Here’s How Each Personality Type Handles Banter

Here’s How Each Personality Type Handles Banter

While some people love banter, others might become frustrated with too much. Here is how each personality type feels about banter.


INFJs definitely appreciate a little witty banter, especially between friends. They don’t want to push the line and upset someone, but enjoy doing it with people who can appreciate the entertainment value. INFJs like to challenge themselves and taking part in banter with someone who is able to keep up, can really help them expand and grow. It will push the INFJ to come up with an excellent and quick response, they will especially enjoy doing this through text. They enjoy stretching their thoughts and love being able to embark in a fast paced banter with someone who pushes them. There are times though, when the INFJ simply wants to enjoy a sincere and deep conversation, and might become irritated with someone who wants to be continuously sassy.


ENFJs are hardworking people who push themselves to get things done. Their main concern is to care for their loved ones needs, which can keep them pretty busy. ENFJs can be rather witty people, which makes them enjoy the occasional banter with someone. They simply want to be sure that it does not go too far, since the ENFJ hates the idea of hurting someone’s feelings. The boundaries are the important part of any banter with the ENFJ, since they believe in being respectful towards one another. They do enjoy having a little fun, they simply find being compassionate much more important.


INFPs are actually very witty people, who enjoy the occasional back and forth between someone they care for. They can have a hard time bantering with a stranger, especially if it is someone they don’t connect with. INFPs don’t expose themselves to people they do not trust, so their fun side might go unnoticed. When the INFP does trust someone, they are unbelievably fun and actually have a somewhat zany sense of humor. INFPs like to banter, as long as it doesn’t upset or hurt anyone too much. They want it to be a fun way to interact and actually show the connected they have with someone.


ENFPs absolutely love to banter, and can be very witty people. They are skilled at thinking on their feet, and enjoy being able to go back and forth with someone. It can get a tad competitive for ENFPs, since they want to prove themselves to be bother intelligent and highly capable individuals. They also have a tendency to tease the people they care for the most, which for them often shows affection. ENFPs enjoy keeping their minds sharp, and believe that bantering is a good way to do this. They simply love being playful, and often will push the boundaries just to see what might happen.


INTJs are very witty people, who actually enjoy a little banter. They won’t find it enjoyable if the person they are bantering with cannot keep up with them at all. The INTJ wants to feel challenged and pushed to make themselves better. They enjoy being able to push their own minds in order to come up with excellent quips. INTJs are intelligent people who love being able to expand their mind in any way possible, which includes a little back and forth banter with someone comparable. INTJs can sometimes go a little far with their banter, since they aren’t the most sensitive people. In most cases though, they understand where the lines are drawn for people and know how to respect them.


ENTJs definitely enjoy a little back and forth between people who are intelligent enough to keep up with them. They love being able to challenge themselves, and enjoy sharing some witty banter with friends. ENTJs can sometimes get a bit competitive though, and may see it is a challenge to be wittier than the other person. For the most part ENTJs know how to have fun, and banter can be a playful way to engage with someone they like. ENTJs are often viewed as stern and hardworking people, but they also have a very playful and fun side to their personality.


INTPs definitely enjoy a little banter, especially over text. They are intelligent people, with rather complex minds and thoughts. They love being able to banter with someone they care about, and often feel more connected to this person. INTPs want to be able to fully dive into someone’s thoughts in order to understand how they tick, and a bit of banter can help them do this. They don’t mind if things get a little heated and often enjoy pushing the boundaries a little bit. When the INTP pushes someone it is simply so that they can understand them even better.


ENTPs love being able to debate topics with other people, which somewhat ties into their appreciation for some fun banter. The ENTP might take this as a bit of a challenge to be the wittier person. Ultimately ENTPs feel more connected to people who can keep up with their banter, and who know how to go back and forth with them. They enjoy being able to stretch their mind and keep on their toes during a conversation. When the ENTP is participating in a back and forth like this, they often feel happy and excited. They enjoy people who challenge them and who can actually keep up with the ENTP.


ISTJs definitely have a witty side to them, and enjoy having a little light banter. They are intelligent people, who often remember a lot of facts all at once. This memory can help the ISTJ when it comes to participating in banter with someone else. They do like to challenge their minds, and don’t mind things that push them to be better. ISTJs don’t want to upset people though, so they would much rather participate in banter with someone who is capable of keeping up without getting hurt. They know how to keep things sharp without being too offensive, and have a skill for being appropriate.


ESTJs don’t mind a little harmless banter, and often enjoy any kind of challenge. When it comes to witty back and forth with people, ESTJs can sometimes take it as something to win. This can cause some trouble when it comes to their loved ones, since they might get their feelings hurt in the process. ESTJs are serious people, who prefer to be efficient and get things done. They do have a playful side though, and can often use teasing as a way to show affection to the people around them. This sort of attention is often a useful way for the ESTJ to express themselves, even if it isn’t always viewed that way.


ISFJs are considerate people, with their primary focus being the needs of their loved ones. They are hardworking and compassionate, and want to do their best to help those in need. ISFJs affectionate nature often makes them shy away from too much banter, since it can offend people. They don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, or waste their time trying to be witty. ISFJs do have a playful side to their personality, and might enjoy a light back and forth as long as it does not go too far. Ultimately ISFJs would rather prioritize the needs of their loved ones, and will put that above anything else.


ESFJs are giving and affection people, with their main focus being the care of their loved ones. They do have a playful side though, and often enjoy participating in some banter. They enjoy being able to impress others and are often people who have a natural way with words. ESFJs don’t want the banter to get too far though, and become upset if it is harsh or rude. They don’t want to offend their loved ones, and they don’t want the banter to get a bit too far. ESFJs truly love connecting with people, and often use banter as a way to break the ice.


ISTPs are adventurous people who enjoy living in the moment, and don’t want to get too caught up on negative thoughts. They do enjoy banter though, especially with people who can keep up with them. ISTPs have somewhat sarcastic personalities most of the time, and enjoy being able to use their minds. The ISTP will certainly take part in banter when they can, and enjoy being able to push themselves. ISTPs are naturally witty people, and love being able to take on a challenge.


ESTPs are hardworking people, who love taking on a new adventure. They are naturally witty people, who often enjoy participating in some banter. They can become upset if their loved ones push them too far, but don’t want to show it. ESTPs enjoy banter and love being able to challenge their minds in this way. They also enjoy a challenge, and might take it as an opportunity to win and prove themselves right. They will do it in a light way though, and at the same time don’t want to hurt their loved ones.


ISFPs often do not like anything that pushes people when they don’t want to be pushed. They don’t mind banter but ultimately prefer openness and sincerity. They would much rather connect with their loved ones in a serious way. They don’t want the banter to cover up their sincere feelings about someone, or to upset them. They want to feel connected to people, and would much rather be comfortable enough to be themselves without any sort of guard.


ESFPs prefer to be open and have fun, they want to live in the present moment. ESFPs don’t really enjoy banter because it can ultimately hurt people and they do not want that. They want to feel connected to their loved ones and prefer to be upfront and honest. ESFPs can sometimes miss sarcasm, can may actually take banter the wrong way. They prefer to be sincere with their words, and want their loved ones to realize how they actually feel about them. They connect with people in a warm and friendly manner, and simply want to make life fun.

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