs care about others and want to do whatever they can to provide for their loved ones and make them happy. This is often the greatest and most valuable meaning for them, and sharing this love is what provides them with happiness.



ISTPs often have a way of finding their own value and meaning from things, but they don’t need to derive it from everything in their lives. ISTPs prefer to focus on facts, and problem solving, and enjoy living in the present moment. They don’t see a reason to turn everything into some hunt for meaning, and can take certain things as they are. Not everything is meaningful in their eyes, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


ESTPs can be very to the point people, and so they aren’t constantly searching for some underlying meaning in things. They prefer to focus on information and facts, and look at what is going on right in front of them. ESTPs don’t usually need to find something deeper meaning to everything and are perfectly happy just going after the things they want in life. ESTPs live in the present, and don’t often find themselves needing to find some sort of emotional fulfillment or meaning from things. They simply want to enjoy what feels right for them, and prefer to look at things logically.


For ISFPs seeking out the things that fill them with love and joy, is the most meaningful thing they need. They don’t need every single moment to be filled with some complex meaning, as long as they are doing what they love that is plenty. They often seek out the things they find beautiful, and enjoy sharing their lives with people who are truly special to them. For the ISFP meaning is not something they need to search for, instead it is something they make for themselves.


For the ESFP sharing their lives and love with others is honestly the most meaningful thing. Not every single thing in life requires some sort of deeper meaning, and they are perfectly happy with that. For the ESFP some moments are just meant to be fun and enjoyable, and don’t need to hold some sort of complex meaning or value. ESFPs know how to just enjoy the moment and seek out the things that bring the happiness, instead of having to hold some complex meaning.


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