What Each Myers Briggs Type Does At a Party

INFJ- Finds themselves consoling someone who is an emotional wreck at the party.

ENFJ- Tries to get everyone to play a fun party game with them.

INFP- Gets drunk and starts crying about their ex. They complain to the nearest person about how much they just want someone to love them.

ENFP- Makes friends with everyone, and finds a way to modestly show off how great they are to their new besties.

INTJ- Finds the most intriguing people at the party to get drunk and talk brainy with.

ENTJ- Talk to a lot of people and try to climb the business ladder.

INTP- Finds themselves waking up in a strange place completely hungover because they forgot to hydrate properly.

ENTP- Finds a way to start a drunken debate with everyone, but somehow it keeps everyone entertained.

ISFJ- Doesn’t get drunk because they are too busy making sure all their friends get home safely.

ESFJ- They are probably the one being the perfect party host.

ISTJ- Silently judges everyone for getting drunk and being irresponsible.

ESTJ- Tries to be the loudest one at the party, commanding the attention.

ISTP- They are outside talking about someone’s kick-ass car.

ESTP- Show up already drunk and crash their car into the host/hostesses lawn ornaments.

ISFP- The sweet wallflower nursing their drink in the corner, waiting for the right time to show themselves.

ESFP- Dancing drunkenly on a table, singing along to some karaoke.

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