The ENFP Te Bitch Slap Revealed

We have referenced the INFJ Door Slam and the INTJ Stare, now it is time to address the infamous ENFP Te Bitch Slap. We are here to provide you with an in-depth explanation into what this ENFP action actually is.

What Is the ENFP Te Bitch Slap?

The ENFP Te Bitch Slap is an outward attack towards another person. This attack is made using facts and logic that the ENFP has collected in their mind. They have come to the realization that someone has wronged them intensely, often emotionally wounding or hurting the ENFP will cause this to occur. This can also occur when the ENFP sees that someone has hurt or wronged another person. The ENFP is using a rather strong sense of righteous indignation to fuel their attack on another person. This is often done to ward off further hurt for the ENFP, as a means to making this person realize they were wrong. The ENFP is bypassing their emotional connection to this person and is no longer sensitive to their feelings in that moment. They internally feel like their attacker has done something deeply wrong, causing the ENFP to attempt to make this evident to the other person. They use their collected facts and information as a way of tearing down the other person’s argument. They will bring up as many facts as are necessary so that they can prove this person entirely wrong. The ENFP will aggressively and straightforwardly tear apart this person’s argument, finding ways to show them that they are wrong.

This sometimes occurs when someone has outright hurt the ENFP, or when another person has crossed a line. The ENFP may attempt to draw clear lines for people, but when they continue to cross them they will definitely use the Bitch Slap method on this person. The ENFP feels like this is a necessary way to get their point across, especially when they feel like someone is not hearing them clearly. This is often a way of forcing others to respect the ENFP, when they feel like they aren’t properly doing so. They are caring and giving individuals, but they become frustrated when people are crossing lines continuously. Even though the ENFP is a positive and affectionate individual, they are capable of becoming angry. They dislike when people are doing something that they deem as wrong, especially when someone is blatantly being disrespected. The ENFP often believes that their Te Bitch Slap reaction is a necessary way to make this disrespect end.

The ENFP has essentially perceived a wrongdoing and uses their sense of Te logic to make this known to the person doing said wrong. They feel as though teaching this lesson is extremely important, so they take matters into their own hands. When the ENFP is preparing their attack, they feel like it is the right thing to do. They definitely believe that it is very necessary to express their anger and give specific reasons why they feel this way. The ENFP often delivers their speech in excruciating detail, with cataloged facts and information.

What Does The ENFP Te Bitch Slap Look Like?

How to recognize the ENFP Bitch Slap is rather simple, since it is very unusual for the ENFP to act this way. They become very clear in their anger towards someone, and it can be rather frightening to witness. The normally bubbly and considerate ENFP, no longer cares about hurting someone else’s feelings in that moment. They will probably feel intensely guilty when the bitch slap is over, but in that moment they feel like it has to be done. They are essentially righting a wrong that has been done to them and the ENFP feels that this is necessary. This is a rather shocking explosion of logic driven anger that causes the ENFP to look much like an exploding volcano.

The reason that this Bitch Slap can be rather painful for others, is because it can be rather accurate. The ENFP is capable of remembering things that will probably cause the other person to feel completely exposed. The ENFP has cataloged information that can very easily leave the other person feeling frustrated and upset. Their Te attack often exposes information that will cause the other person to become very upset and hurt. They will most certainly hear what the ENFP has to say, since they have given them no choice. The ENFP understands people very well, making them capable of using this against others. They know exactly what to say to emotionally affect someone easily. This causes their words to cut likes knives, making the other person feel momentarily shocked and upset. The ENFP will also use information to make the other person understand that they have crossed a line. The ENFP is hoping that this will prevent the wrong doing from happening in the future. This is an onslaught of factual attacks, using information and data to explain why the other person is wrong. The ENFP is no longer using their emotions or considerate self to communicate, but is rather using data only. Their delivery is often lacking emotional connection, attempting to deliver it in a dispassionate manner. This is an often harsh critique of the other person, which can appear very cold and hurtful.

The Aftermath

Since the ENFPs actions often escalate to a full on attack against the other persons moral character, they often feel very guilty afterwards. In the moment the ENFP perceived a wrongdoing that they needed to rectify somehow. They go into a complete mode of tearing down the other person so that they can show them what they have done was wrong. The ENFP can be so zoned into what they are doing, that they often regret it afterwards. The ENFP may still believe that the other person was wrong, but they feel bad for how they delivered their explanation of the wrongdoing. The ENFP will often apologize a few days later, when they are back to their usual selves. They want the person to realize that they were upset, but that they didn’t mean to hurt them because of it. ENFPs do care deeply about people, so they often feel bad about their harsh delivery in the moment.

People often expect the ENFP to still be angry afterwards, but they often are not. They have already done what they believed was right, and have expressed their anger towards the other person. The ENFP doesn’t feel the need to hold a grudge over what happened, feeling like it has already been rectified. This Bitch Slap is often truly over once it ends and the ENFP is capable of moving on from it. They simply wanted to make sure that the other person understood that what they did was wrong.