INTP Zombie Apocalypse: How the INTPs Handle Survival

Most of us wonder what it would be like to survive through the first wave of a zombie outbreak. Or maybe it’s just those of us who have the nerdy imagination to explore those types of futures. We imagine ourselves in a reality where the world has crumbled and we have to fight for survival, or even fight to protect the ones we love. While pretty much everyone envisions themselves as part of the end of days, in reality many people wouldn’t be so lucky. So instead of just imagining this future, let’s dive a little deeper into how your personality type might help or hinder you in the zombie apocalypse.

Most people view themselves as capable of handling the zombie outbreak, but in reality it is much more complicated than this. For the INTP there are certainly strengths which could help them survive, but also weaknesses which might hold them back or make survival more challenging. Everyone has certain strengths and weaknesses, but when it comes to the end of days these become more prominent and can affect people much differently. INTPs can be very useful people when it comes to certain survival situations, but it is also important to be aware of their setbacks.


INTPs are natural problem solvers, who catalog a lot of different information. Because they spend so much time reading and learning about new things, they can use this information to help them figure out useful solutions. The INTPs natural ability to problem solve is something which can be useful in just about any situation, especially in a zombie apocalypse. While it might not seem like a great strength, it truly is when the time comes to think your way out of a serious problem. INTPs are capable of seeing all of the facts and using their minds to find the answer and best solution. They can process what is going on and come up with a creative way to move forward and get themselves and their group out of trouble. Their ability to problem solve is not small skill and can really help the INTP to think strategically, rather than emotionally. While others might panic and just go with whatever feels right in the moment, the INTP is capable of thinking ahead and seeing around the corner. They can also remember so many details from things they have read and researched, and this can really come in handy. They might recall certain survival information which can keep the INTP and their loved ones alive. Where people might be clueless to these facts, the INTP has likely read about them at some point, even if they haven’t utilized them before.

INTPs are also creative people, which can help them adapt to new situations. Instead of becoming panicked and struggling to find answers, they use their intuition and creative minds to help them navigate something new. INTPs will try to be logical about their choices, instead of allowing emotions to cloud their judgements. This is something which can also help them figure out who they can and cannot trust when it comes to strangers. INTPs are more likely to avoid people and they are perfectly comfortable being alone. This actually can be considered a strength when it comes to a survival situation where people cannot be trusted. There are so many people who will be out for themselves, and the INTP is often well aware of this fact. They won’t blindly trust someone, instead they are likely to be skeptical of just about everyone they encounter. This is something which might be considered a weakness in a normal day to day situation, but in the zombie apocalypse, it is actually a great strength which can keep them alive.


INTPs are not often connected to their physical selves, which can be a weakness when they are in survival situations. In a world where you have to be conscious of your physical surroundings at all times, the INTPs might find themselves overwhelmed. They cannot simply bury themselves in their own thoughts, instead they have to be conscious of their physical well-being. There are times when INTPs forget to eat or tend to their needs, and these are things which will certainly be weaknesses in a post-apocalyptic world. When they go without tending to their needs it will make them physically weak and this can be what costs them their survival. For the INTP to survive they would certainly need to adapt and would have to overcome this weakness. 

INTPs also don’t like having to react without thinking things through, since they prefer to analyze. INTPs have a tendency to second guess themselves because of this, and might not trust in their instincts. In a survival situation you have to be capable of reacting quickly, and so this can be challenging for the INTP sometimes. They can become so caught up in analyzing that they don’t trust their instincts and their sense of intuition. INstead they try to overthink and this doubt can cause them to get into trouble. This can certainly be a weakness, as the INTP will do much better following what feels right and being capable of living in the present a bit more. INTPs just don’t naturally find themselves focused on the present moment, which is something that can become a weakness when zombies are constantly viewing them as dinner.

The Results

When it comes down to it INTPs are certainly capable people, with a long list of strengths and natural talents. If they can learn to adapt and strengthen their weaknesses then they can certainly benefit from this. There are many situations where they need to adapt and grow and the INTP is capable of doing this. However there are some weaknesses which could truly set them back, and so it is important for them to surround themselves with people who can help. If the INTP can be around someone who has the ability to be conscious of the physical world and is very connected to this part of themselves, then they could make for a great team.

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