INFP Brother or Sister: What INFPs are Like as a Sibling

When it comes to being a sibling there are certain ups and downs even in the best of relationships. Some people are naturally better at drawing close to their siblings, and don’t have this desire to fight with them all of the time. For most people, sibling rivalry is a very real thing, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still love and care for them deeply. There is a very unique bond between siblings, one which can be deeply meaningful and rewarding. Of course not everyone has the same connection with their siblings, but there are certain personality traits which might make it easier for people to communicate with their brothers or sisters. 

INFPs have their own unique set of traits which make them good siblings, but some which can be challenging as well. The things about siblings is they are stuck living with one another for a certain amount of years, which can certainly cause tension and strain on their relationships. Being that close to someone all of the time certainly makes things interesting, and for the INFP there are things which can be challenging because of it. Here are just a few things you should know about the INFP siblings and how they behave in this role.

The Good 

INFPs are naturally supportive and good listeners, who enjoy being there for the ones they love. When their siblings are in need of help or someone who show their support, the INFP will always be there for them. They don’t mind listening to them vent and will do their best to give advice when need be. They are extremely loyal people who will do anything for the ones they love. This sense of loyalty and connection is definitely part of what makes the INFP capable of being great siblings. They will always be there for their family, especially if that family treats them with kindness and respect. The better they are treated, the more the INFP will go out of their way to help those around them, especially family.

INFPs also don’t judge their siblings, which is something that makes them feel more understood. They will listen to them talk about their hobbies and what makes them different, and often enjoy those parts of them. They don’t want to change the people close to them, instead they accept them for who they are. Even if their siblings are a bit unusual or are interested in things people don’t find “normal” the INFP likely admires that about them. They won’t waste time trying to change their siblings, they just want them to feel confident in who they are and feel safe being themselves. This support is definitely a wonderful thing, which makes the INFP great at being there for their siblings. 

The Bad

INFPs do require lots of time to themselves which can be challenging at times for their family. If they have siblings who enjoy sharing and talking a lot, this can become exhausting for them after a while. INFPs really care about their family and want to be supportive, but they still need time alone to themselves to recharge. Needing this time means that the INFP can become on edge or short-tempered with their household environment. They can become overwhelmed and drained if they don’t get the time to themselves that they desperately need. While in one moment they find themselves being supportive and talkative, the next the INFP can be exhausted and distant. This isn’t because they don’t want to interact, it is simply because they need this time to themselves.

INFPs also aren’t great with following rules or keeping things organized a certain way. They have their own process for doing things, and this can sometimes be frustrating for others. The INFP will often try to do their best to make others happy but at the same time they have to be themselves. Sometimes INFPs can be a little disorganized and prefer to do things on their own terms. This can be frustrating for their loved ones at times, since siblings might want a little more organization around them. They might become frustrating with their INFP sibling who doesn’t really know how to keep up with certain rules. This inability to focus on rules can be a strain on some relationships, especially if their siblings are very organized people who don’t like deviating from rules and prefer to keep things a certain way. INFPs don’t do this to be upsetting, they just need to follow their own path.


Communication is key when it comes to any relationship, and INFPs do enjoy being able to connect and communicate their feelings. The only time they struggle with communication is when they feel a lot of tension and the conversation is turning into a serious fight. INFPs do sometimes avoid discord and don’t like when things become negative or upsetting. This is something which can cause issues at times, especially if the INFP doesn’t learn to overcome their dislike of arguments. When they need to simply share feelings in a more relaxed environment they are good at opening up and communicating with their siblings. They want to be able to share things and not feel distance, and so they do their best to be as honest as possible.

Ways to Improve

The best way for the INFP to improve their sibling connections is by being more capable of handling discord without completely avoiding it. Sometimes things are going to get tense, especially between siblings. They need to stop becoming so upset by this and instead learn to take it as it comes. INFPs can also benefit from learning how to respect the rules placed by their siblings, especially if these boundaries are deeply important to them. They do care about their loved ones and so INFPs are often willing to adapt and change in order to make things better.

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