ESFJ Signs

Everyone has their struggles, here is a list of type struggles that ESFJs can relate to.

1. You care very much about how your actions might affect another person.

2. You get an automatic sense of other people’s emotions, sometimes even before they do.

3. This doesn’t always come across very well to others…

4. Your desire to help can be seen as overbearing to some.

5. Not everyone realizes just how exhausting caring about others can be…

6. You feel the need to help everyone with their problems…

7. Which sometimes leads to you neglecting your own life issues.

8. You can be overly agreeable, in your need to make others happy.

9. You’ve been told that you care or worry too much…

10. But that is just who you are!!

11. You feel happiest when everything is in harmonious order around you…

12. How the important people in your life see you, affects you deeply.

13. This means you can sometimes be overly sensitive to what they say to you.

14. You try to stay positive and put on a happy face to the outside world.

15. You can make snap judgements when people seem cold or uncaring.

16. Sometimes you can be slightly close-minded to things you aren’t used to.

17. You find it very easy to empathize with others…

18. You are extremely friendly…

19. But that doesn’t mean you are open (especially about your own feelings).

20. If everyone around you is not kept happy, it can make you feel like a failure.

21. But just remember to allow yourself a well-deserved break once in a while. What you want matters too (even though all you really want is for everyone else to be happy).

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