Here’s How Tactful You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Tactful You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Some people believe in being tactful, while others prefer to be accurate. Here is how tactful each personality type actually is.


INFJs are extremely tactful people, often because they dislike upsetting people. INFJs are sensitive to the feelings of others, and although they believe in sincerity they also want to approach things in a tactful manner. They will try to deliver their words in a way that doesn’t upset or insult others, especially if those people do not deserve it. INFJs are capable of being sharp-tongued, but reserve this only for people they feel have pushed them past their limits. They are usually only cruel with their words when someone has harmed their loved ones.


ENFJs are extremely tactful people, and are often aware of how their words will affect others. They are so sensitive to the emotions of others that ENFJ do not want to say anything that will upset someone. ENFJs are often skilled at avoiding conflict, and know how to brighten the mood. They are also good at delivering bad news or even giving someone criticism without causing too much of a stir. ENFJs dislike doing anything that will truly harm someone else, so they will work hard to avoid it entirely.


INFPs are very sincere and open people, and prefer to be honest with their words. They definitely do not enjoy hurting people, and want to avoid upsetting others when they can. For the most part INFPs try to be tactful, but they do value being honest much more. They do not want to do anything that will jeopardize their morals, since they are very important to INFPs. They will certainly try to approach a situation without causing discord, but it can happen sometimes when INFPs are standing up for something important to them.


ENFPs are very caring people, who try to be sensitive to the feelings of others. In most cases ENFPs do not intend to hurt anyone, but sometimes their words can come out a little sharper than they want. They simply prefer to say what they feel, and do not want to hold back or pretend about anything. ENFPs try to be honest, and prefer to live their lives with a sense of openness that others might not fully understand. Their words can sometimes hurt people, even if that is not at all what they want or expect to happen.


INTJs are not generally viewed as tactful people, since they prefer to be upfront and honest. INTJs prefer accuracy over tact, and might find that it is entirely unnecessary to hold back their words. There are some instances where the INTJ will realize that choosing their words carefully is the appropriate and smart things to do- and in those cases they will tone it down a bit. Most of the time though, INTJs believe in being very to the point with what they say, and will deliver the facts as accurately as possible.  INTJs can sometimes hurt people’s feelings even when that is not their intentions, simply because the truth can be an upsetting things at times.


ENTJs are not usually tactful people, since they often prefer to be upfront and factual. ENTJs do understand that there are moments when they need to display a certain level of tact, and they will do their best to hold back. They prefer to deliver their words in a clear and precise manner, and dislike dancing around the truth. ENTJs want to get things done, instead of holding back in order to spare someone else’s feelings. This is why they do best around people who are thick-skinned, and will not be offended easily. ENTJs do not intent to hurt people, they simply dislike being insincere and inefficient.


INTPs definitely try to be tactful, especially when it comes to people they care about. In many cases the INTP will simply avoid talking at all, since they don’t want to upset other people. INTPs can be very precise with their words, and become focused on being factual and honest. They dislike not being able to get their points across accurately, which can make their delivery a little bit harsh. INTPs certainly do not want to upset people, and do actually care about how their words affect others. In many cases though, the INTP will say things that hurt others, simply because it is a bit harsher than they realize.


ENTPs are not generally tactful people, but they do have the ability to be when necessary. In most cases they prefer to be upfront and honest, especially when it comes the people they care about. ENTPs believe that being sincere is actually showing a great level of respect to those people. ENTPs do realize that sometimes they need to be tactful to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, and as they mature they become better at doing this. A younger ENTP might not have that natural ability to hold back their words, but eventually they come to realize how important it is.


ISTJs are very upfront people, which sometimes means they can lack tact. They do know how to be cordial with others, and understand that a certain level of tact is important. When it comes to the workplace ISTJs will often be polite and avoid any kind of conflict. They do have an awareness of what is social appropriate and what is not, which helps them be more tactful. When the ISTJ is comfortable with someone though, they might exercise a little less tact since they prefer to be accurate and honest.


ESTJs aren’t really the most tactful people, and may be seen as a bit harsh to others. They simply believe in being upfront and dislike holding back the for the sake of others. They do not want to hurt anyone, they just prefer to be accurate in order to get things done. ESTJs can be very focused on efficiency, and do not like when people slack off. They will sometimes be very harsh with their words, simply because the ESTJ wants to perform the task at hand.


ISFJs are extremely tactful people, and prefer to avoid upsetting others. ISFJs are naturally skilled at understanding what might upset someone else, and will do what they can do avoid it. They actually enjoy making others feel good, and will focus on saying things that will make people happy. ISFJ dislike any kind of discord in their environment, so they often work hard to avoid it. If the ISFJ accidentally says something that upsets another person they will feel extremely guilty over this.


ESFJs are definitely tactful people, and prefer to avoid hurting the feelings of others. Their natural awareness of the emotions of other people, makes ESFJs work hard to say the right things. ESFJs are often tactful in the workplace as well, and understand how important it is to use proper wording. They enjoy bringing peace to their environment, and dislike any kind of discord around them. ESFJs are naturally tactful, especially with the people they care for the most.


ISTPs are not the most tactful people, since they prefer to be honest and precise. In most cases ISTPs actually prefer to avoid people, and might just decide to speak very little. They realize that their words can sometimes come out harsh, so the ISTP will simply bite their tongue. When it comes to things they believe are important though, the ISTP will simply be upfront and deal with the consequences. They do not want to hurt people, they simply want to be accurate and factual.


ESTPs are definitely not tactful people, and can often say things that upset others. They do not intend to hurt people, they simply have a hard time holding back their words. ESTPs are often more focused on being accurate, which can result in hurting others. They want to be sure to inform people of the truth, even if it can be a bit hard for them to handle. They do understand when they have upset someone though, and will work hard to make amends. s


ISFPs are very tactful people, simply because they dislike seeing other people in pain. There are instances though where the ISFP prefers to be honest. They believe in being sincere and do not want to do anything that might jeopardize their own internal morals. They often struggle with balancing the truth and their desire to avoid hurting people. ISFPs are very introverted people though, which can sometimes help them avoid these situations.


ESFPs are not the most tactful people, because they prefer to be upfront. ESFPs are honest individuals who strive to be open with others. They can sometimes say things that are a bit offensive, without even realizing they are doing it. ESFPs definitely do not have ill intentions, and rarely even realize that their words are hurtful to others. When they realize they lack a certain level of tact, ESFPs can feel very guilty over this.

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