INTP Writers: Writing Guide & Essay Tips


Writing for an INTP can sometime seem like a daunting task. The INTP often doesn’t have trouble coming up with ideas and things to write, but the trouble comes with actually getting it on paper.

The INTP tends to overthink and overanalyze. The best thing for an INTP is to SHUT DOWN their critical thinking when they are in writing mode.
The best course of action for the INTP is to just write. Write stream of consciousness of whatever comes to mind. You can correct small spelling errors and grammar if you truly must, but it is best to just keep writing. Get as much as you can on paper and go from there.
The reason for this is that the best skills of the INTP comes from critiquing what is already there. The INTP will naturally edit and revise their work and somewhat enjoy it. However, the overthinking will tend to prevent the words from ever meeting the paper.

Forget “Brainstorming” Sessions

The INTP doesn’t really benefit from brainstorming on paper or just writing outlines. The INTP naturally brainstorms in their head better than they can on paper (though this always seems to annoy teachers :P) They will think up possibilities in their mind and use that form of thinking to hash out their ideas.

Focus on Finishing a Rough Draft

The INTP does best just writing out a rough draft once they have thought about a topic and have a vague overall direction. And as I mentioned before:
Write and write until your brain hurts because you just regurgitated everything you wanted to get out. Then try a bit more. Then, you’re done. Go do something to reward yourself. Come back later and do the editing and revising.

Revising and Editing

As an INTP, you should excel at putting your words into paragraphs and rearranging the sentences how you like. This will sort out your rough draft into the main skeleton that you are looking for. Once you are done, give it a reread and make mental notes of the small parts you need to add.
Go from there and take some more time to think about what else needs done, then set aside time for another small session of stream of consciousness writing.

Knowing When You Are Done

As an INTP, you might keep thinking or more things to add, and things to change. While it is possible and the amount of revisions are endless, you should really consider finishing up. No writing is ever going to be “perfect” and the INTPs “close enough” is 90% better than what most types consider “done and great.”
You’ll be surprised on the positive feedback you’ll get when you do your writing this way. Sure, it could be better in your mind, but it’s still going to be very good. Take a step back and let your work be finished.


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