Here’s How Strategic You Are, According To Your Personality Type

Here’s How Strategic You Are, According To Your Personality Type

Some people have extremely strategic minds and enjoy planning out different possible outcomes. There are other people who find strategizing both boring and even exhausting. Here is where you fall on this line depending on your personality type.


INFJs do have a strategic side to their personality, they just don’t always have a desire to utilize it. INFJs are often viewed as being focused on emotions and morals, but they are also very logical people. They enjoy being able to mull over different thoughts and idea, and even enjoy researching for long periods of time. Most INFJs are avid readers, whether it be fiction novels or articles they find on the internet. They are certainly capable of concocting a strategic plan by combining their research with their natural intuition. INFJs may not always strive to be strategic people, but it is absolutely something they are good at.


ENFJs are definitely capable of being strategic individuals, especially when it comes to planning out their daily lives. They are good at seeing the path in front of them and finding ways to make things work out the best. ENFJs are often viewed as emotional people, because they care about tending to the needs of others more than anything else. ENFJs actually use their strategic planning abilities to help ensure the best future for their loved ones. Being able to see the best course of action actually helps the ENFJ care for their loved ones even better.


INFPs are rarely seen as strategic people, and might find that there is a certain level of dishonesty to it. They don’t enjoy planning things out too much, and actually prefer to take life as it comes. For an INFP concocting some sort of strategic plan just takes way more energy than they have the desire to devote to it. INFPs prefer to go after their dreams in a more sincere and upfront way, and what is meant to be will. INFPs follow their hearts much more than they do a set plan, and enjoy being able to change their minds instead.


ENFPs are definitely capable of being strategic people, especially with something they want. They usually prefer to take life as it comes, but there are moments when the desire setting a plan in motion. ENFPs know how to read their environment and will use their intuition as a way to help them be more strategic. ENFPs can also be very strategic when it comes to certain tasks or hobbies that they are skilled and passionate about. In many cases ENFPs do not have the desire to be strategic, and prefer to be open to the many possibilities.


INTJs are extremely strategic people, and prefer to set many logical plans in motion. They do not want to simply let life come at them, and prefer to be prepared for anything and everything. INTJs are excellent at using their logic and intuition to come up with an ideal strategy, for whatever their goal is. They have a natural ability to concoct a plan that will help them maneuver in a situation, no matter the different outcomes. INTJs don’t only use their logic, but also their intuition as a way to come up with the most impressive plan possible.


ENTJs are definitely strategic people, and like to plan out things in life. They are extremely skilled at putting together an ideal strategic plan, especially if they have time to research and understand their goal completely. ENTJs are often viewed as skillful planners, with very strategic and logical minds. They also use their strong sense of intuition as a way to figure out the most ideal plan possible. They have a sense of the future and what will likely occur depending on the different course they take.


INTPs are absolutely capable of being strategic people, since they are both logical and intuitive. INTPs are skilled at looking at the different possibilities, and finding ways to avoid the negative outcomes. They know which course of action will make the most sense for them, and are skilled at coming up with a plan that will fit best. INTPs are some of the most impressive strategic planners, they just don’t always do well with the execution. They will sit for hours coming up with the most amazing plan, but won’t have a strong desire to follow through with it. This is because INTPs are more focused on imagination and possibilities, and become bored after they observe something for too long.


ENTPs are definitely capable of being strategic people, and are often good at coming up with a useful plan. Although ENTPs are good with strategizing, they don’t always have a strong desire to follow through with it. This is because ENTPs prefer to focus on the possibilities, and dislike feeling too locked down by something. The ENTP might come up with an amazing strategy, but go with a completely different plan just to see what the outcome will be. They enjoy being able to learn and observe, and sometimes going against the grain is the best way to do this.


ISTJs are definitely capable of being strategic people, and this is because they enjoy planning. ISTJs dislike jumping into anything without being able to research and understand it fully. They enjoy having the time to understand their task, which often makes them great at getting things done. Once the ISTJ fully understand their goal and has processed all of the information, they will be capable of planning things out in a very logical and strategic manner.


ESTJs are capable of strategizing, but they often are too energized to take the time to process a good strategy. ESTJs want to get things done in a timely fashion, and this rarely required taking time to strategize. They are skilled at using previous events as a way to plan for the future. ESTJs prefer using tried and true methods as a way to get things done as efficiently as possible. Instead of wasting their energy devising new strategic plans, ESTJs will go with something they know works for sure.


ISFJs are rarely seen as strategic people, simply because it is not important to them. The ISFJs main focus is caring for their loved ones, which rarely requires much strategy. It is not that they are incapable of strategizing, it just does not seem interesting to them at all. ISFJs might find that sitting down and concocting a strategy, is just exhausting and even pointless to them. ISFJs know what works for them, and will use this as a way to go about planning for their future.


ESFJs are not really focused on being strategic, and prefer to focus on helping those closest to them. ESFJs are hardworking people, who are constantly trying to ensure that their loved ones are happy. They might go through stages in their lives where strategizing seems important to them, but this is likely when they are in their shadow. ESFJs are normally warm and giving people, who simply want to do what they can to take care of their loved ones and make them as happy as possible.


ISTPs are definitely strategic and logical people, and enjoy coming up with possible strategies. They don’t always enjoy following through with these plans though, and enjoy just thinking them through. If the ISTP is preparing for some sort of hobby or work that requires strategy, they will definitely be good at doing so. They have extremely logical minds, and enjoy researching and learning about new things. ISTPs are highly capable of strategizing, especially when it comes to something they are passionate about.


ESTPs are definitely strategic people, and enjoy being able to concoct plans for their futures. When it comes to work the ESTP will take the time to strategize different ways to be successful. ESTPs are not strategic when it comes to their daily lives though, and prefer to live life in the moment. They have an interesting combination of strategy, and spontaneity- which makes them hard to predict in many cases.


ISFPs are definitely not strategic people, and much prefer following their heart. ISFPs want to go wherever life leads them, and enjoy living in the moment. Coming up with strategies is likely boring and somewhat exhausting for ISFPs. They are happiest when they are around people they love, simply enjoying what life has to offer them. ISFPs dislike being held back by too much planning, and aren’t really focused on strategy as a way of life.


ESFPs are definitely not strategic people, and often find such things completely boring. ESFPs are fun people, who enjoy living life in the present moment. They want to do things that make them happy, and dislike focusing on anything too boring or strict. ESFPs have a logical side to their personality, they simply dislike focusing too much on that. Strategizing is likely one of the most exhausting and unappealing things for an ESFP.

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